Dr. Casssell Foundation Donates 300 Bags of Rice, Cash to Group of 77, others

Dr. and Mrs. Cassell along with their Daughter at the program

A local charity organization, Dr. Cassell Foundation has donated 300 bags of rice, 200 gallons of cooking oil and L$100,000 to hundreds of less fortunate people, including physically challenged, visually impaired and Group of 77.

The donation was recently at the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) on Broad Street at the program marking the birthday celebration of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, President and chief executive officer of the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation.

Dr. Cassell Foundation is a Christian-based Company established in July 2020 that provides humanitarian aid work and funding in Liberia with the goal to assist the less fortunate, marginalized and disenfranchised citizens in meeting their basic needs.

Making the presentation, Dr. Cassell said his birthday wouldn’t have been successful without the presence of less fortunate people, including physically challenged, and visually impaired among others.

“I am a friend of the pro-poor and voice of the voiceless. I am the strength of the weak and the oppressed; therefore, your problem is my problem until your conditions are changed. I am glad to be with you all to celebrate my birthday today and I want to say thank you so much,” Dr. Cassell said.

Dr. Cassell indicated that he is always poised to follow God’s instruction as a messenger, stating “whatever he tells me to do, I obey and do it.”

“I visited communities years ago and did what I love doing the best. I did it quietly and I know you people remembered. For me, when my left hand does something, I don’t like for my right hand to know about it. I give God all the glory because everything that I am and all that I earned today is God,” Dr. Cassell said.

He told the beneficiaries that he will always be with them and help to make the difference that will improve their living conditions as a humanitarian and not a politician, indicating “I’m here to work for you.”

The Regional Coordinator of the Group of 77, Jeremiah B. Cooper said Dr. Cassell has since being the father of the less fortunate and visually impaired as well as physically challenged who usually shared with them.

“Today, I move with happiness and don’t even know what to say.  We have been advocating for people living with disabilities in Liberia with many of them living in rural parts of the country and again, we want to appreciate you,” Mr. Cooper said.

Mr. Cooper calls on Dr. Cassell to include the Group of 77 into his scholarship program as many of those with disabilities have the desire to acquire education, and skills.

National Outreach Coordinator of the Dr. Cassell Foundation, Pastor J. Ithamar G. Harding said the foundation continues to assist less fortunate, marginalized, and disenfranchised citizens in Liberia in meeting their needs.

Pastor Harding said foundation helps with medical services and medical supplies and also conducts need assessment and provides rehabilitation services.  

According to him, the foundation will cater to those who are interested in the agriculture sector, but unable to support themselves across the country.

“Today, our president/CEO has come to empower all citizens in our country and we have some people being employed with the Dr. Cassell Foundation. We have many people who are benefiting from our scholarship scheme,” Pastor Harding said.

He said the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation is committed to alleviating the struggles and needs of the poor and less fortunate, stating “the Cassell farm is operating.”

B. William M. Yarsiah, representative of the National Association of Disable Advocate lauded Dr. Cassell for the donation and called on him to always see the need to support people with poor living conditions.


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