Duport Road Residents Undertake Drainage Project


    Several residents of Duport Road East community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia on Saturday, April 12, completed a drainage project that would address the challenges presented by flooding in the area.

    In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer after the exercise, Augustine Boakai, the project’s manager, said the initiative was funded by residents in the community. He went on to praise them for their level of cooperation.

    “We communicated with the acting Mayor of Paynesville for assistance; unfortunately we have not heard anything from her, until now,” he added, “It was only the community’s members that supported the project.”

    Boakai said residents would continue to engage stakeholders, including the Paynesville City Acting Mayor, to help them address the problem of the bridge that was constructed by District #10.

    “Since the construction of the bridge, almost every home in the community has been seriously affected by flooding. When even a little rain falls, the entire area becomes flooded due to the drainages and waterways being obstructed by the bridge,” Mr. Boakai explained.

    The Duport East project manager said if the bridge is not attended to by government, he would mobilize the community to remove it.

    “We are not threatening the government, but want them to know that we are tired of flooding as a result of the bridge,” he clarified.

    He called on the acting city mayor to help residents find solutions to solve the drainage problem once and for all.

    “We realized that this presented an opportunity to improve the health and sanitation conditions of the area as well,” he said of the drainage project he and other Duport Road residents undertook.


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