Duala Sellers Want Help For Unidentified Man


An older man who witnesses say sleeps at a particular location every day, come rain or shine, but needs help from authorities in Monrovia to get medical attention and to help locate his relatives.

The man, who was sound asleep during our reporter’s visit yesterday morning in Duala, would not respond to repeated calls for him to wake-up and respond to questions about his name, his condition and what assistance he would need.

“This old man sleeps here every day,” said a young man who sells cellphones in a four-door vehicle nearby, saying, “people offer him water and food, but he sleeps here whether it is raining or the sun is shining.”

Though the young man could not identify the mystery man, he only said, “I know he is a Sierra Leonean national who has no one to help him.” The Daily Observer could not locate any one that knows the man’s relatives.

As our reporter was trying to get assistance to identify him, he noticed that the man was oblivious to vehicles and three-wheelers driving past him, because he continued in his sleep.

“This man is not dead,” another marketer said, “he is simply sleeping; and we hope someone could come and get him to a hospital to see what is wrong with him.”

Monrovia City Corporation sanitation workers who were later contacted by this newspaper could not exactly say what should be done for the mystery man. “We can ask him to wake up and go away from here,” one of the workers remarked.

And until that order is issued, the mystery man would continue to sleep on, whether in the rain or on the sun.


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