Doxx Betting Company Liberia Donates US$2,000 to COVID-19 Nat’l Task Force

Madam Mary Broh (second from right) flanked by executives of DOXX Liberia

DOXX, a sports betting company in Liberia, has joined institutions contributing towards the fight against the deadly Coronaravirus by reaching out to the offices of the COVID-19 national task force and donating the sum of US$2,000 or L$396,000 for continuous and progress fight against the COVID-19.

Branislav Lysonek, General Manager of DOXX Betting Company Liberia made the donation to the COVID-19 national task force and assured the task force of his office’s commitment to seeing Liberia succeeds in the fight against the COVID-19.

“Even though we have to endure lots of restrictions and protocols due to the Coronavirus, we have to stay together and defeat our common enemy now, the COVID-19,” he said as he handed the money over to Madam Mary T. Broh, head of the COVID-19 national task force.

He added that the present difficult lifestyle is tearing society down but the best way to live is to be supportive to practices and actions aimed at defeating the virus.

“The climate has been stable and we had our business ongoing without any hindrance. What we are going through now is a global crisis, not just Liberia. This is why we should think as a people of a collective mission directed towards helping us all to live in peace and and good health,” Lysonek said.

Madam Mary Broh, receiving the money from the General Manager of DOXX, said her office was grateful to the sports betting company for the donation and will use the money for its intended purpose.

“It is very interesting to have people in our society, despite all of the difficulties, who never give up in making contributions to causes of great impact. Wherever this amount has come from, may God replenish tens or hundreds,” Broh said.

She said even though DOXX had the right to have taken its money and pay the salaries of its employees or use it for some other reasons, the company saw the need to contribute to a national cause in the interest of everyone regardless of political, or economic background.

“You have taxes to pay, although there is health crisis. But you have done an honorable thing by sacrificing this amount for fighting our common enemy,” she said.

Broh assured DOXX that things will get better and the light at the tunnel will once again shine.

“Thank you. By all of us respecting the health protocols such as regular hand washing with soap and clean water and having social distancing, we will defeat this virus as we did in 2014 with the Ebola Epidemic,” she said.


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