Dujar Technical College Graduates 47 Students in Nursing

Some of the graduates of the Duja Technical College of Nursing

The Liberia Dujar Technical College (LDTC), of the Lois B. Hemgren School of Nursing located in Palm Field Community, Barnersville Township, Montserrado County on Friday, November 27, 2020, graduated 47 students at a well organized ceremony hosted in the school’s auditorium.

The ceremony was graced by the Minister of Health Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, representatives of the Liberia Board for Nursing and Midwifery (LBNM), national Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) as well as the LDTC Board of Advisors in Liberia. Also gracing the occassion was the Sweden-based Founder Mrs. Lois B. Hemgren of the Liberia Dujar Association, a parent organization of the LDTC.

Serving as guest speaker, Health Minister Dr. Jallah, told graduates that one of the major functions of a nurse is to care for others more than caring for themselves.

She said nursing is a profession that truly amplify the human dignity because the practioner is to care for others.”As a nurse we are expected to care for our patients more than ourselves. We inconvenience ourselves every day to work for others and sometimes we go above and beyond our patients even their families at the expense of our own need,” she said..

Dr. Jallah also encouraged the graduates to always remind themselves of the nursing code of ethics, which according to her serves as a conduit to able the nurse to fully render services to their patients.

“You have to know how to talk to your patients no matter what you’re going through. Do not tell your patients you haven’t gotten paid if you’re not paid or tell them that your son is sick”

According to Dr. Jallah, nurses often at times are cursed and blessed by the people whom they are providing services to, but that should not give nurses room to treat their patients anyhow.

“Some will bless you, some will curse you, some people will say the worse thing while doing your best for them but do not retaliate”, Dr. Jallah added.

Mrs. Lois B. Hemgren, founder and president Liberia Duja Association (LDA) said that she was so excited for where the institution has reached so far, despite the financial constraints.

Members of the Dujar Technical College Class of 2020

In a joyous mood, Mrs. Hemgren said, “I just can’t believe that after what we’ve gone through, we are here today to graduate our fifth graduating products”

Cautioning the graduates, Mrs. Hemgren said, “graduates are considered the ambassadors of the college so they should go into the employment world and truly portray what they have acquired.

“Your attitudes toward your various disciplines will determine your latitude and that of the college in the university of life. If you carelessly manage your profession, the university of life will carelessly manage you,” she said.

Rev. Nathan F. Mahteh, Sr., President, LDTC said the college is in need of financial assistance to enable the running of its new programs.

He called on government and NGOs to provide finanicial assistance to the college to enable it educate more Liberian students.

“We are calling on the government and stakeholdres to see te need to render assitence to the college,” he said.

The school was established in 2010 by the Liberia Dujar Association under the leadership of Mrs. Lois B. Hemgren, a Liberian-Swedish who hails from Jeadepo Statutory District in Sinoe County.

Prior to this graduation, the College has graduated a total of 184 students in the following disciplines: Civil Engineering – 5, Electrical Engineering – 12, Mechanical Engineering – 9, Nursing – 143, and Agriculture – 15. However, due to lack of support the engineering program was suspended, retaining Nursing as the only program.

Meanwhile, the college is working with the NCHE and the LBNM to add Midwifery and a school of business to their programs effectively next academic year, 2021-2022. The proposed school of business will consist of the departments of Accounting, Management, Public Administration, and Economics. The college has also applied to the NCHE for the elevation of their level from associate to bachelor’s degree.

By 2023, the college hopes to reactivate the school of agriculture, the school of teachers’ education and rebrand the engineering program into a 4-semester TVET certificate program.


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