Dr. Robtel Neajai Pailey Appointed Assistant Professor at London School of Economics


Prominent Liberian academic, activist and author Dr. Robtel Neajai Pailey has been named Assistant Professor in International Social and Public Policy at the globally renowned London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

An excited Dr. Pailey announced her preferment on social media early Tuesday morning while applauding those who helped to make her dream a reality. “I definitely couldn’t have done it without my amazing ecosystem of love and support, including God, family, friends, mentors, funders,” she wrote on her facebook page.

She disclosed, “When I rang one of my closest friends, Amy Niang, in mid-March 2020 to tell her that the head of the Department of Social Policy had called to personally congratulate me on being selected, she shrieked in excitement ‘WE DID IT!’ INDEED.”

According to her personal website, Dr. Pailey comes to the LSE with “more than 15 years of combined personal and professional experiences in Africa, Europe and North America, having worked across a broad range of fields supporting universities, governments, media institutions, multilateral, regional, non-governmental and community-based organizations.”

In 2017, she won an Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship to take up a position in the executive office of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. The fellowship program, run by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, is designed to mentor future African leaders. After her fellowship at the AfDB, Dr. Pailey returned to the University of Oxford as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Department of International Development, a position that she held for two years before her LSE preferment.

In her professional career, Dr. Pailey has taught at various institutions in Liberia, Ghana, the United Kingdom and the United States, and her work has been published in academic journals, edited book volumes, newspapers and magazines. She completed BA degrees in African Studies and English Literature at Howard University, an MSc in African Studies at the University of Oxford, and a doctorate in Development Studies at SOAS, University of London, as a Mo Ibrahim Foundation PhD Scholar.

With LSE on the horizon, Dr. Pailey lauded her parents for standing with her and starting what has become a successful journey.

“My mother and father, Ethel Neajai Johnson Pailey and Abraham Robert Pailey, did it with their sacrifices, prayers and libations,” she said, adding, “Mom kept reminding me that the long limbo between PhD completion and finding the right permanent academic job was God’s way of teaching me humility, patience and perseverance. Dad said our ancestors were moving mountains and straightening crooked paths to sprinkle my destiny with fairy dust.”

She also had kind words for some of her mentors who helped her along the way. “Professors Laura Hammond, JoAnn McGregor and Patricia Daley did it by writing stellar references, never once complaining that I was making too many demands on their time. And when I didn’t get the jobs I thought were ‘perfect’ for me, they encouraged me to keep reaching for the stars.”

As is often said, life without friends who should be there in times of need is not worth living and, as such, Dr. Pailey acknowledged some very supportive friends in her facebook post: “…Simidele Dosekun, Bukola Kpotie, Yen Pham and Gaby Balbuena did it by offering guidance during and long before the road to LSE recruitment—on everything from polishing my cover letter and CV to interviewing to negotiating salary and benefits.”

She also did not forget to mention the instrumental role funders like the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and Leverhulme Trust played by gifting “me a scholarly ‘room of my own’ to think, write and publish.” According to her, the LSE post has been bagged and she now intends “to use this incredible privilege to pry open doors for others.”

The announcement of Dr. Pailey’s preferment has been greeted with many commendations from her compatriots and international friends.

One such person is renowned Liberian economist Samuel P. Jackson who himself just gained admission into LSE. Jackson wrote on social media in reaction to his compatriot’s appointment, “Congratulations to Robtel Neajai Pailey, PhD, on her appointment as Assistant Professor at the world-famous London School of Economics and Political Science.  I’m also deeply humbled to be a part of this prestigious institution. Bravo to my Bassa sister. I hope our paths cross in London. High noon tea. Bassa girls rock.”

Another person who lauded Dr. Pailey is Liberian statesman Dew Mayson. Mr. Mayson wrote on his social media page, “Congratulations, Dr. Pailey, on your appointment as a professor at LSE. So proud of you as a fellow Liberian. Your success is a reminder that amidst our difficulties and all types of sclerosis, there are Liberians who still manage to register success and make proud our people.”

He added that he was “delighted that you understand the need to open doors for other Liberians and not flaunt the myopic and quite unpatriotic bluff, so common among successful Liberians: I am (was) the only Liberian at this or that organization…Go ahead, dear Dr. Pailey. Register even greater achievements.”

According to the LSE’s website, it is “regarded as an international center of academic excellence and innovation in the social sciences and is ranked 2nd in the world for social sciences and management. The School regularly attracts leading public figures to give lectures, attend seminars and consult staff. LSE was founded in 1895 and joined the University of London in 1900. The School’s academic profile spans a broad range of social sciences and is renowned for studying real world issues, from economics, politics and law to sociology, anthropology, accounting and finance.”

Moreover, it “offers 40 bachelor’s degree programs, over 140 taught master’s and diploma programs, and PhD opportunities across the social sciences. Teaching and research are conducted through 25 departments and institutes and 23 research centers. Graduates can be found in senior positions in organizations and government worldwide. Alumni and former staff include 18 Nobel Prize winners in economics, peace or literature and 35 past or present heads of state.”

Dr. Pailey began her first day at the LSE on 1 September 2020 at which time her faculty profile went live.


  1. Quite a great achievement for Robtel for her appointment as assistant professor at LSE. Now, how can we collectively let those achievements abroad lift the country from its current state? We have several University professors of Liberian origin around the world, but what effect are those laurels having on the country? A professor at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia all means “self” unless they can translate to national achievement.

    Liberia is a laughing stock today in the world for having a functional illiterate as their president. Liberia educators and professors have refused to teach at the country highest institution of learning. They all want to be president.

    An appointment to teach in foreign land while your own country is deeply sodden is ignorance and illiteracy is nothing to be proud of. But the likes Dew Mayson, Sawyer, Fanhbulleh, and scores of so-called academic elite who aspire to be professors in foreign land but not their own see that as achievement.

    The once proud University of Liberia is a now a high school equivalent because our academics want presidency Jobs in Liberia and professorship abroad. If we continue to see jobs in foreign land as a pride to cherish while neglecting our homeland, we risk voluntarily enslaving ourselves to the servile trap of the white people.

    • Jackson Neal,

      I sense that what you are saying is coming from a place of envy.

      Be a man and retract your statement and apologize to the lady

      • Donald Attoh, Jackson Neal, “Oldman Momoh”, no matter the disguise or the cryptocomments,, the reality is that the young generation of academics (EG.Dr. S. Wolokolie, Dr. R. Pailey, etc.) are assets to the nation- whether they are based at home or abroad! That fact or truism is immutable.

        But you old generation you rightly listed, and who had nothing to offer but “the massive killing of the innocent and the taking of the country a hundred years backwards” through your own rebel group – PDF, Sawyer´s ACDL, and the other doctors´ NPFL, ARE ABSOLUTELY THE NEXT MENACE THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO BULLDOZE INTO OBLIVION, IF EVENTS HAVE ALREADY NOT DONE SO for which you are just running all over the place as some insane one moving in all directions, and aimlessly.

        You better go and account for the people´s children you abandoned at the notorious Pademba Road Prison in Sierra Leone after you made them your rebels and took them to Lybia, but you were driven out by the Lybian Government.

        • Only stupid people celebrate individual achievements as being collective for the good of the country. Our society thrives in collectivism. If you sit there and heap praises on achievements of an individual because she is a Liberian, you are a stupid person.

          Are you saying that a Liberian is incapable of becoming a professor at LSE? And what that individual achievement doing for Liberia? She is teaching in a white society; why not we begin celebrating those Liberians who are returning home to dispense knowledge gained abroad to our brothers, sisters, and children at the University of Liberia?

          Do you agree with a fool like Dew Mayson who abandoned the teaching profession altogether, and sold the Liberian Embassy in Paris? Today, he still eating those proceeds from the sale of the embassy.

          He was one the first that jump the guns to praise Robtel as thought it was impossible for a Liberian to become a professor at LSE. What is the utility value of Robtel’s education if it does not affect the lives of her own people but those in foreign land? What does Liberia stand to benefit from such an education?

          Isn’t the celebration of individual achievement that brought the progressives brothers to uproot the fabric of our society? Isn’t the same celebration of individual achievements we so pride that placed this fool of a president on the backs of Liberians?

          What does the achievement of an individuals do for the upliftment of the country?

          I am not surprised Matilda Witherspoon because you have always thought like a fool. You and your illiterate peasant in the executive mansion have your time numbered when it comes to the Liberia’s leadership.

          • Jackson Neal, one does not have to be a Liberian or not a Liberian to be incapable or capable to teach at LSE. NEVER BE AFRAID NOR ASHAMED TO LOOK REALITY IN THE EYE. Your race card to mask your jealousy about young people with flying colors in academia is known by all. You displayed this very laughable behavior on your part when Dr. Wolokolie was been applauded around the world for demonstrating the watchword in academia ..PUBLISH OR PERISH!!!

            The very fact that a young Liberian has been seen as capable by LSE one of the first five prestigious universities in the world to teach proves sound and correct the reality, fact, and truthful empiricism of my premise that one does not have to be a Liberian or not a Liberian to be incapable or incapable to teach at LSE.

            Jackson Neal, in all your pretense, jealousy, and lackadaisical contention, the truth remains that even THE GODS …Daniel 2 verse 2 can attest to the fact that THE BIG PICTURE is that which actually matters.

            And THE BIG PICTURE is that whether Robtel is a Liberian, a British, an American, or whichever nationality, teaching at LSE guarantees her or anyone teaching at LSE A WEALTH OF SUPERLATIVE EXPERIENCE AND RESUMEE and more advanced knowledge which is the sine qua non of ACADEMIA OR ACADEME anywhere in the world!

            And for this inter alia, even people who are not relate to Robtel, unless they have the mentality or heart of the beast,, upon hearing about this achievement, are bound to be cheerful.

  2. Jackson Neal, you are so bitter! Suck a paci for once!!! Get the heck off Robtel’s laurels and go clean your country that has got a “functional illiterate” surrounded by bunch of your friends.

    Robtel, Congratulations. I am proud to see the many young people soaring their profiles during these years the locusts ARE EATING. You are not responsible for the rottenness of the mess they have created and do not feel any obligation to go lecture at a university in Liberia because your worth will never be regarded.

    • I will repost this piece: Only stupid people celebrate individual achievements as being collective for the good of the country. Our society thrives in collectivism. If you sit there and heap praises on achievements of an individual because she is a Liberian, you are a stupid person.

      Are you saying that a Liberian is incapable of becoming a professor at LSE? And what that individual achievement doing for Liberia? She is teaching in a white society; why not we begin celebrating those Liberians who are returning home to dispense knowledge gained abroad to our brothers, sisters, and children at the University of Liberia?

      Do you agree with a fool like Dew Mayson who abandoned the teaching profession altogether, and sold the Liberian Embassy in Paris? Today, he still eating those proceeds from the sale of the embassy.

      He was one the first that jump the guns to praise Robtel as thought it was impossible for a Liberian to become a professor at LSE. What is the utility value of Robtel’s education if it does not affect the lives of her own people but those in foreign land? What does Liberia stand to benefit from such an education?

      Isn’t the celebration of individual achievement that brought the progressives brothers to uproot the fabric of our society? Isn’t the same celebration of individual achievements we so pride that placed this fool of a president on the backs of Liberians?

      What does the achievement of an individuals do for the upliftment of the country?

  3. Dr. Pailey

    Congulations and congratulations!!!!

    you are such a good person with such a wonderful heart and a sunny disposition.

    I remember quite well when i used to pester you to critique my work and I can never forget your wonderful words of encouragement to me. “dont give up , hone your craft” you said to me.

    I thank you for those words and again, congratulation, my mother, my big sister.


  4. Is Jackson Neal serious? What do want people to do? You want them to move back to Liberia abd do what exactly?

    Congratulations to Dr. Pailey on her preferment. She has earned it!!!

    • No intellectual in their right mind would move to Liberia because it’s not fit to sustain life. You can’t even find a good dentist in Liberia. So if you need a root canal, hop on a plane and go to India or Ghana and spend thousands of dollars. If you need surgery, hop on a plane and go to India or China. What a stupid people!! Our people back home are too selfish and ignorant. They want a backwards country – let them have it.


  6. Brother Jackson Neal,
    Almost everything you’ve perfectly outlined in your comment about Liberia is factual, except one.
    You said the following:

    * The University of Liberia is not as good as it once was. Fact! I agree. But that’s not because of Weah.

    * Our academics (the cognoscente) want to become president and some of them want lucrative jobs abroad. Fact!

    * There are Liberian professors worldwide. Some of them work at world renown universities. Fact!

    *. Liberia is seen by many people as a laughing stocking. Fact! The lawmakers of Liberia always go to Ghana to obtain medical treatment. It’s a shame on them! A humongous shame on a body of people who earn exorbitant compensation, but yet are unable to make good decisions.

    George Weah is a functional illiterate. It’s an opinion of yours brother Neal. In any case, you have a right in this court of public opinion to state your opinions. I disagree with you on this issue.

    George Weah was not my early supporter. But I changed and became a sympathizer of his because I learned from foreign and local experts that Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf didn’t do a good job. Unlike Trump who inherited a good economy from Obama, Weah did not inherit a good economy from madam Johnson-Sirleaf. Considering the fact that ours is a third world country, it’s not so easy for anyone to perform overnight miracles.

    During the first half of Johnson-Sirleaf’s administration, the Liberian economy was breathing pretty well. During that period, Johnson-Sirleaf received accolades from international sources about how robust the economy was and how it could be. But during her second term, and up to the time when Weah became elected, something went wrong! Instead of breathing on its own, the economy was placed on ventilators. Since the current kept going, the ventilators couldn’t do much.

    I cannot blame Weah for the ugly problems our poor little country faces. My point is that there were problems before Weah became president.
    For instance, there were:

    Unemployment issues, weak economy issues, electricity issues, running water issues, poorly run public schools, rape issues, non-existence of good hospitals, bad roads and bridges, poor agricultural issues and the list of issues continues.

    Lastly, we are all proud of Dr. Pailey. I dealt with her briefly. She was kind to have sent copies of her research documents for me to read. Her Gbagba book is great!

    You are right about the fact that something needs to be done in Liberia. We look up to Weah to get things done because he’s the president. I fully understand. But Weah is not the cause of the problems of Liberia. Those problems were there before his birth and before he became president.


    • Come on Hney – don’t be so lame. You make so many excuses for Weah because you know he is not capable of solving the challenges facing the country. He never had a plan from the start and he’s failing miserably. I think it’s clear to every Liberian who voted for Weah that he is way over his head – he’s not the leader they thought he would become. From my perspective, Weah never accomplished anything noteworthy as a Senator so it was foolish to give him an even bigger job. The Liberian people are experiencing the consequences of their decision and that’s how democracy works.

    • Weah is the only president we have had who is so sensitive to need of the people and sincerely looking out for the well being of the people and the nation as a whole. Wonderful First Lady, never before

  7. Congratulations to Dr. Pailey, another Liberian of pride! The sky should be the limit, as whispered by mommy and daddy.

    To those of you who want such Liberians back home, let me remind you that there are many of such Liberians out there, willing to come back home and contribute their quota in changing Liberia for the better.
    You are NOT providing them such opportunity.
    Dr. Pailey will be highly respected, well paid and free of her movements. She will never know humiliation, shame or dehumanization to get her compensation or promotion.

    Why are you bashing out at Jackson Neal? Is he wrong in anyway for what he’s written? Jackson Neal has just given the real picture of present-day Liberia.
    There are few people like Dr. Pailey that President Ellen convinced to come home to help Liberia, where have you put them? In the garbage because they are not CDCians and will NEVER become CDCians, isn’t it?

    You said you did not need Socrates to rule Liberia, great, rule with your “nonskulls”! Taking a footballer without Grade 9 WAEC certificate to be the boss for people like Dr. Pailey, quelle horreur!

  8. The main problem is not about “You said you did not need Socrates to rule Liberia.” What we need to actually deal with is to prosecute these rapists, especially people like Alex Cummings running behind people boys children as reported here below:

    Cummings Takes Gay Life To Another Level- Sexually Harasses School Boy As He Receives 100,000 USD To Support Gay Activities In Liberia

    A male senior student studying Environemntal Science At Catholic run Stella Maries polytechnic in Liberia alleges Liberian Politician Alexander Cummings asked him for anal sex after their scholarship meeting at Royal Hotel in Sinkor Monrovia. The student who audio is in our possession says he was promised a graduate scholarship at the Northern Illinois University, where he Cummings earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. The student escaped and has been receiving calls from strange numbers threatening to harm him if he discusses what transpired at the hotel. Our Reporter called Mr. Cummings for his side of the story but he declined to make any comment.

    It can be recalled that In January 2020, Local businessman man in the USA Sandy Edwards extended a $100,000 grant to the Liberian based Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund, a collective giving and endowment initiative of Foundation For the LGBT communities in West Africa. The Fund which was founded by ANC political leaders Alexander Cummings addresses the historic under-funding of nonprofit organizations that support the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
    “I lived in Liberia for 30 years before the first civil war and I am still in love with the country. I wanted to encourage Liberians in the diaspora and at home to contribute to the Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund and thought of no better way than to show it by example,” said Edwards. “I believe the overall success of our community is dependent on promoting understanding and inclusion.

    The Cummings Africa Foundation Gay Fund moves us toward this goal by funding organizations and programs which support lesbian and gay individuals and their families in the Liberia and other parts of West Africa,” he added. Since its inception, the Fund has provided over $462,500 in operating and community connections grants to local nonprofit organizations across West Africa. The fund is administered by a Cummings Africa Foundation advisory board and 100 percent of donations are distributed as grants. The Fund recently awarded its 2017 grants to the following organizations: Lofa County Gays Union LRD, Montserrado Hope for LGBT LRD, Gays Men Chorus of Ganta, Campus Pride at University of Liberia and LGBT Friends.

    Liberia has an anti-LGBT laws that frame same-sex conduct as a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison. In a recent interview with Liberian Confidential, Mr Alexander B Cummings Jr who is the chairman of the foundation has defended the LGBT community in Liberia. “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime. History teaches us that the erosion of anyone’s or any group’s basic rights means our own rights are in jeopardy. That’s why ordinary Liberians should care. If we stand by and allow others to be harassed and persecuted for being born the way they are, then our silence is complicity,” he added.

    Report By Edward Pewee Jr.
    breaking News Desk!

    • Garsuah Gborvlehn – You’re a ridiculous old man of no substance. You’re a narrow-minded bigot like Tipoteh and you should be ashamed. Why don’t you go out there in America with a sign that says you hate gay people and see what happens to you. Your President, Jorweah has no respect among his peers in West Africa or the world for that matter because he’s a corrupt idiot with no imagination to provide a better life for his citizens. He’s enriching himself at the expense of his citizens so why would any world leader respect him? They don’t.

      • My child James, being a HOMOSEXUAL – A doer of that abominable filth of SODOMY in America is a way of life in many parts; hence one would be insane to “go out there in America with a sign that says you hate gay people” although sodomites or homosexual are despised and detested by the general population and especially many segments of the American society.

        But in Africa, or especially Liberia, SODOMY is an abominable act against our culture – our way of life, and the other regulations pertinent to our civilization. This is why when the very America and Britain threatened that if Liberia does not make laws of same sex marriage in Liberia, they would freeze their aid etc., Liberia told them in the face: YOUR MONEY CAN ALWAYS STAY! BUT OUR CULTURE FORBIDS SODOMY.

        And that is the problem with this boy Alex Cummings whom his own colleagues in their CPP say had it not been for politics, they would not want to have anything to do with him. And one cannot blame them; since besides the fact SODOMY is forbidden in our national creed, Alex Cummings being a rapist of little boys disqualifies him from that which he aspires to be. Before his sodomy lifestyle was not known throughout the country.But today, everybody is aware ALex Cummings, as a result of his sodomy character “he Cummings is bad news as Joseph Boakai said recently.”

  9. Garsuah,

    In French, we say “Le disque est rayé”. Find something new to post or say. We have seen enough of this rubbish.
    If you were not a CDCian, you could have known that what is posted above has no credibility or credence or magnitude. You and other goons continue to paste it because you are CDCians and lack objective reasoning capacity.

    If I were you, I would be ashamed that my standard bearer could not speak out one correct sentence during his interview with our local radio stations, also partly aired on the BBC, on a serious scourge of rape on even a 3-year old child in Liberia.
    If I were you, I could have been ashamed that during a major campaign rally speech of nearly one (1) hour, my standard bearer did not raise his eyes from the paper for even 30 seconds.

    Some of you pray for Libera to remain doomed, but it will NEVER be the case. Ineptitude, mundanity and mediocrity will soon be shoveled to where it belongs, believe me!

    • Like another commenter – I think it was Freedom To Be Blunt aptly described you the other day;: you Petarus, you are just THE PUS OF THE SORE THAT IS Alex Cummings. And of course as anyone will agree with that the pus of a sore is not dealt with, but simply and initially thrown into the garbage so as to effectively deal with the sore.

      So do not expect me to deal with you on such a matter when I do not deal with you on other serious issues.

      One advise: you are giving the wrong impression about your character or personalty within your church, your relations, and community, by trying to cover such abominable character of Alex Cummings when even a senior member of the CPP – Joseph Boakai has times without number told the public that “Cummings is a homosexual. and such reality embarrasses him Boakai”.

      • Garsuah,

        “Advise” is a verb.
        The noun form is “Advice”
        Again, the noun “Advice” is a noncount noun. It is not preceded by a number (one) or some quantifier placed before a count noun.
        So, we don’t say “One advice”

        These are things we want to correct in you guys, bunch of illiterate and half educated people within the CDC.
        Our country will come out of the nonsense it is in, believe me!

        • Petarus, verbs and nouns can be used anyway or anyhow to the liking or choice of the user. Of course, you are too little to have such knowledge.

          Now get educated: One kick, one slap, one punch, one bounce, one jump, etc. etc.

          Now, you see that all the words after the word “one” are verbs. But we have used them as nouns, while they can still be used and understood in their very usage here in dual capacities (nouns and verbs)! Do you want me to educate you on how one may use those very words as adjectives? Anyway, the volume may be too high for your little head.

          • Liberian grammar teacher!
            No Sir, I don’t want to learn the grammar rules written by the CDC. The English language is the British people mother tongue adopted by the whole world for business purposes.

            One kick, one slap, one punch…….? What do you want to show or explain?
            From the rubbish you have written, anyone can conclude that you DID NOT learn your lessons on nouns. So, let me help you, visit any library or bookstore and buy a grammar book that will help you with NOUNS, notably count and noncount nouns.
            If you knew this lesson, you couldn’t have written the rubbish you just wrote.

            These are people who mislead our ignorant parents back home, thinking they are educated. No Grasuah, you are not educated but a big social problem to intellectualism. When you humble yourself and read the grammar rules I am proposing, you will be ashamed of yourself for writing this rubbish here, a space of intellectualism.

            As always, I part with CDCians on this tune:
            He who know not
            And knows not that he knows not
            Is a fool, shun him

  10. Comrade Hney,

    I think you like repetition of facts we already know, and which all Liberians know.
    – Foreign and local experts told you Ellen did not do a good job, true;
    – There were many problems in Liberia before Weah, true;
    – Unemployment, weak economic, electricity and running, rape issues etc. existed in Liberia before Weah, true;

    We know all the problems in Liberia and so Weah has been fighting ever since to bring the solutions to us. He even attempted a coup d’état against Ellen, just because of the “love” for the country Liberia. He promised FIXES to all our problems.

    We need the start of these FIXES. If Weah had started the FIXES he promised, the entire world, including the Liberia diaspora, would have been by his sides to date.
    But the guy had no plans, nothing at all on hand or in the brain. He spent his time playing ludu in New Kru Town, or playing football in his premises during the weekends, or watching football games on the TV during valuable times, or making music in the studio, etc.
    He stole the little amount he found in state coffers to demolish his houses and reconstruct them into mansions.

    What do you what us to say? He’s now cornered. Very soon, he will be like the King of England because the next US Ambassador will indirectly run Liberia, yet we call ourselves an independent country.

    Comrade Hney, supporting Weah on this blog, for me, is like begging for Liberia to remain as it is. It means you cynically, not truly, love Liberia.

  11. Have we forgotten President Weah’s pre-election campaign speech, which he delivered to throngs of his CDC followers? The president told them to stop believing education could build Liberia because it cannot. According to him, if education could build Liberia, then Liberians would not be living in mud huts and under thatched roofs today.

    Moreover, he stated he did not need a strategy to lead the country because he knew the Liberian people more than anyone else.

    Why would a well-learned individual then get-up to come to work for an administration which leader does not believe in education? Second, a saying goes, “Incentive pulls and motivation pushes.” Where is the incentive or the motivation to attract out best minds to come back home and teach? None.

    Last, how will that intellectual thrive in an anti-intellectual environment like ours? A good reminder of how the system militates against its high caliber cadre is the episode that occurred quite recently when the government was trying to stage a conspiracy to foil Dr. Alaric Tokpah’s attempt to travel freely in and out of the country. Why? Dr. Tokpah does not kowtow to the government’s shenanigan and neither does he help to promote its propaganda.

    The history of Liberia is replete with so many brutal crack downs against university students and their professors for protesting against the socio-economic and socio-political evils of the society and for expressing their constitutional and academic freedom.

    So, these could be some of the deterrent factors and inherent risks which are keeping many of our intelligent professionals at bay.

  12. Dolo,
    If you think I like what you call “repetition of facts”, get use to it. I am not your captive neither am I here to please you. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I love my country my way, not your way. Lastly, I don’t play cynical games. Keep me out of the cynical column.

  13. There are many, many, many Liberians living overseas or outside of Liberia that once had what is known on this post as Romantic Idea or Romantic Relationship with Liberia their native land. But that is gradually changing, based on the records of Liberia’s immigration services concerning the amount of Liberians who have visited that to stay and those who quickly left for their overseas homes. The Romantic Relationship is slowly dying, seriously. And there are many reasons. But the most pressing is one is the children of Liberians living outside of that country are growing in their numbers, and have to compete with children of other nationalities, especially those that are living in the United States and other developed countries. Their futures are at stake. So what time do fathers and mothers and their grandparents have to continue to have romantic ideas or romance relationships with a country that is hard to grow? Ask the parents and grandparents of these young Liberians how many times or how often do they visit the old country in the last five years ? Search the immigration records and compared. The romantic ideas that most had about that country are declining. The future of their children in the developed countries counts above all else. Furthermore, the silly jealousy laws passed barring dual citizens from even holding elected offices and some appointed offices fall back on the children or grandchildren of those Liberians that once had those romantic feelings about their country. Here is a professional Doctor who may and like her children be denied to hold certain offices in that country . Should she waste her time planning for her children born outside of that country and prepared them to move back to her original country because of her romantic ideas for her old country ? Before the children born
    from Liberian parents outside of the even have the chance to think about returning to the country of their parents, they are denied by that country’s laws already on what they can do, and what they can never do. The romantic ideas of Liberia are seriously fading. Parents from the old country are moving on with the future of their. Perhaps, the only thing that is attractive to them, is when the western medicine has failed, it is time to return home and see the bush health doctors. There is a medical doctor in the Liberian Senate from the remote village of Grand Kru County that still believes in the bush doctor. But never proposed any bill that would help the health workers. But are laws in that country that denied future medical doctors born overseas from becoming lawmakers, in order to advance laws that will benefit the country. Having romantic ideas about Liberia? Please.

  14. Looking Back: How Liberians Can Push for Higher Hight.

    I agree with with Mr. Jackson Neal on one point. We all owed the Liberian Nation a lots. Like I always say, “Liberians were educated on the back of tax payers money.” If all our technocrats around the globe, decide to contribute their quotas, ours will be the brightest star in the world.

    Most of of the technological advancement China has achieved, is due her sons and daughters going back from MIT, Stanford, Cornell, Cambridge Silicon Valley, etc, and giving back. Some of us used our accolades as a bragging rights-they will be inscribed on our various tombstones. What good will it do for the average Liberian.

    We need some Nationalistic thinking to make us love who we are, and learn how to give back. I always mention the Chinese model, from the Cultural Revolution to the Economy Revolution and now the Scientific Revolution. About 40 to 45 years ago there were more poor people in China and East Asia, except Japan; than Sub-Saharan Africa, not mentioning Liberia. Even the West, is fascinated about how China has grown in a short span of time. We can learn from them, if we decide to.

    Mamadu S. Bah (N/P) Meridian Health , Adelaide, Aust.

  15. Those who criticized my comment never really understood it or so they understood it with bubbling emotions typical of educated Liberian fools. They argue for argument sake without any relevant premises to corral any educated understanding.

    Do I look like someone who envies others? I am simply saying the truth which is hurtful to many who are afflicted with low self esteem.

    What does it do for a country for some one to be appointed to teach in a foreign land while their own country citizens languished in a spiral of ignorance and illiteracy? This is the question I raised.

    And to view my inquiry as being envious of Robtel for her appointment is stupidity of the highest order. To deploy envy, such a misnomer, to describe my comment is utterly madness.

    All of the Liberian professors and medical doctors who are practicing abroad what is Liberia gaining out their singular achievement? In the white man country teaching their kids while your own country languishes in an oasis of ignorance and then pride that as an achievement is foolhardy.

    Say anything you want to say out of stupidity and ignorance. I stand by my statement.

  16. Comrade Garsuah Gborvlehn,
    On the topic of homosexuality, your argument is very persuasive. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul condemns homosexuality in Romans chapter one from the 24th verse up to the 28th. In order to see the clearest picture that the Apostle displays, read the whole chapter from the first verse up to the end. Maybe, if you add the word of God in your argument, the heads of “some people” will spin.

  17. Brother Jackson Neal,
    I understand why you’ve put up such a defense for yourself. Sometimes some people think it’s weakness if you ignore their crap. So you came out swinging. It’s all good. Speaking for myself, I think you became a good classroom teacher for me than what others will think. You mentioned some things in your comment that I have never heard of. For instance, the selling of the Liberian embassy in France by none other a former noisemaker, Drew Mason. I will also add this…. you’re not here to pacify people. If someone dislikes something you’ve written, tell them (if you want to) to take a walk.

  18. A time to celebrate a major achievement of a Liberian, a young Liberian! Imagine what the future has in store for her considering the many more years of potential she has!Certainly, our nation is not prepared to benefit form a “ThinkTank of brilliant Liberian minds”! It’s evident because no one appreciates those “on the ground” most of whom are patriots; most patriots who’s voices have been “silent throughout the years”…many..many ongoing Liberian administrations…allblame does not lie on ANY ONE administration .Opposition “politicians” are NOT necessarily future good leaders. Don’t listen my people to the “loudest drums” who are waiting for their opportunity to plunder our nation’s resources.
    Carefully judge and look for men and women of integrity, no matter “how poor”, “how unsophisticated”. Good leaders come from “good people, simple people, who have many proven years of just simple leadership even on the town level, village level, society level.

    The power of the vote are in your hands to rise up unknown people to a place to lead

  19. Well, Mr. Neal, I hope I am not sounding personal because we come to this forum to learn from one another instead of engaging in personal fights.

    You asked the question, “What does it do for a country for someone to be appointed to teach in a foreign land while their own country citizens languished in a spiral of ignorance and illiteracy?” This a good question.

    Sometimes a question is answered with a question or with a suggestion. And so if you agree with this chain of thought, then let me ask you, have you ever approach the government with any ideas, suggestions, and policy prescriptions on how this trend can change or improve?

    I have come across many Liberian professionals in the United States and other parts of the globe, who still have love for our one, common patrimony, Liberia.

    However, Mr. Neal, humans are economically driven. What do I mean about this? I mean, no matter on which side of the globe one finds himself/herself whether Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and so forth everyone aspires to the pursuit of happiness and living well, taking care of one’s family, having a good social protection, having the right to exercise one’s universal basic human rights, and to live free from want, fear, coercion and intimidation.

    So in my opinion, if these ends are not achieved, people would behave rationally and that is either remaining where they are and doing well or migrating to places where they can live to achieve these ends. In other words, humans do obey the instinct of self-preservation. We have inflicted too many self-inflicted wounds on ourselves to the extent the country is uninviting to many citizens and foreigners alike.

    Maybe, the leadership will reach the level one day and like Ghana, create a national platform that would be conducive to attracting the nation’s best minds to return home to contribute their quota to nation-building.

  20. Oh yes like Ghana??? It require sacrifice to reach the level of Ghana. I wish Mandela, Martin Luther King, Nkrumah, and so many who elevated the fate humanity in their homeland of nativity would have been driven by economic interest rather then love for country…

    May be Ghanaians academics would stay abroad until Ghana became what it is today before they dire to return home…

    Liberians are chronically selfish people. Liberia was founded to as a home to freed slaves, now the descendants of those free slaves after hundreds of year in freedom are wounding back to the very place of enslavement. This time on their own volition in what Patrick Sambola subtly referred to driven by economic instincts.

    Let us continue to collectively celebrate individual achievements abroad and hope one day our country will become better as we endeavor to teach European kids while ours continue to live in affliction of ignorance and illiteracy.

    Shame on us !

  21. A repost: Only stupid people celebrate individual achievements as being collective for the good of the country. Our society thrives in collectivism. If you sit there and heap praises on achievements of an individual because she is a Liberian, you are a stupid person.

    Are you saying that a Liberian is incapable of becoming a professor at LSE? And what that individual achievement doing for Liberia? She is teaching in a white society; why not we begin celebrating those Liberians who are returning home to dispense knowledge gained abroad to our brothers, sisters, and children at the University of Liberia?

    Do you agree with a fool like Dew Mayson who abandoned the teaching profession altogether, and sold the Liberian Embassy in Paris? Today, he still eating those proceeds from the sale of the embassy.

    He was one the first that jump the guns to praise Robtel as thought it was impossible for a Liberian to become a professor at LSE. What is the utility value of Robtel’s education if it does not affect the lives of her own people but those in foreign land? What does Liberia stand to benefit from such an education?

    Isn’t the celebration of individual achievement that brought the progressives brothers to uproot the fabric of our society? Isn’t the same celebration of individual achievements we so pride that placed this fool of a president on the backs of Liberians?

    What does the achievement of an individuals do for the upliftment of the country?

    I am not surprised Matilda Witherspoon because you have always thought like a fool. You and your illiterate peasant in the executive mansion have your time numbered when it comes to the Liberia’s leadership.

  22. If I may add, it is the same celebration of individual achievements that made Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf president of Liberia who as it turnout was the worst president in the history of Liberia.

    The University of Liberia is today brain-drained. If Robtel could dire write a proposal to LSE to allow her teach in her native land for a pay from LSE, LSE would have granted her request on humanitarian ground.

    I remember when the civil war ceased in 1992, Liberian professional academics who wanted to return home to teach at UL were granted the opportunity to do so on UN sponsored payroll. It needs altruism to undertake such a project.

    You can not be like the likes of Dew Mayson, Sawyer, Fahnbulleh, who are passing around in Monrovia with their knowledge while the world is making mockery of the current Liberia’s education systems–We now have University graduates who barely write and speak cultivated English.

    The last time Tipoteh, for example, taught a class in Liberia was April 11, 1980. Since then, he is too good to teach his own Liberian children. Meanwhile, he was teaching in the Netherlands’ in the 80s while in exile. Boimah Fahnbulleh also stopped teaching following the coup in 1980. Like Tipoteh, he too is too good to teach in Liberia; Sawyer was teaching at Indiana University in the United States as an adjunct professor when he left Liberia as an interim president; he too is too good to teach at the University of Liberia.

    Dew “Tuan Wleh” Mayson was a professor at the then Cuttington University College prior to the 1980 coup. He too is too good now a days to teach at any of the Universities in Liberia. The late S. Byron Tarr was one of Liberia’s astute academics, well know among universities circles in the United States. For him, he refused to even attempt to teach in Liberia until his fateful demise a couple of years ago.

    All those so-called individual achievers have done is seek the Liberian presidency and government jobs. They are all selfish people.

    Now unlike Ghanaians who see teaching at the University as a noble retirement job, Liberians academics see teaching at the university as a second class job below their dignity—All because Liberians celebrate individual achievement as being collective.

    It mere stupidity to celebrate the likes of Dougbeh Cristopher Nah if he can not do enough to let his education help his own people. And, I am just using comrade Nah as an example to underscored the premise of my point, nothing is personal.

    Let’s stop celebrating personalities for education they acquired for the benefits of only them and their families!

  23. I say kudos to Dr. Pailey for her preferment. Needless to say, even though I understand the frustration with selfish academics, for me especially the vexing problem of Presidents Conteh and Quattara forcing third terms, one should be cautious about scapegoating. Undoubtedly, at such a young age, Robtel’s achievement has a motivational effect, and what Liberian millennials need is some sort of hope.

  24. Brother Jackson Neal.

    At the dawn of 2023, vote Alexander B. Cummings and see if Liberians DO NOT love their country.
    You have never gone through the frustration of having a mundane and inept boss. I pray for you to NEVER undergo such experience.
    If you want to see Dr. Tipoteh, Fahnbulleh and others back in the lecture halls or to mentor the children of Liberia, vote someone who has walked the straight and narrow paths of intellectualism.

    Do you think it’s a football match to see you teach your student president (Samuel Doe)?
    Do you think it’s pleasant for people like Byron Tarr to have a president who will not speak out one correct sentence?
    Why do we have an economist / financier representing Liberia at the United Nations, now proposed to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs? Simple, career diplomats would NEVER like to be shamed by a functional illiterate.

    Look, our problem in Liberia is the Liberian youth. During the war, because you disgraced people who could nurture you, because you kill people who you should have revered in society, because you went to bed with women who could be your mothers, because you belittled and disgraced people who could take you up the academic, social and financial ladder, YOU NO LONGER respect anyone!

    If you could listen to even your own parents who gave you life, you could NEVER have voted Weah as president of Liberia. Until you can come to yourselves and make a U-turn, Liberia will remain doomed.
    I can NEVER encourage Dr. PAILEY to come back him if people like Dr. Weeks left their good job in the USA to help back home and you guys decided to replace her with a Doctor of Theology at a state-run university.
    You feel Weah likes you because when you make a pass in 1/9 subjects on the WASCE, you are allowed to graduate, this is the WORST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ever committed in Liberia. It warrants a lawsuit against Weah at the ICC.

    To the youth of Liberia, if you want to benefit from your intellectuals, enshroud mediocrity from our political arena!

  25. Taking a look at Mr. Neal’s argument:

    A good intellectual debate arises when either side, which raises a question or fundamental issue, allows for another point of view or perspective on the same issue. But when the individual who raises the fundamental issue does so in the form of a dead-end statement, or a statement which logic is not subject to query but is instead a final verdict from a supreme judge, then I think the practical thing to do is to leave the reality of the debate on him/her alone because he/she is not prone to listen to the other side. The debate then becomes all about him/her and nobody else can state anything kosher.

    Several tangential questions have been raised on Mr. Jackson Neal’s position about why he thinks Liberian intellectuals are doing a disservice to their country by not returning home to teach but I did not see any convincing comments posted by him.

    For instance, Messrs. Samolu and Attoh asked Mr. Neal how he felt about incentives, compensation of professors, the exercise of their academic freedom and a guarantee they would perform their duties and responsibilities in a non-highly, politically charged academic environment.

    Mr. Neal instead stated an hypothetical example that the London School of Economics ( LSE) would have given Dr. Pailey a compensation to teach in Liberia if she would have asked that institution. According to her, she recalled sometimes in 1992 post antebellum (after the civil war) period when the UN paid Liberian professors to teach at the University Of Liberia (LU).

    However, using these past occurrences for the points he is making is absurd. Why? LSE vis-a-vis the United Nations (UN) are two different institutions. What’s the proof LSE or the UN would unquestionably or automatically agree to fund Dr. Paley’s teaching tenure in Liberia today? None.

    So, the argument is fallacious to believe that because an incident occurred in the past, therefore it is absolutely bound to happen again especially when the circumstances that induced or caused its occurrence no longer exists; moreover, times have changed now.

    Mr. Neal concludes his argument by urging Liberians to celebrate achievers if their achievements can add value to the collectivity of society and not to themselves and their families.

    I am finding it hard to subscribe to this premise because in the first place, the family is the bedrock of all societies. It is society’s basic unit or foundation. In the family is found education, industry, benevolence, industry, philanthropy, religion, and so forth. Therefore societies, that place premium on family values, are vibrant as from the family flows the impulse of society. The impulse of society stops when the impulse of the family stops.

    So, by contributing to the vitality of the family first, the individual is therefore contributing to the growth and vibrancy of society as a whole.

    • Blandon Fahn Todee, it seems, Jackson. Neal sees the individual, family, nation, or society, no more than a fish can see the river bank!

  26. In the court of public opinion, every man or woman has a right to speak out. Jackson Neal wrote precisely how he felt about Dr. Pailey’s appointment at the London School Economics and Politics. Neal’s argument is straightforward. Neal argues that while it is admirable for a Liberian cognicenti to have been appointed to a professorial position at the prestigious LSC, it’s also a good idea for talented Liberian academics to teach at Liberia’s higher institutions. By doing so, Neal belives that our country’s universities will become competitive and vibrant. Neal argues that there’s a brain-drain in Liberia. Neal is right. Personally, I know of a good number of Liberian academics who have left Liberia to work elsewhere in order to make money. Neal (was, is) right!

    • Mr. Hney, look do not kill me with laughter regarding your conclusion that @Neal is right because a good number of Liberian academics who have left Liberia to work elsewhere in order to make [email protected]

      Mr. Hney, why is Mr. Neal happily and permanently resident in Minnesota as he has claimed on this site? Is it for saving souls that Mr. Neal is happily and permanently resident in Minnesota?

      Why does he not apply to go and take up assignment at Zwedru Multilateral High, Voinjama Multilateral High, or take up assignment viz whichever profession of his in any part of Liberia, instead of volleying criticism against young Liberians who are preparing themselves for the long term exponential growth of Liberian academia???

      Or better still,, do you think if Robtel were a daughter or some female relative of Mr. Neal, he would be making utterances based on A SHORT TERM? AND NOT ON A LONG TERM considering the age of this girl which in his Mr. Neal=s myopic mindset he, equates with old old KPAKOUS as Tipoteh, Amos Sawyer, or Dew Mayson?

      Neal or anyone sharing the view of Neal would be logical, were the situation been in the case of old old KPAKOUS as Tipoteh, Amos Sawyer,, or very old KPAKOU Joseph Boakai appointed as a professor at the LSE, or that other old KPAKOU rascal Sam Jackson who, ACCORDING TO HIM SAM JACKSON INSTEAD OF BEEN A LECTURER OR EVEN A PROFESSOR, has just gain admission as a student at the very LSE!

      As a nation, it is to our compelling national interests to never trust in a track thinking or a tunnel vision, but rather circumspectly look forward and upward to exponential long term growth whether in HUMAN RESOURCES, politics, law, the economy, or ACADEMIA!!!

  27. For crying out loud, unless Jackson Neal lives in Liberia or disabled, he is part of the “brain drain”. After all, the term refers to “emigration from a country of highly intelligent and trained citizens”. Congratulations, again, Dr Robtel Pailey, and hopefully you will one day lead UL, CUC, TUC , or even Liberia. Yes, I said it!

  28. Mr. True Nationalist,
    It’s good to laugh. You write like a good guy. I sincerely believe you’re good. I personally enjoy your arguments. That’s why when some people refer to you as False Nationalist, I rush to condemn that kind of mess. It is totally unnecessary for someone to be condemned because his or her point of view is different.

    Comrade Nationalist, earlier on when Neal stated that Weah is a “functional illiterate”, I immediately challenged him. I will not hesitate to challenge or express my disgust if I feel that you, Weah, Neal or anyone is being maligned wrongly.

    What I think Neal is saying is that Liberian intellectuals like you and others should go home in order to make our higher institutions competitive. He’s right. I was in Liberia last year. I wish I had meant Dr. Nelson. But I am trying hard to get in touch with him. I will, God willing. There’s something I can offer at the University of Liberia!

    On the issue of the University’s competitiveness, I think Neal has a point. Years ago when I was growing up in Liberia, the graduates of the UL were highly intellectual, debonair and respected. I would like to see a continued competitiveness of the University of Liberia and its graduates. I am not trying to disparage the UL. Never. Never!

    Let me give you a good example of the medical college of the University of Liberia. During the late 1960s and 70s, the medical college of the UL was the best in all of West Africa! The medical college was attended by Nigerians, Sierra Leoneons and other nationalities. That’s definitely not the case today. If the medical college were as good as it was, there would have been no reason for Liberian lawmakers to to go to Ghana in order to be treated medically. The truth of the matter is that the UL can regain its prestige.

    Second Example:
    During the Johnson-Sirleaf years, her government sponsored young Liberian men and women to obtain immigration training in Ghana.
    To me, that was a complete waste of money and a disgrace. By doing something like that, we make ourselves stupid in the eyes of the Ghanaians! The way I feel is this….Whatever training that the Ghanaians offer to our young men and women, the same can be done in Liberia at a cheaper cost. Furthermore, if and when the Liberians teach their own men and women in the area of immigration protocol, the money goes in the pockets of the Liberian instructors!

    If Neal is in the business of denirating Liberian intellectuals, I am not part of it. If he’s expressing his opinion, I support him for doing that. In the court of public opinion, every man and woman has a God-given right to speak out.


    • Comrade Hney, you are really right that its healthy to laugh! That is true! That is why I make sure to laugh many times as possible each day!

      For example, the first thing which had me floored the other day was hearing our man Jackson Neal saying everybody is stupid who were of the view that the appointment of Robtel as an Assistant Professor at LSE is a national achievement.

      Look, comrade, I really laughed. Jackson is a case in court. Everybody is stupid simply by they having an opposing opinion or a divergent view to his???

      My brother, when one asserts, he must demonstrate through actions which speak louder than words! That is, if Mr. Neal truly means what he is opining about Liberian academics returning home to contribute their quota to Liberian academe, he would not remain in Minnesota and volley insults against his fellow compatriots dedicating their sacrificial services as functional illiterates or those who disagree with him as stupid while he lays back in the white man country if I may use his dictions of his attempted race card!

      And then, worse of all, Mr. Neal finds pleasure in disparaging young people and women appointed in government. A typical example is when Jackson had the audacity to insult Davidetta Brown simply because she was appointed as the head of NEC. He displayed similar behavior when another young Liberian PhD holder Dr. Samora Wolokolie published his book. These are uncalled for behaviors! And this is inter alia why I have concluded that Mr. Jackson Neal=s behavior suggests he seems not to see more than a fish can see the river bank.


  29. The word I intended to use in the last paragraph is denigrating.

    My finger deserves blame because my finger gave you the word “denirating”. I don’t know what denirating means. Do you?

  30. Mr. True Nationalist

    What a very good point! I could not agree with you even more.

    Mr. Neal labels us, the Liberian people as a whole, as “stupid people” because some of us are refusing to accept the speciousness of his incoherent claim. Why does one have to go this far just to make a simple point?

    And even though I agree that in the sphere of public opinion everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but yet in the same token, everyone is not entitled to the facts. Just because what Mr. Neals says was his opinion does not make him right.

    The establishment of convincing facts, data, and proofs to back what an individual claims is what makes an argument right.

    If I were to tell Mr. Neal that he is right, am I not congratulating and thanking him for insulting our society collectively?

    He makes so many blatant claims in his comments against the members of the Liberian intelligentsia. Now, how can any individual tell this readership he, Mr. Neal, is right when such claims cannot be substantiated with facts?

  31. Mr.Blandon Fahn Todee, to be perfectly honest, I have just not been able to understand why folks cannot differentiate opinions from facts. And this is why in most cases, such folks swallow line hook and sinker to everything these rascals calling themselves reporters nd editors disseminate around here! But of course,, you bet we do not hesitate to swiftly debunk such craps on site!

    And this is inter alia why we do not relent to argue that if no one should be allowed to benefit from his own wrong whether in court or out of court, you bet, the duty of the just mind is to never give credence to ear splitting claims which cannot even pass the scrutiny of substantiation or the principle of verification.

    Accordingly, such claims (by Mr. Neal), including their accompanying insults against the rest of society, should be given a tit for tat and also be condemned forthwith, since in fact, they do not even qualify for any spot within the intellectual perimeters of A THESIS, THE ANTI THESIS, OR THE RESULTING SYNTHESIS!

    Mr. Neal will have to assimilate that added to the reality of the social scientific phenomena of THE LIFE WORD (one=s view point or opinion) and THE SYSTEM WORLD (the framework or context within which individuals act…ethics, traditions, customs, laws, morals, principles, norms, truths, etc. etc) can under no circumstance be metamorphosed to the other nor takes the place of the other. In short the life world which is one=s view point or opinion can never override nor be the same as the system world ..ethics, rules, etc.

    So, of course,, just as Monarchs and the Papacy,, in time, bowed to the Magna Carta, and the world assimilated the shift from a geocentric to a heliocentric understanding of the universe, and many have today returned to embrace the truth of the pre/existence of the soul…a doctrine banned by Constantine,, so too,, in time, most of our folks will have gladly assimilated that as you thunder forth here… that one=s entitlement to his own opinion(THE LIFE WORLD) is not an entitlement to facts. Nor does one=s opinion necessarily or automatically makes him or her right!


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