The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Detachment in Grand Bassa County has apprehended several drug traffickers with L$95,500 worth of the illegal substance.

The county commander of the DEA in Grand Bassa County, Major Joseph Tageddine, made the disclosure last week, during an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer in Buchanan.

Major Tageddine revealed that from July to October 2014, the DEA was able to arrest eight suspects and subsequently appraised the total street value of the illegal drugs at L$95,500.

Major Tageddine noted with emphasis that the DEA nabbed one Christian Magave, a Nigerian national, with ½ tube of Heroine valued at L$6000 on July 16, 2014, and one Edward Jyasi, a Ghanaian national, with seven cans of marijuana valued L$2,100.  Abraham Yeazee was apprehended on July 15, 2014 with five cans and one gallon of cane juice mixed with marijuana, commonly called “Down Stairs,” valued at L$1,500,.

One Marie Vondeh was found on August 17, 2014 with a black plastic bag of marijuana valued L$2,500 and James Waka with nine cans of marijuana worth L$4,500.

Another suspect, Trokon Gueh, 23, was on September 10, 2014 caught with twenty- six wraps of Heroine valued LD$7,800, while Prince Yancy, a 16 year-old, who appeared to be an unconscious carrier, was arrested at the Owensgrove  check point in District #1, Grand Bassa County with five tubes of Heroine valued at $LD50,000. 

The prime suspect escaped and is yet to be apprehended, said Major Tageddine.

He explained that while it is true that the deadly Ebola virus is real and here in the county, he and his men are taking the preventive measures against the virus to curtail its spread.

“We will not relent in arresting drug traffickers and users who are taking advantage of the curfew and state of emergency to accomplish their drug mission, which is evidenced by our continuous apprehension of the culprits in recent times,” he said.

He assured the citizens of the county that with their cooperation and ardent efforts to unearth and acquaint the authorities with the location of drug dealers and users, the DEA will make sure to make the county dangerous drug- free.

The Grand Bassa County DEA Detachment Commander prays that since the national legislature had passed the Drug Law Act, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will see reason to sign and print the law into hand bills to facilitate its enforcement.

He revealed that the DEA is currently dealing with the public health Law which he said cannot actually punish or sentence the culprits.


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