‘Dr. Jones Not A “JJC”‘

Dr. Jones and running mate Dr. Reeves

 Eighteen Montserrado Communities endorse Jones

Eighteen communities of Electoral District #5 in Montserrado County who endorsed Dr. J. Mills Jones’ candidacy told thousands of his supporters that he is not a “Johnny Just Come (JJC)” to the fight against poverty or the recognition that Liberians must be empowered to build a strong and diversified economy.

Dr. Jones was petitioned over the weekend at a program marking the dedication of a special project named in his honor. The group said Liberians should not be fooled particularly when it comes to the fight to empower the citizenry and to lift them out of poverty, adding: “It is you, Dr. Jones, who we know as the torchbearer.”

“Until this election time, you were the lone voice and champion for lifting Liberians out of poverty and for taking steps to put the economy in the hands of Liberians. To those who are now preaching the fight against poverty, we say to them, this is not your area,” the group said.

The group said they believe in the vision of Dr. Jones and will ensure that he wins the presidency in October.

“We trust you because that is your area. And this election will be about trust, not empty promises. We believe that you will use those qualities of honesty, fairness, thoughtfulness, trustworthiness, to create a better balance between the high and the low, the poor and the rich, the doctors and the zogos, the big business people and the pepper dealer,” the group said in its petition statement.

“That is the reason why we the people of the 18 communities that make up District #5 in Montserrado County have come to pledge support to your candidacy to become Liberia’s next president come October 10, 2017.

“We want to assure you that we will campaign from door to door to make sure that our dream for you to be the next President of Liberia is realized…we are about to go on record to endorse Liberia’s best, innovative, charismatic and bold leader who is willing to take risks for the happiness of his people.”

The statement further said Dr. J. Mills Jones has worked effectively in every office he has occupied before throwing his hat in the race for president, adding that he is not just a Liberian with integrity and a good name, but also a son who has combined integrity with action to help lift Liberians out of poverty, as well as helping Liberian business people to play a more meaningful role in the economy.

Beyond every doubt, they said, Dr. Jones is the most qualified and best suited person in the race to become President of the Republic of Liberia. “This is because he has been there for the Liberians when he was in government, and he is still there with us when he is out of government. We believe that he will be there for us in the future, considering his past record,” the group added.

Several of the 18 communities are Police Academy, Swakamore, AB Tolbert Road, Bassa Town, Town Hall, Telecom, 72nd, Voka Mission, Swamp Side, Sand Town, Kpelle Town, Weh Town, Pacos Island and Red Light.


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