Dukuly Urges Mayors, Commissioners

Minister Dukuly addresses .jpg

The Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA), Morris Dukuly, has called on mayors and commissioners across the country to take responsibilities for the improvement of their cities in order to implement the National Urbanization policy.

Minister Dukuly gave the admonition last Thursday when he spoke at the end of the two-day National Urban forum held at the Monrovia City Hall.

The National Urban Forum intended to highlight environmental and other social problems associated with congestion and to develop a roadmap for the formulation of a National Urban Policy; present the

Monrovia City Program; build consensus on the city’s recovery and development strategy; endorse Liberia National Habitat Report, and showcase innovative tools in urban settlement.

Minister Dukuly said in order to achieve the goals envisage of growing and thriving, economic vibrant, prosperous and self sustaining cities, everyone must work together for the betterment of an improved living condition in the urban areas.

“The issues that you have so ably articulated in this space need to find their way into the Urban Policy so that our policy is responsive to the real needs and challenges of our cities,” he said.

He added that the policy could only be the beginning of a journey towards solving the problems if the policy is targeting the real problems that society is dealing with, otherwise, Liberia would miss the target and squander time, energy and resources.

He explained that the challenges that the country was seeking remedy are fundamentally about conferring dignity on the citizens, adding that disorganized, informal, economically and productively unsustainable formation of urban settlements inevitably means that people will be forced to live in circumstances that compromise their dignity.

Dukuly intoned that working together to implement the objectives of the forum is a viable first step to guarantee dignity for all.

He expressed gratitude to the participants for making the forum a successful and promised to work tirelessly by ensuring that Liberia gets a better living condition like citizens of other countries.

The forum is being funded by Cities Alliance and UN-Habitat, and was hosted by the MIA in collaboration with the Monrovia City Corporation and the Land Commission respectively.


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