Dr. Moses Aims for 75% Ebola Survivor Rate


The head of the newly opened Ebola Treatment Unit, Dr. Soka Moses, has promised to do all he possibly can to increase the Ebola survivor rate to 75% at the center.

Speaking Friday during the official opening of the Ministry of Defense (MOD) ‘One’ Ebola Treatment Unit in Congotown, Monrovia, Dr. Moses said he believes that with the level of support and staff at the center, they are hoping to increase the survivor rate to 75%.

“The survivor rate at the John F. Kennedy Ebola Treatment Unit was 40% and we want this time to save more lives. Liberia needs more success stories from this deadly disease,” he said.

Dr. Soka Moses is the former head of the 24th Street John F. Kennedy Ebola Treatment Unit.  He said the new center was starting with the first 50 beds but expressed the hope that Liberia will continue to experience stability and further diminishing of the Ebola outbreak.

“We hope to have these facilities ready and working by the time Liberia is declared Ebola-free,” said Dr. Moses.

He emphasized that because Ebola is so highly contagious, health workers, hygienic technicians, doctors and security workers at the center are making sure that they are strictly observing all the safety measures while saving lives.

“We have close to 200 health workers, including staff, at this center. We continue to be on the frontline, making sure that lives are saved. Our health practitioners continue to make the necessary priceless contribution to their country,” declared Dr. Moses.

He said Liberia continues to see a reduction of Ebola cases thanks to people observing the prevention messages such as reporting suspected cases, washing-hands, avoiding  bodily contacts and suspending cultural burial rites, among others.

‘I want to call on all Liberians to continue to observe the preventive measures and keep safe from Ebola. Liberia can be Ebola-free if we observe the safety measures. As health workers on the frontline, we are aware of the importance of strictly observing these messages,” Dr. Moses said.

When asked about re-infection of survivors, Dr. Moses explained that since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in 1976, there has been no re-infection of Ebola survivors.  It is however, important, he said, that survivors abstain from sexual activity for two to three months.

Dr. Moses however warned that as the virus continues to change, we don’t know what may happen in time to come, adding that Liberian symptoms and signs are different from 1976.


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