Dr. Jones Warns Christians against Bad Leadership


The political leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Mills Jones, has warned Christians against bad leadership in the country.

Dr. Jones, who served as a keynote speaker at the Annual Laity Day 2016, held at the New Hope United Methodist Church’s Monrovia District Conference in Paynesville yesterday, told the congregation that in selecting a leader in the church or the nation, Christians and citizens should be cognizant of who becomes a leader.

Taking his message from Ephesians 4:11-12, Dr. Jones said Christians should not allow ‘children’ to become their leaders as that would bring shame to the nation. Dr. Jones said “If the Church does not have a good leader, it leads to nowhere.”

The MOVEE political leader said empowering citizens does a lot of things, including changing their statuses and putting them in a better position in the church and in society in general

He called on the church and the public to empower its members, stressing “good leadership matters.” He said the mission of the church is to win souls and also meet the needs of its members.

Dr. Jones said “I have come to believe that more has to be done to empower the laity or those I will call the people in general.”

On the theme: “When the Laity is Empowered,” Dr. Jones said it is important to empower members of the Christian congregation, which will make them “be on fire for the Lord.”

Quoting a passage from the Bible, Dr. Jones said the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts empowered Christians in those days, adding that empowerment should be both spiritual and physical.

Speaking earlier, the Conference Secretary, Rev. Dr. Isaac C. Padmore, said the church’s Laity Day is set aside every year for a non-pastor to preach to the congregation.

It was against this backdrop that the New Hope United Methodist Church selected Dr. Jones, who is a Methodist.

At the Laity Day program, Dr. Jones, Mother Annie Chukpue Padmore, Theresa M. Davis, John B.S Davis and Madam Cyvette Gibson were honored as ‘Special Laities of the year 2016/2017.’

They were honored for their contributions to the growth and development of the physical and spiritual lives of Liberians.

The program also witnessed a fundraiser for the construction of a new edifice of the New Hope United Methodist Church, located in the ELBC Community in Paynesville, and also brought together members of the Christian faith, including Atty. and Evangelist George Kailondo.


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