Dr. Jones Tussles Over Generator at Party Headquarters

The party Dr. Jones co-founded has suspended him indefinitely, pending an investigation into reports of misconduct on his part

A serious impasse between the standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, and the party’s assistant national secretary, James Roberts, has erupted over some of the party’s property in Monrovia.

The standoff involving Dr. Jones and his junior official ensued at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town over the weekend.

Roberts told journalists that Dr. Jones allegedly issued instructions ordering his security to break into the generator house and take possession of a 7.5 KVA generator that powers the building.

“He came in with his security guards to collect the generator but I refused to allow them to enter the powerhouse. While Dr. Jones and I were talking, the other security guard used a rock to destroy the lock on the generator house and he brought out the generator and attempted putting it in Dr. Jones’ car,” Roberts alleged.

He said: “I stood up tall and prevented them from putting the generator in the car and that’s how I got wounded in my leg by the other guard while tussling over the generator. I immediately called the party’s vice chairman, Dan Sayeh, who instructed me not to allow anyone to take anything from the party headquarters; and I followed his instruction.”

Roberts said his decision to prevent the security from taking the machine was also based on instructions from the party’s chair, Dee-Maxwell Kemayah.

He claimed that he hurt his back during the tussle over the generator with Dr. Jones’ security.

Robert noted that the said generator does not belong to Dr. Jones, alleging that it was donated to the party by chairman Dee Maxwell Kemayah and his wife.

“He was not the one that bought the generator for the party, it was the party chairman and his wife that bought the machine and donated it to the party,” he said.

Making an official statement on behalf of the party, MOVEE vice chairman for Press and Propaganda, Robert Sammie, said he was surprised to hear that Dr. Jones had gone to the party headquarters to retrieve the party’s property.

“There are procedures in getting things out of the party compound and there are people responsible for that, so it is disappointing to hear that Dr. Jones had gone to burglarize the headquarters of the party and take the generator,” he said.

It was reported that there are some internal wrangling between MOVEE officials and their political leader, Dr. Jones, ever since Kemayah, the party’s chairman, announced MOVEE’s pledge of support to the Coalition for Democratic Change for the runoff election.

But Sammie denied knowing of any internal wrangling within the party, saying if Dr. Jones had a problem with the majority of the party’s decision, he would have made a public announcement expressing his disappointment.

“Everyone in the party was not pleased with the decision to go to the CDC, but we had no option because majority carried the day and we are in a democratic era where decisions are made by the majority,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jones refused to respond to the allegation levied against him by the party when he was contacted, saying he had better things to think about and did not want to be bothered.

MOVEE obtained over 12,000 votes accounting for 0.8% according to official results from NEC.

The party has declared its support to the Coalition for Democratic Change of Senator George Weah, an action that is, according to insiders, apparently against the standard bearer’s choice.


  1. LOL! “Dr. Jones had gone to BURGLARIIZE the headquarters of the[his-own] party and take the generator”. Indeed Dr. Jones has better things to think about. He should be organizing Liberia’s Credit Unions; up grade the Su Su system. Liberia needs well organized CREDIT UNIONS in each County. We need the expertise of JMJ…

  2. ha,ha, laughable. if he had such vision and thoughts in ‘better things to think about’, he would had introduced a credible system for our economy. yes , a credit system to get rid of the rigged Lebanese LPA system that continues to steal from our poor people. Thank God he did not win. God is good.

  3. I have unlimited respect and profound gratitude to extend Dr. Jones for his indelible work done in the last 10yrs with the government of Liberia.

    Unfortunately, he was surrounded by veiled criminals and job seekers who terribly betrayed his trust in MOVEE. Hence, we also realized that Dr. Jones compromised his intellectual integrity on issues the public anticipated his response especially during the 11hrs of the 1st round campaign that would exposed the bad guys within the party.

  4. “MOVEE” is on the wrong side of history by supporting CDC; you need to support Boakai (Unity Party)… for prosperous and secure Liberia


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