‘Don’t Take Ambassador Weah for Granted’

Melvin Nuah "Ambassador Weah would surprise his critics..."

Clean-up campaign lead supervisor, Melvin Nuah: “We are not settling for six or twelve years.

Liberians and others who may not be seeing their way clear as the CDC led government of George Manneh Weah prepares to take the reins of power have been cautioned not to take him for granted on his campaign promises.

“He means well for this country and we are very certain that he will deliver beyond the expectations of his critics,” according to the party’s Zone 3 Cleanup Campaign team lead supervisor, Melvin Nuah, in an interview with the Daily Observer.

He said there is no reason why people should be in a rush for job opportunities as the CDC has projected 24 years of leadership to make Liberia a great nation. “We are not settling for six or twelve years. Our good job as a political institution will give the Liberian people the courage to keep us in power for about 24 years. We are sure that within a period of consolidated power we will see our country get to its true status yearned for by all citizens,” he boasted.

Team members at work during the CDC-led cleanup campaign

Nuah, taking a few minutes from the cleanup action for a brief visit to the Daily Observer offices on Tuesday, said that the CDC led government is known for its numerical strength among the youth population and therefore it should not be underestimated as it will get on the trajectory to succeed on its campaign promises.

Ahead of the January 22, inauguration of President and Vice President-elect George Manneh Oppong Weah and Jewel Howard Taylor, hundreds of young CDCian supporters have taken to the streets for a week-long cleanup campaign in a bid to give Monrovia and its environs a facelift.

Taking a tour of Paynesville yesterday, the Daily Observer learned from the youths that “they are carrying out the cleanup campaign without pay.”

Nuah, along with his co-supervisor Samuel K. Johnson, noted that their action should in no way be misunderstood to mean that they are seeking benefits from the hierarchy of the CDC after the campaign.

Co-supervisor Samuel Johnson: “We are committed to clean the city for the inauguration…”

Zone 3 comprises Montserrado electoral districts 3, 4 and 5, and includes Congo Town, ELWA, Duport Road, Pipeline Road, Red Light, among others. The project, which began on Saturday, January 13, is expected to end on Saturday, January 20.

“This is an initiative that we the young people under the general supervision of the national youth league headed by Jefferson Koijee have undertaken. We paid our own car fares to the various places designated for the cleanup campaign without any complaints,” Johnson noted.

He said the seven-day campaign is a sign of the youths’ preparedness to take responsibility in making the country they love become what they want it to be.

Some of the team members engaged in the CDC-led cleanup campaign

“It is quite true that there are high expectations but we are confident that we have settled for the best of results. Our campaign mantra ‘change for hope’ will be reflected in the lives of all Liberians. All we need to understand is that it will not come as an event,” he said.

Concerning their collaboration with the city corporations of Monrovia and Paynesville and their boroughs, Johnson said they are in close connection and sharing information with each other on how the right thing should be done.

“Even on Monday we were at the office of the Paynesville Mayor, Cyvette Gibson, and upon meeting her, she welcomed us and expressed the commitment of her office to help us to succeed in our endeavor to make our cities clean and beautiful,” Nuah added.

He said 400 young people are involved in the cleanup campaign in his sector and there are others who are spread across Monrovia and other cities and  are “truly sacrificing” and very happy to fulfill their commitment.

“So far, the national youth league of CDC is providing food and water for all of us who are participating in this campaign. Other than that, I am not sure that anyone of our members has made a demand for pay at any point in time,” Nuah said, adding that some of the volunteers are not CDCians, but lovers of Liberia.

Meanwhile, CDCians cleaning up the streets and the  Robertsfield Highway appear to be a first of its kind in recent history.

“Hundreds of young people involved in the cleanup campaign are truly sacrificing and very happy to fulfill their commitment.” -clean-up campaign lead supervisor, Melvin Nuah

It may be recalled that huge celebrations erupted in the streets of Monrovia and its environs on December 29 after the National Elections Commission announced Montserrado Senator George Manneh Weah and Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor as winners of the December 26 presidential runoff.

Weah will be inaugurated as Liberia’s 25th President. He and his vice president-elect, Jewel Howard Taylor, will be taking the helm of power from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Joseph Nyuma Boakai, who will be completing 12 years of leadership. 


  1. Well, I think, this is the young people’s time. The older guys were in for 12 years. However; the young people should be careful, not to be steered from the “BACK” by the old guys.

  2. Well I agree perfectly with Mr. Nuah that this is the time for the youth of Liberia. But I think Liberia does not need dinosaur presidents. Yes it worked in countries like Kenya, in the past; but the re precautions are there today, for us to see. The country is far advanced with greater majority of its population highly literate (educated). But there is always tension and unrest in Kenya when it comes to the question of who has legitimacy to political power, in that country. And it appears only two families have the right to the presidency in Kenya to date as it was in the past (the Kenyantas and the Odingas), even though there are a countless number Kenyans who are lawyers, medicals doctors and other high profile professionals.
    Twelve years are enough for any well meaning president to execute all his or her manifesto promises to his or her countrymen, if he or she must remain relevant to the people, at as the time they leave power. I think it is for that reason other democracies in our subregion (West Africa) are doing eight years maximum, for president. Ghana is example.
    In the case of Liberia if you ask my opinion, I will say twelve years are too much for one president to be in power continuously and, I think that’s why madam Sirleaf is having these last minutes problems. That shouldn’t have been the case, because it wasn’t her fault for being in power that long, but she was only fulfilling a constitutional requirement.
    Therefore I think it would be incorrect for some people to begin to say now, that the new president, my beloved and cherished mentor is contemplating on ruling Liberia for the next forty years. I personally take exception to that and I have no doubt that the New President does bot share the view of my brother, Mr. Nuah.
    I remember I reacted to a similar comment, in an article on this same media platform and, what I said was that, with the right people, having the right frame of mind, working with the new president, Liberia will continue to move forward, in the right direction that we want her to go.
    So Mr. president. look carefully around around you. Always strive to choose the right people for the jobs. It’s very important and I know you know that
    Good luck; our prayers are with you.

  3. This is the time for all Liberians, young as well as old. President Weah is 51 years old. He is not a young man. He has spent his time over the past years in preparing himself to assume this great task of nation building. Let us remember that you have to sit down on old mats to plait new mats. Let us, young and old join hands in working with our new leaders in building our beloved country. We join others in expressing our thanks and appreciation to Pres EJS and VP JNB for 12 years of sacrificial service to our country.
    God bless Pres Weah and VP Jewel, and save Liberia!

  4. One major correction. No one Liberian stops any leader from staying in power for a set length of time as long as the provisions of the constitution allows it by amendment said stay from the people who voted in these legislators. There are upheavals that need Legislative ratifications and adjustments. Presently the 1847 constitution not yet amended calls for a limit of 8 years in Presidential power. The Constitution of 1986 made changes against and some in favor after few decrees created by the PRC military code as result the soldiers take over. None of these constitutions did follow the founders intentions prior to EJR and after 1944. Regimes and tyranny extended on their own against the platform and promises of their activities. For example, W.V.S.Tubman Sr. stayed beyond his term without amendment, even though the common chief and elders, tribesmen kept him in, in their majority. Tolbert intimidated the soldiers Church to dictionary disciplinary religious power, failing to separate the Church from the State, which brought in a junta blood fight amongst military struggle, Under S.K. Doe thus introduced a civil war to a dictator, one of a slave trader’s adopted native who took his name now a prisoner’s name’ Taylor, to prolong power enslaving his own people until The World court jailed him for West Africa’s peace sake. Ellen Sirleaf, coming in, with a one term promise reneged on her promise yet with the 1986 constitutional 12 years of two terms instated, smoothen her corrupt officiating when the silent majority ordered her to meet the two term limit for the first time since actual Liberian democracy of 1943 and prior without the adjustment and sifter left to the now 54th Legislature. No President will no longer stay in power against the provisions of the Liberian constitutional time. We will not foster these universal violent changes in our laws anymore. Vote the out. Two sudden, they kill the nation’s merits and are not Liberian. Election and freedom of choice will be the remedy to our prosperous destiny. The people will be actually be told and can now see clearly after the no mercy of a civil war and as of now live in peace handling their own affairs.

  5. At the end of this Month, January 31, 2018 the smooth peaceful transition would have been completed. Wait for God’s time. Silent majority will still watch trouble makers. Do not reply my box.
    Gone in silence.


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