Doctor Advises LNP Officer Kardamie to Seek Treatment Abroad

Flashback: Officer Kardamie treats wounds he reportedly sustained from his attackers.

Mark Kardamie, the police officer who was reportedly flogged allegedly on orders of his superior, John M. Saah, has been advised by medical doctors at the St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, in Monrovia, to seek further treatment preferably outside of the country. Commissioner Saah was later charged and subsequently forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution, a process he is yet to face.

The incident allegedly took place on March 26, 2018, when Kardamie said he was severely flogged by Police Superintendent Kais Sampson, Chris Doe and Rodney Macauley of the Major Crimes Unit on the alleged order of their superior, John Saah.

A medical report dated August 10, 2018, under the signature of Dr. Senga R. Omeonga, MD Attending Physician, a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, advised Officer Kardamie to travel abroad for management of his condition, “because he needs CT scan, MRI and neuropsychiatric (brain) evaluation.”

A CT scan, also known as computerized tomography scan, according to medical science, makes use of computer-processed combinations of many X-ray measurements taken from different angles with the help of Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to produce cross-sectional images of specific areas.
The doctor’s document explained that Officer Kardamie was seen in the hospital outpatient department (OPD) on April 4 this year with a complaint of “generalized body pains, severe headaches in the neck, as well as his left otorrhagia (bleeding from the external auditory canal of the ear) consecutive to a physical assault he sustained on March 26, 2018, by fellow police officers,” said Dr. Omeonga quoting the patient.
According to the record, Kardamie was treated for generalized body pain contusion, and later recommended for follow-up in the OPD.
The report said that on July 6, Kardamie went to the OPD where he had been diagnosed of “falling off, amnesia seizures and disorientation,” and recommends that, “the patient will need to travel abroad for management of his condition. He will need CT scan, MRI and neuropsychiatric evaluation.”

Before the hospital’s recommendation, Kardamie had claimed that he was severely beaten in 2016 by Superintendent Kais Sampson, Chris Doe and Rodney Macauley of the Major Crimes Unit.

The incident occurred when he and Sampson transacted the sale of a Black Camry vehicle for which Sampson refused to pay.

Sampson’s refusal, Kardamie further alleged, resulted to his lodging a complaint against Sampson to then Police Inspector-General Gregory Coleman and the LNP’s Professional Standards Division.

His complaint against Sampson prompted his flogging by the officers, leaving him to sustain serious injuries in the head.

In his complaint, Kardamie claimed that John Saah had also accused him of being in “extra-marital affairs” with his fiancée (not named), an allegation Kardamie denied.

“Because of that, I have been humiliated and subject to torture by those senior officers,” Kardamie’s letter to Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee alleged.

Kardamie explained further that in 2016, while on his way home from the United Methodist University (UMU), where he is enrolled, before reaching the Ashmun Street’s Metro 2 Police Depot, Police Superintendent Sampson approached him and inquired whether he had received his money from the LNP’s Professional Standards Division, where Kardamie had complained about his (Saah’s) refusal to pay for his vehicle.

While he and Sampson were conversing about the transaction, Kardamie claimed that Sampson swore not to pay him a penny.

Afterwards, Kardamie alleged that Sampson gave orders to the other officers to get him out of his sight, “because I was disturbing him, so they beat me unmercifully.”

At that moment, Kardamie claimed that one of Sampson’s bodyguards, identified as Mack Kollie, held him from the back, and they started beating him right in front of Sampson, who stood there without saying a word.


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