Driver Caught in Presidential Convoy Pays Dearly


A man who was caught driving in the presidential convoy last evening at the ELWA Junction told police officers he did it because he was trying to get to his daughter who is seriously ill and admitted at a local hospital.

The unidentified man, according to eyewitnesses, was driving in the ‘3rd Lane’ when the presidential convoy drove by, and officers apprehended him.

Later, the officers claimed that the pickup did not have a license plate and therefore would be impounded. Police officers called Paynesville City Police who upon their arrival were happy to deflate the man’s tires because they did not believe his explanation. They also took his truck to the city’s impound.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver pleaded with police officers, including deputy director for operations Abraham Kromah that his daughter was seriously ill and they should have mercy on him and let him go, but to no avail.

Eyewitnesses said the officers were not interested in the man’s plea that he took advantage of the fast moving presidential convoy “to get to his daughter.” He was made to suffer the consequences of his action.

“The officers claimed that the man was drunk and therefore the police should impound his pickup. When Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) officers responded to the LNP’s call, they went into action and deflated the man’s pickup tires,” eyewitnesses said.

The man further told police officers that he is an employee of Rep. Saah Joseph of Monsterrado District #13 and because of the situation he was faced with, he felt it was necessary to drive along with the speeding convoy to be able to get to his daughter at the hospital, which he did not identify.

The officers still refused to consider his plea for mercy.
As PCC police officers went into action, the Daily Observer learned that the man ran to the Liberia Broadcasting System, claiming that he was going to invite radio journalists to report on what was happening to him. But the PCC officers appeared unconcerned.

The man had not returned when the Daily Observer reporter arrived on the scene.
Eyewitnesses described the police action as “pure intimidation” that should not be experienced by any Liberian citizen.

PCC officers contacted refused to comment on the case. However, one said, “All we know is we got his pickup impounded.”

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Lisa Lumeh is an emerging communications personnel. She holds a B.A. degree in Mass Communication from the African Methodist Episcopal University in Liberia. She joined the Daily Observer in 2012 as an Administrative Assistant. Since then, she has enhanced her personal and professional development in the field of communications. Lisa loves writing and reporting on issues that concerns the development of youth and women in Liberia and Africa. She has certificates in Media and Communications from the Journalists and Writers Association Foundation in New York, USA; Civic Engagement from the Young African Leadership Initiative-Regional Leadership Center, YALI-RLC, Accra, Ghana along with several others in women's Leadership and community engagement.


  1. Useless police. Was the man caught up in the motorcade? How far was he driving from the motorcade? What is the accepted distance? Are the useless police supposed to deflate and impound ones car? There are no rules in Liberia, everybody with small power want to show strength.

  2. Wow! A Big Village with out rules. What happen to giving citation? So sorry For the poor and innocents. Why Liberia?


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