‘Duplication of Humanitarian Functions Worrisome’

Red Cross volunteers can be seen in most parts of Liberia carrying out their humanitarian worksjpg.jpg

The president of the Liberian National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) has spoken strongly against the duplication of the humanitarian functions of the LNRCS by other non-governmental organizations as well as some government ministries and agencies.

The LNRCS, prior to the Liberian civil crisis, was the most renowned and recognized humanitarian services provider in Liberia. The entity regulated every humanitarian service program in the country.

The LNRCS was established by an act of National Legislature as a humanitarian relief organization guided by the Federation Strategy 2020 and its five year strategic plan.

Speaking at the signing of a Cooperative Framework (CFW) agreement with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Monrovia, the LNRCS’s president, Emmanuel Kparhand, called on those in the sector to channel their resources through the Red Cross.

Mr. Kparhand said the Liberian Red Cross has the vision and determination to tackle major challenges presently confronting humanity; but noted that most government ministries, public corporations, and multi-national companies are now involved in relief work.

Due to the civil war, the influx of humanitarian assistance programs from international and national organizations, government entities, as well as individual philanthropist has been on the increase.

Though the influx of humanitarian services was highly appreciated by the LNRCS during the war years as they could not handle it all alone; it also meant that the sector became unregulated. It started taking less consideration concerning who provided what, when it was received and where it was going.

Some organizations are even using the name of the humanitarian sector to exploit funds from donors and philanthropist while these finances are not actually being used for the intended people and purposes

This situation has become a serious worry for the LNRCS president; a trend he said should no longer be followed. Mr. Kparhand called for all assistance and resources to be channeled solely through his entity.

The LNRCS boss indicated that the efforts by others in humanitarian work are highly appreciated; but called on those involved to redirect their resources to fortify the Liberian Red Cross.

Mr. Kparhand maintained the LNRCS is the only institution with the statutory mandate and ability to carry out relief activities successfully in Liberia. He assured all donors of a high level of transparency in expending their resources for the purposes intended.

He also called on government and key stakeholders to increase support in terms of resources, technical assistance and opportunities for the Liberian Red Cross to help alleviate human suffering and save the lives of the nation’s most vulnerable.


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