Doe Community Appeals to Public Works

Some of the deplorable road conditions in the community

Residents of Samuel K. Doe Community on Bushrod Island have appealed to the Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) to recondition the road leading into the community.

The deplorable road condition is causing serious embarrassment to the community, interviews conducted yesterday have revealed. Many said the poor road condition has made life difficult in the community and that, several attempts to get the national government to rescue the residents have yielded no positive results.

“The danger is that whenever any resident is sick, we don’t have the means to rush the person to the hospital, because vehicles are not available here,” resident Josiah Cooper said.

There are deep potholes filled with water due to heavy downpours. “We are not happy about this road. As a result of the deep potholes, we have to trek long distances because vehicles have stopped coming here,” a female resident said.

“We worry about the condition,” one marketer said. “There are many large potholes filled with muddy water. Traveling on a motorbike from one area to the main road means you need to stop somewhere to clean yourself, which means changing your clothes as soon as you enter central Monrovia.”

“Tricycle operators have hiked their fares as they complain that the road damages their engines,” said Stephen Moore, youth president of the community.
Moore added that the poor road condition has made it difficult for the district to engage in projects to enhance the lives of its residents.

“We have come a long way as a community, and we have now seen for ourselves the power of sponsoring and winning an initiative.

“At least for the first time in our history, we have initiated ‘Our Road, Our Responsibility Project’ which was proposed by our leadership to recondition the road for ourselves,” Moore said.

“We’ve hired pickup trucks and are mobilizing citizens to gather crushed rocks and sand to fill in the road because we are tired waiting on the government,” Moore said.

A female student resident asked why the MoPW did not consider it urgent to rehabilitate the road, especially during the dry season.

Doe community is in District #14 and represented at the Legislature by Abraham V. Corneh, whose office told the Daily Observer that he is aware of the prevailing situation and promised to rehabilitate the road.


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