“Don’t Underestimate the Peaceful Transition”

General Andre Cox and his wife Commissioner Silvia Cox at a news conference with some members of the Salvation Army church.

– Salvation Army General Urges

General Andre Cox of the Salvation Army Worldwide wants Liberians to choose a path of peace as their way of life.

Cox called on Liberians not to underestimate the peaceful transfer of power that was achieved recently through the democratic process which, he said, “manifests the blessing from God.”

Gen. Cox, who is visiting the country with his wife, Commissioner Silvia Cox, for the time to celebrate the 2018 Congress of their faith, made the remarks yesterday at a press conference in Monrovia.

Cox said every nation needs people with good morals and integrity, therefore, he believes that the peaceful transition in Liberia presents a clear picture of Liberians as good people to the rest of the world.

He said the good work of any government, including Liberia, cannot be proven within the shortest period of time, but through the years of services that will enable administrative structures to make the needed positive changes to develop the nation.

Cox reminded Liberians to pray for their political leaders, because there are many challenges when one leads an improvised country, adding that with the grace of God, everything is going to be possible.

He reiterated the theme of his message, ‘Don’t Underestimate the Privilege of a Smooth Transition,’ and added to it, “rather build upon that because there is a great potential.”

The Salvation Army is working in 120 countries, which makes it difficult for the General to visit every branch, but for Liberia, he said it is very important, because the country has experienced a lot of difficulties in human history, including the 14-year civil war and 2014 Ebola outbreak.

The Salvation Army general said despite all the problems Liberians are faced, “God has a special place for all of his children including Liberia.”

As a result of that, Cox said the Salvation Army has a history of going to isolated communities to to build good citizens for every nation that will face future challenges with confidence.

Cox, as the church’s world leader, wants to ensure that their operations in Liberia are properly meeting their obligations to the citizens.


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