‘Dollar Rally Campaign’ Launched to Support Ja’neh

The fate of embattled Associate Justice Ja'neh hangs.

Hundreds of people in Nimba County, particularly those residing in electoral district #7, have begun donating whatever amount of money they could spare to support the defense team representing the legal interest of embattled Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja’neh, for his ongoing impeachment trial.

Of the total number of residents in the district, 257 people who recently contributed to the “Dollar Rally Campaign” affixed their signatures to a petition that called on the 54th Legislature, mainly the Senate, to put an end to the impeachment proceedings against the Associate Justice on grounds that the impeachment procedure is not legal but political.

Four of the signatories to the petition in persons of Joseph Menlor, Robin Kpaoayor, Obay Robin and the former City Mayor of Bahn, Madam Angie Dopoe, said the money they have raised and continue to raise will be used to help contribute to the payment of legal services the lawyers have rendered the embattled Associate Justice.

Although they did not state how much they have already raised neither did they say what their targeted amount is, Ja’neh’s supporters said they will not relent to do all they can in their capacities to stand by him in these days of his trials.

“We will sacrifice our little amounts we have to show our love for Ja’neh, who is one of us. He is from Nimba County, and we believe that supporting a son of the county for the right reason is a just cause; we will not fail to accomplish,” Madam Angie Dopoe said.

The constituents called on the county’s two Senators, Thomas Grupee and Prince Yormie Johnson, not to vote against Justice Ja’neh, since it is clearly understood, as said by Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman, that Ja’neh’s impeachment trial is a political one, rather than a legal trial.

With Article 17 of the 1986 Revised Constitution of Liberia considered, the residents, headed by Madam Dopoe, said they are frustrated over the ongoing political impeachment trial of one of their own kinsmen (Justice Ja’neh).

Article 17 of the 1986 Revised Constitution of Liberia states that “All persons, at all times, in orderly and peaceable manner, shall have the right to assemble and consult upon common good to instruct their representatives, to petition government or other functionaries for the redress of grievances and associate in political parties, trade unions and other organizations.”

“We strongly believe that Associate Justice Ja’neh has committed no impeachable offenses against the people of Liberia. What we know of him is that he has always stood, and continues to stand for the good of our nation that has been troubled and tried over the years, based on individual political motives,” the residents said.

The Nimba District #7 residents added in their petition that Justice Ja’neh is one who is always concentrated on rendering his just and candid opinions in cases before the Supreme Court and, as such, all he has done are “free from prosecution.”

“We, at this time, present this instrument petitioning our Senate through you our District Lawmaker, Representative Roger Y. Domah, to rally the signatures of our Senators Grupee and Johnson not to vote in favor of the current impeachment proceeding against Associate Justice  Ja’neh as planned by his detractors,” the petitioners said.

The impeachment proceeding against Associate Justice Ja’neh was put on the floor at the House of Representatives by two Montserrado County lawmakers on August 28, 2018, for alleged “misconduct and gross breach of duty” in keeping with the constitutional power assigned to the Supreme Court.

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