DSTV Service Provider Recounts Steps towards Business Success

The newly erected headquarters of Consolidated Group, Inc. in Fiahmah

As customers, employees laud company for consistent services

The Chief Executive Officer of Consolidated Group (exclusive dealer of DSTV in Liberia), Simeon Freeman, has said that reaching at the peak at which his business is today did not come on a silver platter but took endurance and diligence to do so.

Mr. Freeman, a Liberian entrepreneur, whose contributions in public discourse about national economy has always been admired by many, told journalists earier this January that coming from a poor parental background with a father being a member of the disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and his mother a 3rd Grade dropout, he still managed to excel in life through the help of his poor parents who helped him to acquire education.

Prior to the DSTV and other businesses he currently operates, Mr. Freeman said he was involved in the importation of cattle from Guinea to Liberia. After several years in the business, he said he transitioned to the sale of computers and office materials.

Freeman, being eager to excel in business, also got involved in the sale of frozen food items, and then transitioned to the sale of used cars and clothes.

According to him, he managed amid competition in the business community coupled with other challenges to be a successful in taking the DSTV Liberia’s office from Benson Street in a rented building to its own five-storey office building in Fiamah, Sinkor.  It cost him US$5 million to erect this building.

Some subscribers of DSTV and employees of Consolidated Group, Inc. have lauded the Liberian businessman as one who deserves praises for his resilience in maintaining the business amid harsh economic crisis that has caused some businesses to shut down.

Momo Sambollah, a DSTV dealer in the Barnesville community, told the Daily Observer that as one of Liberia’s most reliable providers and installers, “We have worked in this field for many years and I can safely say that we are the best.”

Sambollah further said that since he was recruited by Mr. Simeon Freeman’s company (DSTV Liberia) to serve as a service provider in the Barnesville Community, he has been able to work and found himself in college, where “I am doing extremely well.”

A subscriber who spoke to our reporter yesterday, Tuesday, January 5, 2021, expressed gratitude and appreciation to the DSTV family for providing affordable service to the ordinary Liberians. “Right now, I can tell you a potatoes greens seller can now afford to buy DSTV as compared to the other service providers.”

“Through the DSTV family and the video club I operate, I am able to send at least five (5) children to school, two in high school and the rest attending the University of Liberia,” Amos Kromah said.

According to Kromah, recognizing Mr. Freeman publicly is necessary because as a Liberian entrepreneur, he is immensely contributing to the happiness of society.

DSTV service consists of 20 channels and provides hundreds of programs and thousand of stars, with a monthly subscription fee of US$22.00. Other services, which now have reduced prices are the DSTV compact and the DSTV Single View.

Liberia currently faces a high unemployment rate, a situation those opportune to work for Consolidated Group see as a blessing to keep moving among others who are jobless.

One of Consolidated Group’s employees, Garr Woods, was recruited in 2012 as a sales agent but is now an Accountant for the company. According to Woods, his dedication and diligence led him to his current position. “In some institutions, managers will be insensitive to the promotion of workers, but it is not with Mr. Freeman. When he sees the competence in you, he lifts you up.”

Besides the DSTV, Freeman now operates two other businesses; a rock quarry company and the Vist Mineral Water Company.

Hawa Farkollie, on the other hand, was recruited as a clerk but has risen to the position of Manager for Distribution.

Responding to the commendation, Mr. Freeman told the Daily Observer that he was elated to receive such words of encouragement from the workers and some in the public about his services. 

Mr. Freeman now operates two additional businesses besides the DSTV service; the Vist Mineral Water Company and a rock quarry company.

He said his consistency, strategy and desire for excellence have put him to where he is today.

He has, meanwhile, promised to expand his business to other parts of the country to create an avenue for employment for the young people and the citizens in general.


  1. Someone Freeman fraudulently acquired the DSTV from jailed Chucky Taylor who worked hard to bring DSTV in Liberia From South Africa. Publicly singing self-praise over another man sweat is dangerous.

    Boasting of erecting a building that cost $5m, my questions here to you, are your dealership with the mother’s company reach reach $5m? or your entire operational fund including all assets reaches $5m? Or is this building in this pictorial amount to $5m?

    While commending you and your entire staffer for the hard work and dedication in maintaining the business since you took over from Chulky’s, I am stay in the mood of doubtfulness about the value tagged on the building. You and the Observers need to go and come back to give the Liberian people the actual cost of this building; not by flamboyantly tagging own cost of value.


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