Does Weah Mean Peace When Fahngon Goes on Ranting?

Deputy Information Minister, Eugene L. Fahngon

“No name, no blame,” they say. But given the context in which a recent Facebook post by Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon was made, the Deputy Minister may once again be dangerously flirting with with words that could incite violence beyond the government’s ability to control.

Deputy Minister Fahngon has been twice reprimanded for his rude and unwholesome utterances. Once he was fined and jailed by the House of Representatives for raining expletives at a sitting member of that august body. Later, he was suspended by the President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, after the U.S. Embassy near Monrovia called him out for his public remarks that had the propensity to incite violence and up-end Liberia’s hard-earned peace.

Minister Fahngon’s post published early Friday, July 31, reads: “RACCOON SUPPOSE TO KNOW LE STICK TO CLEAN HIS BUTT ON…GO AND TRY PALM TREE AGAIN.  EHN YOU SAY DA YOU ALONE CRAZY?,” was posted the same day an angry mob in Grand Gedeh County last Thursday, July 30, 2020, attacked Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah and opposition politician Alexander B. Cummings in Zwedru.

The two opposition politicians came under attack by people believed to be loyal to President George Weah on a grievance that Representative Kolubah allegedly insults “Their President” and therefore he should leave the county.  The two men and their entourage were rescued by members of the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Liberia National Police in Zwedru.

As video footage from the scene of the attack on the two men went viral on social media, Deputy Minister Fahngon, who had once been temporarily suspended for making divisive and inciting comments on the radio and on social media, as highlighted in a concern raised by the U.S. Embassy in 2019, posted the comment insinuating the event that was taking place in Grand Gedeh County.

Although he did not name a particular person in the comment, social media users commenting have attributed his inciting view to Representative Yekeh Kolubah who was at the center of the attack by the people of Grand Gedeh.

With the public view that Representative Kolubah insults the President, analysts and other interpreters see the post as referring to Kolubah because the subject in the post is singular and the District #10 Representative was the target of the attack on the opposition in Grand Gedeh.

Commentators also see the post as referencing the people of Grand Gedeh as the palm tree that the raccoon (Kolubah) cannot disrespect and get away with it. In the Liberian colloquial, “Eh you say da you alone crazy,” directly referring to Kolubah whom loyalists of the ruling CDC have always described as a “Crazy former fighter.”

President George Weah for the first time, over the weekend, condemned political violence that has dogged his administration since he took office in 2018.  In a press statement from the Executive Mansion, the President is quoted as reiterating his objection and detestation of violence and unrest in Liberia, recalling that the country witnessed so much of it for long at the expense of peace and normalcy.

“If you love me, if you support me,” the President said, in the release, “please be peaceful and developmental. Remember that I promised people of Liberia that my administration will maintain zero tolerance for violence but will maintain peace, build roads, and improve the lives of all.”

It can be recalled that in Montserrado County Districts 13 and 15 by elections, violence erupted and opposition contestants barely escaped wounds and possible death at the hands of partisans of the Congress for Democratic Change were blamed for the actions. With the promise to investigate the violent incidents to bring the perpetrators to book, the government through the Ministry of Justice is yet to publish any report about them.

As the President — a self-proclaimed feminist-in-chief — registers his disdain for violence (even against women), there are so far no results to show that his messages of peace are heeded by his deputies.

Up to present, the Liberia National Police, which was investigating the electoral violence in Montserrado County Districts 13 and 15, have yet to release findings on those attacks. Moreover, those under attack in those districts were against female opposition candidates.

Minister Fahngon is on record for preaching Congau—Native politics, stating that descendants of Americo-Liberians cannot reclaim the country’s leadership any longer because it has come in the hands of the natives who are the legitimate owners of the land.

The Ministry of Information has sent out a circular informing the public that the government through the Ministry of Justice is launching an investigation into the Zwedru incident as called for by members of the Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus.

In spite of the President’s pledge to investigate the Zwedru attack on the opposition politicians, he has yet to call Deputy Minister, Eugene Fahngon to order for yet another slew of divisive and inciting statements that deviate from the intent of the President’s remarks.

The head of the political activist group, Council of Patriots (COP), Henry P. Costa, has reacted vehemently that they can by no means believe that the government’s investigation will yield any fruit, i.e. bring to book any key figures of the Weah administration implicated.

Since the Zwedru incident, members of the opposition community have expressed on both social media and the radio that they will not exercise tolerance any longer but will equally counter any violent action perpetrated by members of the ruling establishment.


  1. Fahngon has all rights to instigate violence because as an American citizen, Fahngon knows he can vacate Liberia when the fire starts to burn. This non entity has become part the elite of Liberia pand is drunk with power given to him by weah.

  2. Do you think the Minister of Justice would arrest (or even interrogate) Mr. Fahngon for making a threat against an elected government official (Rep. Yekeh)??? So far, we haven’t a heard a word from the Minister. Hey, is the Minister suffering from laryngitis again or he lacks the testicular fortitude to arrest Mr, Fahngon?? I think the latter is true!

    • Martin Scott, you blunder when you express and or imply that when an elected government official (eg. Yekeh Kolubah, or Darius Dillon) makes threat against the most senior government official (the President Dr. Weah), “its mere criticism from a critic of the President.”

      But according to you, when the Deputy Minister of Information throws jives or even makes similar or identical threat against an elected government official who is notorious for lawlessness, vandalism, hooliganism, banditry, war crimes, and other acts unbecoming of a lawmaker, “the Minister of Justice should arrest (or even interrogate) the Deputy Minister of Information or anyone making threats against an elected government official.”

      Your disposition on this matter is beyond narcissism , and nihilism.

      • True Nationalist, why are you putting words in my mouth?? Have you ever heard me say that “its mere criticism from a critic of the President.” when Rep. Yekeh Kolubah, or Senator Darius Dillon) makes a threat against the President?? If so, please provide proof… If you can’t, you’re a black liar!!

        • when the fifth grade teacher was teaching a lesson on Quotation marks, True Nationalist was throwing dice under the palm tree.

    • Your Deputy Minister of Information Eugene Fahngon; yes, is a bureaucrat any administration needs at such a ministry! But he cannot be me.

      For that face (Eugene Fahngon´s), I see, is simply young enough to be one of my sons.

      You see the Edwin Snowe you see so big today; his father and I worked at the Mano Mines. And when Edwin was born, his father brought our cigars the following evening at club valley, the recreation center.

      Counter comments if you can. And desist from such waste of time.

  3. The Daily Observer

    The Daily Observer asks, “Does Weah Mean Peace When Fahngon Goes on Ranting?” The answer is no. If Weah truly meant peace, Fahngon, who is one of his GOL prominent mouthpieces, would by now disengaged himself from sending out such incendiary and contradicting comments across social media.

    Fahngon’s behavior gives credence to the accusation that Weah throws stones and hides behind his minions. When I heard this kind of remark about Weah at first, I discarded the statement as bogus and an attempt by the opposition to soil Weah’s image.

    But after several public utterances by Weah himself particularly the ones made against, Ms. Telia, a former senatorial race candidate, and the near-death experiences she encountered as the results of Weah’s anti-Congo rhetoric, I have long since had a change of mind that Weah was serious about peace and genuine reconciliation.

    Fahngon’s fiery and inciting statements are a reflection of the rage that boils in his boss, Weah; nevertheless, he, Weah, is unable to express this rage in the fullest glare of the public because he is the president and does not want to be seen by the people as being tribal and possessing high propensities of causing tribal divisions and unrest among the people.

    The insidious tribal politicians and their gullible constituencies will cause the fall of Liberia. We thought the death of 250,000 of our brothers and sisters was alarming. However, let’s hold our breath as the second round, which this administration is brewing for us, will be even more alarming!

  4. FYI. June 2019 George Weah said “If you think you can insult this president and walk in the street freely, it will not happen. And I defile you,” he said.

    He made the statement when he dedicated the newly constructed Duport Road Market in Paynesville. I guess the committee need more evidence as to who is ultimately responsible for the Gr. Gedeh mob attack. Look no further than the Executive Mansion.

  5. Blamah Zoebohn Price, Liberia is one of the few countries in which ethnic politics has no base or space! So those who may cause the fall of Liberia after the twelve years presidency of Dr. Weah, are you apologists of oligarchy and advocates of “philosophers as kings”.

    The histories of your REBEL Popular Democratic Front (PDF), ACDL, AND NPFL, are solid evidence and proof of the above. Were the founders, leaders, and financiers, of these menacing rebel bandit groups ” insidious tribal politicians and their gullible constituencies”?

    No, they were your devious REBEL Popular Democratic Front (PDF), ACDL, AND NPF, comprising mainly you apologists of oligarchy and advocates of “philosophers as kings.” And you know it! Were it tribal politicians who divided the country into two provinces – the Gbarnga bandits in Gbarnga, and the Banjul Bandits imported to Monrovia???

    Your attempt to impute any tribalism on Dr. Weah is simply cannot pass the scrutiny of practicality, rudimentary intelligence, or commonsense; since those who call the shots within the Presidency, the Congress of Democratic Change, and with the Coalition of Democratic Change are clearly not from the Presidentś tribe, but actually from either the Congaus or other tribes.

    And you know it; just as you should know that a ministry of information IS NOT an office of the press secretary who is caught in crossfire; hence must subsume his own personal views, for everything within the Executive Mansion must be political.

  6. Your attempt to impute any tribalism on Dr. Weah is simply WRONG, DEVIOUS, AND TREACHEROUS, and cannot pass the scrutiny of practicality, rudimentary intelligence, or commonsense;………

    • Eh the Congau man and the Americo Liberian man not in power anymore. Where is Liberia? THE POOREST NATION ON EARTH. You can hate the Congau man but he put food on your table. George Weah witll cook the food but you will not sit at the table and eat (space is reserved for Fahngon, Tweah, Mayor Koijee, Minister Nagbe etc.

      We the native people are the rulers of Liberia. We have the IIC (idiot in chief) , the vp who husband is a felon for capital crimes, finance minister who cannot add, information minister who promotes violence, city mayor of Monrovia who was renting a room now he has a $100,000 house. Wow , the say congau man can steal but Native man will steal from his mother.

  7. Silly journalism to say the least. I am right here in Monrovia and an article is written without even contacting me for my side……..or to basically ask for the interpretation of what I posted.
    How do you balance your story as a responsible journalist ?
    The entire article is garbage and far from the truth. Continue to exploit the ignorance of the uneducated ones; for indeed we are here to enlighten our people consciously.



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