Dr. Lartey Underscores Massive Transformation at AMEZU

The jamboree was the first of its kind hosted by the AMEZUAA and brought together several prominent members of the association

— Challenges Alumni Association to Unite and Support the University

The Acting President of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) has underscored that the administration has engaged in a massive transformation of the University.

Dr. Benjamin D. Lartey said AME Zion University is on the verge of completing the construction of a 20–classroom building at the university’s main campus in Vincent Town, Po River, Bomi County.

“The goal is to move the university to Po River in its entirety. Benson Street is too small to host the university and so we had to move very fast with the relocation exercise,” he said. The AMEZU president spoke in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, on Saturday, February 1, 2020, where he addressed a jamboree organized and hosted by the AME Zion University Alumni Association (AMEZUAA).

The jamboree was the first of its kind hosted by the AMEZUAA and brought together several prominent members of the association including Environmental Protection Agency Executive Director Nathaniel Blamah, NAYMOTE Executive Director Eddie Jarwolo, and Grand Bassa County Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh.

Also in attendance was Mr. Prince Conway, former president of AMEZUAA now comptroller of the University as well as Buchanan Port Manager Charles McArthur Goll and the vice president of Administration of the University Mr. Kaffah Kloh, amongst many others.

Dr. Lartey used the platform to thank the leadership of the AMEZUAA for initiating the jamboree and the Zion Dialogue, urging the association to unite and support ongoing and future development projects by the Administration.

“The university needs your support in order to achieve its goals of building its Po River campuses to relocate,” Lartey said.

The AMEZU president noted that it is unacceptable for the university to be struggling when it had graduated people who are prominent in society.

“We have gone through tough times as a university and we can’t afford to leave our best behind, and so we need you as we move forward. Let’s forget about the past… that was the past.”

“All we have to do now is join hands and work together to build our university,” the president said. Dr. Lartey emphasized that AME Zion University is on the verge of fully relocating to its 100-acre Po River Campus, adding ‘we can’t wait any longer.”

AMEZUAA president J. Deami Stewart congratulated Dr. Lartey for the innovation and for taking up his time to attend the jamboree in Buchanan.

Stewart noted that the clarification made by Dr. Lartey that the university is now moving forward for good has increased the beliefs and confidence of the Association membership in his administration.

“We as members of the AMEZAA are happy with the level of work being done thus far by your administration and we are willing to support your endeavor to make AME Zion University second to none,” said Mr. Stewart. According to report, the Po River Campus project by the Administration is nearing completion.

The buildings have been roofed, windows installed and floor tiles are being laid in the classrooms.

Lartey noted that the university has secured additional transporting vehicles for the administrative staff, teachers, and students. He said the university would move all of its operations by next academic semester.


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