Renowned Liberian Economist, Dr. Byron Tarr, Is Dead


Dr. S. Byron Tarr, former Minister of Finance, and renowned Liberian economist and writer died at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday night, October 7, at the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in Monrovia following a protracted illness.
He was in his 74th year.

Dr. Tarr served as Finance Minister in the Interim Government of National Unity, (IGNU) 1990-1992; Deputy Minister of Finance for Revenue, 1972-75; Transnational Corporation Affairs Officer at the United Nations, 1975-77; Controller General for Public Corporations, 1977-80; and founding partner, Development Consultants.

Dr. Tarr left his private business, Development Consultants, to serve as Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs in the People’s Redemption Council government, September 1981 to June 1982.

He is the author of numerous economic and financial publications, including a UN study titled “Taxation of Transnational Corporations: the Liberian Experience (1979).”

A 1966 graduate of Cuttington College and Divinity School (now Cuttington University), Dr. Tarr also took the Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois, United States in 1972, where he had obtained his MA in Economics in 1970.

His professional and government engagements included administrative assistant to the Special Commission on Government Operations (1967-68).

Dr. Tarr was married to Mrs. Anna Tarr, a professional woman of Nimba County and this marriage was blessed with four children, one of whom (Sidney) predeceased his parents. He was later married to Ms. Vera Gibson Tarr of Maryland County, another professional woman, who was at his bedside when he passed.

Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Vera Tarr, three children: Stanley, S. Bruce and Aimee; four grandchildren: Yahaira, Henry, Yasmine, Noah and Oliver; and other relatives and friends in Liberia and abroad. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.


  1. My condolence to the family of Dr. Byron Tarr. Also, my condolence to all Liberians at home and those in the Diaspora who have lost family members.

    Dr. Byron Tarr has left an indelible footprint in the sands of Liberia for his outstanding contributions to Liberia. May his soul rest in perfect peace and let eternal light shine upon him.

  2. My condolence to the family may your sold rest in peace.many thanks for your contributions to the world and Liberia.I met him when I was in collage in Savannah Georgia U.S.A

  3. I write with tears that Liberia has lost one of its most contributing indigenous sons and a leader of national prominence. A terribly determined, hardworking and most skillful architect of his beloved nation. His education came with great price for a native boy from the hinterland, leaving a legacy for all Liberians, natives especially. He loved his country and nothing could separate him from it.

    Well done, Dr. Tarr!! You have shined and shown us the way. Rest from your labor till we meet again.

  4. RIP Byron. You served your country and people very well. We always remember you. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family.

  5. One supremely dedicated public servant, and those who knew him well say he was a man not only of intellect and capacity, but also of convictions: a rare breed in our habitat. Sleep well, big brother, your earthly toil is done at last, not the jealousy of peers, nor the envy of lazy bones can hurt you now.

  6. MY condolence to Sis. Anna and the children who grew up with us at ELWA Academy and the International Church of Monrovia. May our LORD, the ONLY God who can console you, help you get thru this.

  7. Used biblical quotes to justify Christian affairs. For example, a leader of Providence Baptist Church is not the same as “all Christians”. Christians do help administer religious Liberian traditional cultural activities as was in the case prior to 1847. At this time the Liberian way was firmed on leaders of the church divided from state powers. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” Find ‘James’. The leader of the Church the Pastor brings the message from God. All Christians do not. He was conscious of the State from the Church. 1st Timothy 3… all that is required to be the Leader of a congregation with great rewards if so abide. This responsibility Cannot co-exist with, and very different from becoming a state leader. Lost is in state power, but will not work in the Holy Scriptures. He did put lost where it belonged.
    Wait for the result of Christ leadership.
    Do not reply this box. Let the Liberian people know.

  8. To the family of S. Byron I say sorry oh, he was a great man and I am proud to say he considered me as a friend; I still remember him, when he was he served as Comptroller General of Public Corporation and when I served as Managing Director of NPA, by suggesting how best I could serve the interest of the Agency in order to maximize the profits of said Agency. He was a true professional – he knew his stuff. Rest in peace, my friend, until me meet again. May God continues to bless the family by protecting you during these difficult times.
    Rest now my friend, you have acted well your part.

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