Dusty Wolokolie Wants UL Trustees Resign

Dusty Wolokolie represented Montserrado County District #10 at the 52nd Legislature.

A former member of the 52nd  legislature, Dusty Wolokolie, has called on members of the University of Liberia (UL) Board of Trustees to resign over the swift confirmation of Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, who President George Weah recently nominated as president of the University.

Wolokolie’s statement, which was received by the Daily Observer over the weekend, said the UL Board of Trustees no longer had the moral authority to lead the University due to their action to speedily approve President Weah’s appointee to the post of UL President without going through any competitive vetting process.

As a member of the erstwhile 52nd Legislature, Mr. Wolokolie represented Montserrado County District #10. Wolokolie, a former president of the University of Liberia Student Union (ULSU), is also the father of Samora Wolokolie, Deputy Minister of Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning.

His statement comes amid huge public backlash over the University Board of Trustees’ action to downplay age-old tradition of recruiting president of the University on a competitive basis.

Traditionally, according to academics, when a vacancy occurred in the UL leadership, a search committee is constituted to review and vet applicants for the post. After such process, one academic added, a shortlist of qualified and competent candidates is prepared and submitted to the Board for approval and subsequent submission to the Visitor of the University, who is the President of Liberia, for appointment.

“The fact that the UL Board sidestepped this important process raises questions about the integrity of its decision, which has let many down and distressed, including me. Fellow patriots, the UL Board of Trustees failed their fiduciary responsibilities by not advising President Weah against acting in ways that undermine the independence and integrity of the University or by recklessly endorsing actions by him that violate the Charter,” Wolokolie said.

“In view of the above, I am calling on the entire UL Board of Trustees to do the honorable thing by resigning their posts. If they failed to do so, I will lead a public-spirited campaign to have them resign to allow for the reconstitution of the Board as provided for in the Charter,” he said.

He added, “I am also calling on all students of the University of Liberia to wake up to the threat posed to academic freedom and excellence by the irregular appointment of Dr. Nelson as president of the University of Liberia, and demand fitting explanations from the Board of Trustees.”

Mr. Wolokolie said although the president has the right to dismiss and nominate the President of the UL for approval of the Board of Trustees, the Board should have protected the Charter of the University by constituting a search committee to subject the President’s nominee to a competitive vetting and selection process.

He also said that flagrantly sidestepping established policies and procedures for dismissal, recruitment and selection of the President of the University constitutes a grave affront to the “independence of the University and a threat to academic freedom and excellence.”

“It appears as if the nation is losing its soul as those who are supposed to be the moral conscience of the nation are bowing down to gods of tin and wood. I don’t know what justification can the UL Board of Trustees provide for such spineless behavior, because they are perceived as icons of integrity. Here we have a Board of Trustees charged with the responsibility to provide guidance; ensure adherence to established policies, and protect and defend the Charter of the University, dismally failing to act to protect the integrity of the institution and being complicit in the violation of the UL Charter,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wolokolie has called on President Weah to do the honorable thing by rescinding the appointment and subjecting his nominee, Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, to a competitive vetting and selection process in keeping with tradition out of which the most suitably qualified candidate will be selected and recommended for appointment.

“Fellow compatriots, I am putting this challenge to the UL Board of Trustees to remind them of their sacred charge and responsibility to administer the affairs of the University of Liberia in the best interests of the institution and the public, and not on the basis of political expediency, and certainly not to ingratiate themselves into the good favors of the President of Liberia at the expense of the University in return for extra favors, pecuniary or otherwise,” he said.


  1. I supposed Mr. Wolokollie is absolutely correct on this. The board of trustees has failed the university of Liberia and need to step aside since they have all become yes men to President George Weah. The irony part here is, they all sat there knowing what was right to do and allow the president to lead them instead of them leading the president in the right direction. This is like a blind man leading bunch of good eyes individuals to safety. My question here is, were they compromise behind closed door or what?

  2. Almost everything is going the wrong way in Liberia. The University of Liberia is no exception. It is now so say one, so say all. The president who is a visitor to the university is now doing the search of the university president instead of the Board of Trustees. Hon. Wolokollie, be careful or else your daughter might lose her job in President Weah’s led government. In Liberia, nobody can challenge the president’s decision.

  3. Let Dusty just spare the public such a silly, hypocritical, and disgusting, rant. The fundamental process, policy, practice, rule, style, or tradition, is that the President of the Republic of Liberia appoints the President of the University of Liberia, and the Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia disapproves or approves the appointment! The Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia is as INDEPENDENT as any Board or any sovereign STATE.

    Dusty’s very medieval and extremely silly and hypocritical rant that the Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia should make its approval of such appointment which is within its province and jurisdiction to the whims or SELFISH desires of political flunkies like him is a very SILLY and stinking BULLSHIT! And such BULLSHIT should be stuffed right back into the very Dusty and his fellow political bandits!

    • President Weah’s misguided actions has become a trend since becoming president. He violates the laws, and established precedents which is bad governance. A good leader leads by example because his underlings and society take cues from him. What would stop other government officials from side-stepping established precedents and policies? It won’t because their boss does it. And the Trustees are so spineless, they followed Weah’s misguided decision. Shame on them!! The country is being run like a banana republic now – very backwards.

  4. Past Presidents of the Republic of Liberia have appointed at will the President of the University of Liberia, this is not a new discovery. Thanks for mentioning in your post that the President of Liberia has the right to dismiss and nominate.

    The days of putting old wine in new bottle are over. Dr. Nelson is qualify and can work any part of this world but chose to work for the University of Liberia for the past 12 years in various capacities not limited to Vice President of Students Affairs.

    No one person has a monopoly of issuing of

    we are also and will also be calling on students of the University of Liberia not to listen to mere political statements that will further delay their academic goals while those calling for conditions and situations that have the propensity to bring chaos and disruption of classes have their education in tact, and earning a living while the students are the ones that suffers the most. Dr. Nelson does not stand alone when it comes to his nomination by the President of the Republic of Liberia and his Approval by the Board as President of the University of Liberia.

    • Hey, you don’t love Nelson more than me. But the right thing must be done. Let the board post the vacancy out and vet alongside the president nominated canadiate.
      If he wins than fine. But he can be acting for now. Stop talking about threat. In this case, UL and Liberia come first. The right thing must be done and done very fast to save out University. Read my comment.

      • I Was a very strong faculty of a Govt college in Liberia, Qualified base on my education and experience. The only position canadiate approved by the students. When asked, I offer that the process be opened to all to apply. I became successful but the order and government of the country or people advicing the board manipulated the process stay could not find someone like me at the time and even up to now with such experience.
        I am no longer around. Its Almost 3-4yrs had past the college stay can’t fine a replacement like me. Instead of waiting that long, I had to move on since those supporting me never had the power to keep or put me in the position. My goal was to see the best for the institution, students of the college and Liberia. Now I am out doing higher studies on my own expense to help Liberia development when call upon. I have no regrets of not serving the students or the college at the time since I was not will to dance to the tune of the God father and mother of Liberia but see the right thing be done for the institution, students and Liberia.

        So if Dr. Nelson was nominated by big hands, even through the vetting process, he might be selected. That how Liberia and the world as a hold works. Who know you works at time. Doing right thing is what matters it not about my friend Dr. Nelson.
        It will be destiny if he is vetted and again selected by the board, a boast for him, a proud to me, and I will be so happy. So will his family also.

  5. To those of you who are supporting the nomination of Dr. Nelson as president of the University of Liberia based on partisan or tribal line, let me just succinct tell you why this nomination is worrisome.

    Dr. Nelson holds a doctorate degree in Theology. A university should be a community of teachers and scholars from all walks of life. A national university, as it is for the case of the University of Liberia, should be closely associated with the country’s cultural, religious or political aspirations. Given the case of Liberia, we have become a secular state, consider this crucial point. Why if a person who holds a PhD in Islamic studies were to be appointed president of the University, would you be at ease with that?

    According to myth, road construction engineering was developed from “witchcraft” practices. Just last week, a witchcraft conference was slated in a university in Nigeria.
    With a theologian being the president of an institution that should be completely independent endorse such scientific development and practices?

    Let’s uphold the secularism of the university of Liberia. We are not judging on partisan line but on the role of a university in modern society for scientific innovation in our virgin economy.
    Let’s not be too fast to criticize or defend everything people criticize based on partisan or tribal line.
    A Doctor of Theology as president of the University of Liberia, I believe from the secular point of view, is wrong. He can however become the president, for example, of the African Bible College, or a private Christian university.

    • Petarious Dolo, you are commenting out of extremke ignorance.

      If anyone has misled you that persons holding PhD in Islamic studies or PhD in Christian are prohibited from being President of the University of Liberia, they are LYING TO YOU.

      I wonder what you would have said if the University of Liberia like nearly all universities around the world would have also have a faculty of theology! So according to you Cuttington, which has had Presidents holding PhDs and ThDs, is a non-secular university?

      • Matilda,

        Cuttington is a private university. Anything can happen there.
        The University of Liberia is public, uphold secularism in the institution.

        Well, I think my comments are intellectually oriented, not out of ignorance or folly as you have said. If you want to take the debate further, I am willing.

        • Petarus, there is nothing here to debate. Dr. Julius Sawolo Julocon Nelson ‘s appointment and ratification as the 15th President of “The Republic of the University of Liberia” is the most appropriate in the history of the soveteign State of Liberia which shall be emulated and remembered as consistent with the letter and spirit of the university’s Charter for a very long time, and for generations to come.

          That is with Dr. Nelson being an academic who achieved his BSc from the University of Liberia, and holds his Masters and Doctorate Degrees from such credible universities in the USA, and has been an associate professor of Philosophy at the very university his alma mater, topped by his position as Dean, and then Vice President for Student Affairs at the very university, empiricists, rationalists, academics, idealists, liberals, evolutionists, pragmatists, existentialists, postmodernists, etc. are bound to resound that Dr. Nelson’s appointment and ratification as President, is the most appropriate and excellent in the history of both the Republic of the University of Liberia, and the HISTORY of the REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA!

    • FYI: Rev. Nelson earned a Doctorate of Ministry which is different from a PhD in Theology or Philosophy in the USA. It is professional advanced training for some one who must have earned a Master of Divinity /3 yrs experience. so, according to the Assoc. of Theological schools, it is tied to the christian ministry for the most part in the USA. It is not a secular degree. So his title will be: Rev. Julius Nelson, D.Min and not PhD
      Artemus W. Gaye, PhD (Loyola University-Chicago)

  6. Woo, Even Nelson should have advice the guys, he knows better, has been around for sometime. I like the guy and the role he is appointed to but Liberia come first. Until the right thing is done. Let me the board or weah declare him acting until the right process is follow.
    I want him to get there the right way, if not, Dr. Nelson please wait or forget been in that position. UL and Liberia come first before family and friends.
    It better to do it now so when Nelson face w problem tomorrow, he will be judge rightfully and history will remember him for all the sacrifice he continues to make for UL.
    Mostly, it will be very board and an example for Dr. Nelson to declare himself acting until the board can do the selection or canadiate Search where he will be a part and if found suitable, he can be reinstall.
    He is a United Methodist, it is possible.
    It is not because wolokollie say so, but it is the right thing to do. See wolokollie did not even say bad about Dr. Nelson.
    It shows that wolokollie, I and every other graduates of UL wants the best for our ama matter and Liberia to save her image and handbook or rules.

    Long live UL my ama matter, long live Liberia, and I hope and will be praying if the right thing is done, Dr. Nelson gets selected and reinstall.

  7. Kae, I do not know who you are referring to as Hey and I don’t know what love you have for Dr. Nelson but you can keep it to yourself. maybe you did not read the threat that was issue by Mr. Wolokollie in his post but jump to conclusion on mine in the same light.

    Petarus, Can you do a research on Universities around the world and you might just find out that there are individuals with Dr. Nelson’s qualifications that are Presidents. I guess that might be an eye opener.

    Supporting Dr.Nelson on partisan or tribal lines must be a joke coming from you because we had this discussion and our various point of views were loud and clear.

    • Aaron,

      I am not disputing your assertion.
      I will also encourage you make similar research. Those universities being run by people of similar criteria, are they private or public?
      If private, who are the founders? What is their philosophical orientation?

      I ended that debate with a reservation: Let’s wait and see.
      Thank you.

  8. There’s not a law of the universe that forbids a terminal Theology degree holder from being appointed as president of a public university. What should be understood is that the newly appointed president, Dr. Nelson, will not be stupid to impose his religious beliefs on the faculty and the students. More importantly, the appointment of a religious person to any public institution is not a crime. For heaven’s sake, please calm your nerves by drinking some decaffeinated tea or coffee. Just try it. Decaffeinated coffee calms people’s nerves!

    Liberia is not a public university. But Liberia is a country where you’ve got people who embrace various types of religious beliefs. Some Liberians variously describe themselves as agnostics or athiests. The last time I checked, a Baptist Minister named William Tolbert, served as president of the republic of Liberia. It wasn’t a problem for”some” campaign workers during those years when president Tolbert served as president of Liberia. Even if some campaign workers felt it was an evil for a Baptist Minister to serve as president of Liberia, no mention was ever made about that. Now all of a sudden, “some” campaign workers are throwing their weight around by autocratically saying “this is right, this wrong”.

    Some campaign workers are hell-bent on stirring the pot of confusion. There’s no need to do that! One wonders whether “orders” are being given to stir things from the top.

    • We earnestly need some people on board with us. Their choice of vocabulary is always ideal to make opponents laugh their guts out.

      Beware internauts, they are on mission to distract you from what is wrong. They want you to continue to support mediocrity over excellence. They are rather selling snake oil.
      Beware internauts, they want you to accept what is morally questionable by evoking examples that have no correlation with the topics at hand.
      Beware internauts, they want to divert your attention from being watchful on the common goods of all to support the disintegration of our social fabrics.

      We are campaign workers for a good cause. We will never rest till the good of the Liberian people is better and the better best.
      We are campaign workers for a good cause. We yearn to see our children eager to return to motherland Liberia to serve it honestly.
      We are campaign workers for a good cause. We want the natural resources of motherland Liberia to benefit all the children of that land, not a “dubious” few or the “predicators”.

      Our society is secular. We need to uphold that in every public sector to guarantee peace and harmony. Let the Doctor of Theology become president of a Bible college or his own private university, not that which is the common good of all.
      Why was Dr. Week fired in the first place? Is it because she failed to heed to unethical or compromising orders? There has been no public declaration on her shortcomings so far but however, time will tell.

      • Petarus, so what you are saying here is that, a pastor or an imam cannot be appointed to head a government agency if that pastor or imam wanted to work outside his religious confines, since governmental agencies serve the public. Is this yes or no?

        • Dear Heprat,

          In the first place, this should not be a closed-ended question that requires a Yes or No answer, let’s treat it as an open-ended question.

          Pastors or Priests or Imam or Rabbis have become and can become presidents of any institution of higher learning. In fact, they can hold managerial positions or work as technicians or teachers or medical doctors or any job you think about in the world. I have seen many do just that, there should be no confusion about this. It has no correlation about the subject being treated here. I hope I have made myself clear enough.

          Let me give you a palpable example here about the Catholics. All the priests, Christian brothers and sisters in that church have degrees in Theology. You know that the Catholic church runs a variety of institutions around the world, including prestigious universities. To name a priest or a Christian brother or sister as president of a university, s/he undergo complementary studies to capacitate her or him to effectively and efficiently run that university, knowing that the future leaders of the universe are groomed in such institution.

          Bear in mind also that every institution of higher learning has a philosophical orientation. When you attend a Christian university, you will be taught Christian values implicitly, likewise a Muslim or Jewish institution of higher learning.

          Though founded on Christian principles, Liberia has become a secular state. I am a Christian and will do everything in my power to uphold Christian values and principles. However, let’s learn to respect the minority by setting good precedents. Suppose we have a Muslim president in Liberia tomorrow, and he decided, since the requirement to become the president of UL is to hold a doctorate degree, to name a Muslim with doctorate in Islamic studies, what would you do? I can imagine how Liberians will fast and pray against the devil (poor devil!). Why do you want to set such bad precedent?

          The University of Liberia is a public institution for every Liberian child. The cultural practices and values should be promoted therein. Dr. Nelson can be a professor, lead a department but not as a president, please. If so, his doctorate degree in Theology shouldn’t be the qualifying criteria but another doctorate in a different field of studies. Let him go and win souls. Look at the Bishop at RIA, the guy was “anointed” by God to win souls in prison, why did he leave his calling to hold managerial positions that he cannot effectively execute? You know, we have so many people in Liberia hiding behind abomination. Everyone wants to become pastor in Liberia. To serve God is a noble calling that requires adequate preparation. Jesus Himself spent 30 years preparing for the mission, despite his supernatural and spiritual endowments. Liberia has some of the finest brains in the world. Go out and get them. We have great intellectuals to boost the University of Liberia, why will you take a preacher man to do the job?

          Beware internauts, some prophets of doom and gloom come here professing democracy, yet they are staunch supporters of undemocratic precedents, we know your Machiavellian intentions for Liberia. Be assured that there will be a peaceful transition.
          Beware internauts,
          Beware internauts, some prophets of doom and gloom are confessing that there is a brain drain in beloved (cynically) Liberia, yet they preach salary cuts whereas it was “scurrilous” for them to have come and serve the Liberia they so love after their studies. Ask them for their motives for the many contradictory and insurrectional comments they make on this forum? Be assured that there will be a peaceful transition.

          We are campaign workers for righteousness. We will never rest until the good of Liberia can be better and the better best.
          We are campaign workers for excellence. Evil prospers when good men and women ingrained with Christian values and principles sit by and do nothing.
          We are campaign workers ignited by patriotism. The most benign and innocuous children of Liberia have taken to this medium to serve as eye opener to right the wrong that has long plagued our beloved country. Beware, we will not relent and never waiver until death do us part.

          May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacobs, Joseph and all the Saints be our shield and buckler, Amen!

  9. To Whom It May Concern

    1. As long as there’s no universal law or a rule of thumb that prevents a person who has obtained a terminal degree in Theology from being appointed to serve as president of a public university, Dr. Nelson will serve. It’s a done deal. Accept it or leave it. Don’t dwell on it.

    2. The former president of the University of Liberia has served her time. The last time a fact check was done, Dr. Weeks was not appointed as a lifetime university president. Insofar as she was appointed without swearing to an oath of a lifetime presidency, Dr. Weeks had to go. No holes bar. Case closed.

    3. Tell us this… what are Dr. Weeks’ signature accomplishments at the University of Liberia? Supporters of Weeks sometimes present themselves as distractors. They are preoccupied with two issues of insignificance:
    a. Why was Dr. Weeks terminated and
    b. Why was a man of the clergy appointed to the presidency of public university? These are issues that campaign workers should not be concerned with. As campaign workers, you’re charged with the responsibility of hanging up fliers and appealing to sceptical voters what your candidate”s credentials are all about. Campaign workers are not supposed to be argumentative.

    Eye Opener:
    When Dr. Nelson served in a lower capacity at the University of Liberia, the supporters did not bother one bit to question his lower rank employment. One wonders why? If these supporters know everything as they often project themselves, why is it that they didn’t foresee Dr. Nelson’s impending promotion at the University of Liberia?

    Our beloved country is broke. You send money by Western Union or MoneyGram, there’s no money to give out. There’s a slow brain drain going on. Let’s find a way to re-build a country that’s slowly sinking. Secularism is not a winning issue. It polarizes people.

  10. Some campaign workers are on a mission of destablization. Instead of hanging up their redeemer’s campaign fliers, (which is what a campaign worker is charged with), some campaign workers are being hysterical. Talking about doom and gloom, the traditionalist campaign workers are the real masters of false prophecy. Example, in the heat of a campaign, is it logical for a presidential candidate to make childish statements such as creating 100,000 jobs in three months? That’s a cheap talk. But more importantly, a statement such as creating 100,000 jobs in three months creates a sense of false hope! No more snake oil sales. If a politician wishes to sell oil, we the people will buy vegetable oil or something better! But not snake oil that’s disguised as corn oil. The traditionalist campaign workers and their redeemer will not take no for an answer. Sad!

    Traditionally, the President of the republic of Liberia has had the right to appoint presidents of the University of Liberia. Now, guess what? The campaign workers of ANC, Liberia, are telling the people of Liberia that any elected President of Liberia should consult with the people, possibly the traditionalist campaign workers of ANC, Liberia, in order to obtain guidance. Although it’s been standard practice for an elected President of Liberia to appoint a president at the University of Liberia, the traditionalist campaign workers are reluctant to accept what has been standard practice. Now, can it be understood why some Liberian thinkers are willing to label some of these “no good” traditionalist campaign workers as false prophets? We’ll let you decide.

    The traditionalist campaign workers are unwilling to change. The concept of change which is embraced by every peace-loving Liberian has become a conundrum for the traditionalist campaign workers. In the past, the forward-looking thinkers of Liberia have recommended simple things such as decaffeinated coffee or tea to help calm down the troubled nerves of the sufferers, meaning the traditionalist campaign workers of ANC, Liberia. But, because of their selfish disobedience to receive help, their troubled nerves continue to make their poor little lives miserable. It’s indeed a pitiful phenomenon.

    We hope this is worth your while….get some Sanka brand coffee. It is decaffeinated. Your nerves are badly troubled. Whether you like him or not, Weah has the right to appoint presidents at the University of Liberia. It’s a done deal. No matter y’all wheel and deal, ye traditionalist campaign workers, it’s been done. Perfecto!

    • Amen!

      The deal is done and sealed, for “progressists”.

      Make no mistake, our country will rise again. Footballers will go back on the field, managers will manage, architects will embark on the sustainable development our country and the prophets of doom and gloom will lamentedly groom their infantile surrogates under their courtship.

      So shall it be!

    • Definition according to Meriam-Webster:
      Progressist : a member of a political party holding views assumed to be progressive

      Some prophets of doom and gloom think Nigeria, Ghana, Great Britain, the USA, Ireland and many other nations sacrificed their precious human and financial capital to guarantee a peace that can be derailed in the twinkle of an eye, wake up from your slumber. There will be a peaceful transition in Liberia.

      Some prophets of doom and gloom think Liberia will continue to be a land of strongmen who would make sarcastic and insurrectional remarks and then walk free. No more, inflammatory remarks would have to be accounted for in the court of law. I say this to you loud and clear, the war is over. There will be no more war in Liberia. Get drunk at any level but be mindful of any unwholesome behavior.

      Some prophets of doom and gloom who have lived all their lives in the USA will index a private citizen for taking the streets to express his dissatisfaction over the government’s inability to provide a decent livelihood for its citizens. They call such march an unclean stuff, what a double standard! C’est scandaleux Monsieur!

      Why will some prophets of doom and gloom not admit the fact that the respectable Alexander B. Cummings released a strong public statement of disavow for remarks made by Sen. Kolubah et al? The internauts and Liberian people are not duped. They will make an informed choice when the time comes.

      Dear internauts, I warned you before to be aware of the ides of March. I think we have unearthed a lot of secret things. I can sense that from commentaries released. But never be worried, there will be a peaceful transition. No man will derail the hard-earned peace of Liberia. Those Egyptians that traumatized and destroyed our lives in the past, the time will soon come when we shall no longer see them.

      Peace of God, not the lip-serviced blasphemy!

  11. Dictionary.com has a similar definition. After doing a research, we feel it is best to be referred to as progressivists. Being illiberal is what the traditionalists are. That’s why they are resistant to change. Nearly all the commenters have frowned on the illiberals or traditionalists. But as usual, the campaign workers will not take “no” for an answer. We are not surprised.

  12. Dear Wolokollie, l would have thought you would have posted the article verbatim that has been violated. Instead you have a chorus of envy and delusional individuals following you blindly. I have read all the comments and not one person posted or quoted the violated University of Liberia charter. I wonder why?

  13. Congratulations to The Rev.Dr. Prof. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. on the Special Convocation Inaugural Ceremony as the 15th President of the University of Liberia on Thursday, November 28, 2019. what a historic event. To God Be the Glory and We thank God for this Elevation. Thank God I had the opportunity to travel from the states to be in attendance.

    Thanks to the President of the Republic of Liberia, His Execellency, Dr. George Manneh Weah for his Preferment and Appointment and Support of Dr. Nelson as President of The University of Liberia. Thanks to the Board for the their approval. Thanks to the Students Leadership and their commitment to work with Dr. Nelson.

    Thanks Prof. Weade Kobbah – Boley, UL Vice President for Administration who led the transitional team, every faculty, administrator and Empoyees of UL that made the ceremony so colorful and beautiful and calm. Although every political and secular BANDITS goal is to limit God’s work even in a so called secular environment, Unfortunately for them, let me break the news that the Power oF God and his Presence was felt during the ceremony especially when the shift of Authority took place.

    Thanks to Dr. Emmette Dennis, 13th President of the University of Liberia for his Presence, Support and Participation in the program from one President of UL to Another President, it was so powerful that it spoke volume and approval.

    Thanks to Rev.Dr. John K. Yambasu, Resident Bishop of the Sierra Leone Episcopal Area And President of Africans College of Bishops / UMC for his Presence, Participation and Blessings and All Clergy in Attendance, visitors, friends and well wishers.

    To all the NAY SAYERS, and People with no relevance seeking attention that are full of Envy, Jealousy, Hatred, just to name a few of your Stinky characteristics, If you chose to come on here and question another man’s work who have a track record of more than 12 years at the same job in various positions. took a pay cut when he could have earn more working somewhere different but decided to give back to the University of Liberia of which he, Dr. Nelson is a graduate than we will demand your contribution to the University of Liberia for the Past 12 years and your work history for in the same job for the past 12 years and the direct impact it had on the student body of UL, the faculty, administrators and Employees. If you can not inform us, than Shut The Hell Up. Enough is Enough with this CRAP.

    Hon. Wolokollie, while we awaits your answer from Mr. Gayman’s question, we also have a few for you. Have you taught at the University of Liberia ? where were you when the University of Liberia have been in Need at all levels ? Did you decide on the gravy seeking path of earning $15,000 a month in the House of Representatives while the University was in need ? Even while in the House did you push for an increase in the UL budget ? Even after leaving the House, what significant impact have you made to the UL that had direct effects on students, faculty and employees ? Please give a 12 years or more direct contributions you have made yo UL.
    DR. Nelson father served in the House of Representatives during Dr. Tolbert administration,The same House that you became a member, out of respect for your children, we chose not to disrespect you, but remember, when you disrespect another’s man’s child, Yours is and will also be underway at different levels.

    To all those that believed that there was a violation in the Charter of the UL as it relates to the Appointment of Dr. Nelson as the 15th President of UL, please watch the inaugural program or get a copy of Prof. Weade Kobbah – Boley, UL Vice President of Adminstration greetings statement at the program where she explained the charter of the UL was never violated and Dr. Nelson Preferment was made the last week in September
    and the Board give their approval in November, a month after they were informed about his Preferment, So this was not any kind of rush decision on the part of the Board. Get your info straight before you come on here with a bunch of Lies, Lies and Lies.

    Excuse all typos. Thanks.

    • Learn to give your point/s of view without profanities, Mr. Doe. This is how we live in a civilized society.
      Let’s make Liberia a better place again , respecting everyone’s view.

  14. Shut up clueless Dolo,

    You should be the one learning to respect others point of view. I’m Mr. Nelson Not Mr. Doe.


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