Dunah Predicts 6th Place for Liberty Party

LP Standard Bearer Brumskine arrives at the party's campaign launch amid thousands of supporters

By Hannah N. Geterminah

Nimba County District #7 lawmaker Worlea S. Dunah has predicted that the opposition Liberty Party (LP) will finish 6th place at the October polls.

Dunah, a lawmaker loyal to the Unity Party (UP), made his prediction on the grounds that Liberty Party finished 3rd in 2005 and 4th in 2011, for which Senator Prince Johnson at the time referred to the LP as a “backward movement.”

Sen. Johnson went on to say the 2011 elections results showed that the Liberty Party is not progressing, which indicates that the party has lost relevance in Liberian politics.

Representative Dunah said apart from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), there is no credible opposition to the ruling Unity Party in the upcoming elections, noting that the Liberty Party has received several benefits from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that have caused the party unnecessary distractions, even the allegation that the President is supporting the party.

He said all those calling themselves ‘opposition’ are people that the Unity Party government has made relevant and valuable in society.

Commenting on the LP’s recent campaign launch at its headquarters in Congo Town, Rep. Dunah said that “LP had no business to set up its podium in the street to cause problems for other Liberians,” indicating that this will not show their strength.

“If Liberty Party wants to show its strength, let them go to the Antoinette Tubman Stadium or the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex to tell the people what they can do because using the street to launch their party will cause an unnecessary problem for others,” he added.

The Nimba County lawmaker indicated that the Unity Party will defeat all opposition parties on October 10, stressing that with the huge number of supporters that gathered under the heavy downpour at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium for the official launch of the party over the weekend, speaks volumes for the party’s potential victory on October 10.

He said during the 2005 elections, the Unity Party came close to CDC in Montserrado County and during the 2011 elections, the CDC lost five legislative seats to Unity Party, which revealed that the UP has wrestled Monrovia from the grip of the CDC.

Responding to Rep. Dunah’s statements, an executive member of Liberty Party and Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay denied that the party received support from the President, insisting that the LP remains the strongest opposition in the country.

Senator Kaipay said the party’s strength has allowed it to produce two senators in Grand Bassa and one in Lofa County, adding that they are prepared this time to win the presidency. He said Rep. Dunah, being the founding secretary general of the opposition New Deal Movement, should know the definition of an opposition party.

“In fact, we are in a race and we expect such statements to be made by others. If we are not ruling and Dunah is saying we are not the opposition, then where do we fit in?” Senator Kaipay asked.

The Grand Bassa Senator disclosed that LP is not afraid of the crowd that Unity Party attracted on Saturday because, according to him, the Liberty Party’s recent crowd remains the biggest in the campaign history of Liberia.


  1. What a joke! The “Liberty Party” is claiming all of over crowded Monrovia as their supporters. Not so fast! Liberty. George Weah and his CDC have already laid claims on Monrovia as theirs. According to the Weah people, they have 3 million VOTES in Monrovia alone. You do the MATH. Subtract that from a total registered voters population of 2.1millions. What’s left in the rest of Liberia? You tell me.

  2. CDC and Liberty Party supports are right to their expressions, my only advice to them is to remained peaceful doing the process and distance themselves from election violence as we will be prepared to kick them out few days from now.


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