‘Do Not Mind Opponents’ Distractive Tactics’

Pres. Weah; "Opposition are vex because we have achieved more than what they failed to do in 12 years."

..Pres. Weah tells citizens

President George Weah has called on partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and all well-meaning Liberians to remain resilient in the face of “vicious opposition machinations, and trickery” to divert attention from ongoing national developments, the Executive Mansion said in a release.

According to the release, the President made the comment when he addressed a gathering of CDC partisans on Friday, May 17, 2019 in New Kru Town, where they gathered for primaries to choose candidates for the Montserrado County Senatorial and District #15 Representative By-elections.

He described the planned June 7 peaceful protest as a “ploy shrouded in hypocrisy only to distract Liberians’ attention from many positive interventions his government is making to improve lives and develop the country.”

The President questioned the moral justification, and significance of street protest being organized by detractors under the pretext of “Save the State.”

President Weah acknowledged there were challenges in the economy, which he said his government is endeavoring to make better,” but those, he said, do not amount to the collapse of the state.

He assured Liberians that the country under his leadership will never experience division and stagnation, rather prosperity.

According to the President, his one and half years of leadership have been focused on fixing the systemic economic and social problems, which the past administration left behind.

“Yes, there are challenges, but what we are doing here is to cover the dark holes that have been dug,” he said in reference to the efforts the government is exerting to get the economy back on course.

“Today, they are accusing you for the economy that was bad under their leadership,” President Weah said amid cheers from the partisans. “But let me say that the only reason any Liberian will get into the street is simply, because they were defeated and don’t want you to lead.”

He observed that the planned June 7 “peaceful protest” was a mere display of frustration against the CDC-led government for performing to expectations far more than what those, who led for 12 years could not do.

President Weah told the CDCians at the D. Twe High School Square that he is a “unifier, who is not distracted by the opposition’s machinations intended to divert my attention.”

“What they are doing is to stop you from doing what you are doing,” he said further.

“It is intended to stop you from paving the community roads; connecting the country with paved roads. They do not want to see you modernize the huts of poor people, who have been living in squalor since the founding of the country. It is to stop you from improving the education system,” he added.

Weah told the partisans that the government is giving opportunities to Liberian-owned businesses in keeping with the “Liberians-will-not-be-spectators-in-their-own-economy” promise.

He called on the partisans to stand together during these trying times to lend support to candidates that will contest on the party’s ticket during the upcoming by-elections.

President Weah described Montserrado as the stronghold, heartland and cherished territory of the CDC, which must be shown during these elections.

He urged all CDCians to come out and support their candidates against any opposition candidate to prove the party’s supremacy in Montserrado County.


  1. this is the only time the President can address people. where was he when the GAC report came out. did he speak to the masses? when the 49 miners died did he speak to the masses? when does the president of a nation speak to the masses? this is reserved for CDCians only while the nation rots in hell and he builds mansions.

    • Why not show your face? Last night you had your real name when I read that post and you changed it to concerend Liberian? You will be concern for 12 years.

  2. Wow! What has the president done since the audit reports from the GAC came out? I expected him to address the nation about this very report because it was very damaging to his administration in pursuit of combating corruption as promised to the Liberian people. Instead, there he is addressing CDCians in new kru town. This tells me that, CDC is more important than Liberia that they claimed they care about. Without Liberia, there will be no CDC so president Weah need to act like a leader and stop the partisan BS because he was elected to governed Liberian and not CDC and CDCians. Is Samuel Tweah and others untouchable to be prosecuted or just another insult to the Liberian people for being too quiet? Where is the leadership of president Weah in such a pivot point of decisions making to discourage others government officials from corruption? This means is OK to corrupt and corruption is slowly killing the future of Liberians and Liberia as a nation if nothing is done now to deterred people in authorities about stealing state funds. The magnitude of corruption in Liberia need to be treated as Liberia most wanted enemy, meaning, it need to be punishable by long term jail sentence or life time depending on the merit. Today, corruption in Rawanda has vanished because of the government approached towards it. They have declared war against corruption and look how progressive their country has become and here we are in Liberia embracing it. Liberia will remain a poverish nation until war is wage against corruption, I means serious war and crack down. We all knew just what Robert Sirleaf did at NOCAL and here our country rewarded him an ambassadorial position for corrupting state funds. Sooner or later, we will crash if we don’t put Liberia first. J. Ark

  3. This Weah guy is a pure joker! He’s not capable of speaking to the entire Liberia but goes to his party and claimed to be doing better than the previous regime whilst Liberian continue to suffer hardship? what an irony, “Liberia is indeed in a big mess”. Shame on those that voted for this man.

  4. The president says that his party has only been in office for 1-1/2yr. almost, and it has achieved more than Ellen’s 12-yr. administration. To that, I gave an unqualified and absolute yes.

    Why? President weah has achieved a lot in terms of the degree to which he has pillaged, devastated and plummeted the economy, and reversed the little gains of the past administration.

    Bravo Mr. President! Keep on stealing; hoodwinking the Liberian masses, and praising yourself for a job well done.

    Not in all dialogues that the speaker needs to state minor premises in order to prove the validity of his assertions because all the listener needs to believe or not to believe what the speaker says, is just to look around and he or she will see and hear the evidence from the mouths of the ordinary people themselves.

    And so this is one of those instances that I choose not to go at any extra length to dispute the president. It will only be a waste of my time as the Liberian people have been entertained to a very rude awakening, and they are finding out fast what this president is all about by now.

  5. Perhaps, if many of us stop concentrating on ‘well said’ and focus instead on ‘well done‘, the rush to judgment will end. The truth is that during tempestuous times what a Head if State, whether Trump of the US or Marcon in France tells partisans and tells nation are different in purpose, scope, substance, tone and delivery. GMW will address the Liberian people on the GAC aspect of an investigation which stoked orchestrated smear campaigns and birthed a sort of June 7 Movement. The way he handles it determines his leadership skills and gives him a ‘well done’ moment many are rooting for.

    Moreover, by acknowledging the existence of “distractive tactics … to divert attention from ongoing national developments”, it is incumbent on GMW to navigate them through a positive and impactful national address. After all, the detractors have nothing to lose: He has. Because a scared population expect him to end a national crisis which also undermines an economy on the ropes. Like I said elsewhere, a compromise on the organizers’ demands might be an assurance to all peace-loving Liberians that their Leader got it right all along – detractors want to hold back progress.

  6. The statement by President Weah at CDC’s rally clearly undermines the spirit of leadership and unity of the Office of the Presidency of Liberia and shows his political immaturity. At this critical time when the President is supposed to be exhibiting serious, mature leadership to unite the Nation and make every effort to dissuade the leadership of COP and the Liberian people from protesting against bad governance, he’s spreading hate and divisive political rhetoric.

    This brings me to the point that the President was deceptive for firing his Deputy Information Minister for hate and divisive messages, when he’s doing the same. The truth is that if the American Embassy had not called our Mr. Eugene Fargon for his inflammatory hate and divisive messages, he would have still be serving at the will and pleasure of President Weah. The only achievement this President can proudly boast about is massive institutional robbery of the Liberian people’s money and the looting and selling of Liberia’s assets with impunity by this President and officials of his administration.

    This Weah fellow is a shameless criminal and PYJ was right on points initially, when he told us in a tel-conference prior to the Presidential run-off elections that, Weah’s Presidency will bring war to this Nation. He went further to say that Mr. Weah has wasted all of his 80 plus millions he earned during his soccer days and if elected President, he will steal the Liberian people’s money to replace what he has wasted. Unfortunately and for some strange reasons, PYJ joined Weah soon after his visit to Nigeria. This too, is Liberian politician. They can never be trusted due to their appetite for greed and self-preservation.

    • Weah presidency will not bring war but it will bring war crime court to grab your political Godfather and send him to the Hauge. PYJ talk all the nonesense about Weah and he was purchased for cheap dollar so you cant even compare him with any sound minded citizen. Sometimes when you dont have anything to say, dont say a word. The president can campaign for his party just like it is done everywhere around the world.

  7. The Protest to Save the State of Liberia:
    When an economy has collapsed or in depression, how well leading protestors are prepare to help with the recovery? The fourteen years of war was depressive. It will take sound policy timetable for any new leadership to bring this to full recovery of 1979 or better. The correctness is positive rational analysis innovative timetable that will prepare everyone for full participation, not rioting because rioting brings about destruction, malice, segregation, less recognition and revenues.
    Now, those that are focusing as head of this protest, what are your mathematical analysis for saving the state? Have you brought in more doctors and equipment, water supply, electricity, agricultural activities, and others? If so, please show us what you have done? I know of Trokon Glay in Marshall that is doing positive things.
    I remembered and will paraphrase, John Morlu, CPA, former Auditing General of Liberia stated in one of his analysis: “that Liberia was one of the most corrupt nations.” What did ECOWAS, African Union, UN, IMF, World Bank and United States say about that? In 2009, when we sat with the late Congressman Donald Payne, Sr. to discuss TPS/DED and residency for Liberians, he stated in his remarks that the Liberian government was given $400,000,000.00 for electricity (I did not see the actual document from the US to Lib.). What happened? There will always be corrupt individuals (big or small) but we must do our best to recognize, weed out, prosecute and recover the nation’s wealth.
    Therefore, to compile our data in this new mediation process should show timetables for forensic quarterly and yearly audits for our actual production capacity development. Using arbitration by appealing to authorities is not a positive way for our household (our people are waiting for food, shelter and clothing). I believe, until the authorities (branches of government) failed to heal to these quarterly and yearly outputs without reasonable analysis, positive arbitration could be a way of the awakening process. To abruptly, use this method, tells me that common sense and education are not doing well for many. We must not use our inner temperaments as a way of decision making because it could be destructive, like an abusive personality of a parent. Therefore, this process of saving the state must be positive innovated before implementation. I want you to always have peace in your hearts for Liberia and its people.

  8. Tony Leewaye,

    You’re the bloody “shameless criminal”; go and join mJune 7 protests instead of staying safe abroad and spewing the old incendiary rants.

    • You will always find crazy and stupid people on social media. The man is giving credence to PYJ over Weah when PYJ was purchased for chep dollar to take Weah to Nigeria and Nimba County. He is calling Weah criminal and protecting murderer and criminal Prince Johnson. He is shameless to say that about Weah but we will push the War crime court for Liberia so that his leader, PYJ can moved to the Hague for his final home.


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