‘Don’t Be Complacent as Ebola Declines, Warns Market Woman

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A 55-year-old businesswoman is cautioning Liberians nationwide not to become complacent on hearing news of the decline in the deadly Ebola spread. Liberians should in fact double up and continue to strictly observe all the preventive measures issued by our health authorities, Madam Marvoline B. Smith admonished in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer in Monrovia recently.

Mrs. Smith, an importer of used clothing and a cross border trader for nearly 21 years, expressed concern that some Liberians and foreign residents have begun to abandon the Ebola prevention measures and return to the old ways of doing things in some parts of Monrovia.

Asked about what she made of the worrisome predictions in the international media, Madam Smith was confident that with “sustained determination, fortitude and resilience on the part of Liberians, those predictions will be proven wrong.”

“We can beat back all the terrifying and Judgment Day predictions given by international medical agencies, once Liberians adapt the appropriate behavior patterns throughout the country,” said Madam Smith.

“It is my fervent prayer that the newly constructed ETU facilities will not be used for massive admission of Ebola virus patients in the country,” Madam Smith said.

For the past three weeks, many holding, isolation centers and Ebola Treatment Units around the country have reported a steady decline in the number of suspected, probable and confirmed cases of Ebola patients. As a result, many Liberians are breathing a sigh of relief as the terrifying predictions of another Ebola surge continue to be deflated, thanks to the waning of infections across the nation.

In order for Liberians to remain alive and safe, Madam Smith advised that the Ebola prevention guidelines such as frequently washing hands, refraining from shaking hands and hugging should be strictly observed and that sustained and extensive public awareness should be prioritized throughout the country.

In a related development, several market women have pointed out the need for themselves to observe the vital Ebola prevention measures issued by the Ministry of Health and its partners.

“We are the second group of Liberians at the front lines, providing very essential services to the greater population of the country and we should be vigilant against the spread of the deadly Ebola virus,” Mrs. Martha B. Benjamin, one of the marketers, stressed.

Mrs. Benjamin cautioned market women in the country to handle with great care the various kinds of foodstuffs intended for the Liberian markets in all parts of the country.

“Let all of us work together as foot soldiers and drive the deadly Ebola virus from all parts of our country,” urged Mrs. Benjamin.


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