DJ Master Queen Grabs 2018 African Virtuous Women Award

DJ Master Queen receives the 2018 Virtuous Women Award from Rep. Munah Pelham Youngblood

By Ebenezer Saah Davies

Recounting her resilient effort throughout Liberian arts and culture industry, Grace Hawa Weah, preferably called Master Queen, has been conferred the 2018 “African Woman in Media” Award for promoting indigenous art and culture in the society and beyond.

She grabbed the award along with four other Liberian females, including Benita W. Urey, Co-owner of Liberian Influence, Mrs. Yeebahn, President of the Liberian Marketing Association, Hon. Munah Pelham Youngblood of District # 9, and Morrinna Gbessagee, a designer and human rights activist, all of whom had shown a remarkable contribution to the development and empowerment of women in their diverse area of specialization.

Days after Master Queen had been notified of the award through a formal communication, she alerted her fans. “I woke up to this other achievement guys. I am so excited to announce that I have been selected as one of the Liberian women to be honored at this year’s African Virtuous Women Award in Nigeria,” she said.

The Award Ceremony, organized by the African Virtuous Women Organization, was held at the Women Development Centre, Abuja, in early September this year.

The Organization, as part of its plans, recognizes women who have gone beyond their own strength and limits in a considerable manner by helping humanity to be self-reliant and productive. Their work has consistently honored and reflected great African female achievers, from African leaders, community builders to captains of industries across the continent. The award ceremony has fast become one of the biggest gatherings of influential and virtuous African women on the continent.

This year’s edition of the award attracted recipients from Uganda, Liberia, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria, among others, who have dedicated themselves in different areas of endeavors, including founders of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), philanthropists, human rights activists, musicians/actresses and a host of virtuous women who have rendered selfless service to humanity.

Master Queen, who was seen in a sky-blue dress, bore a smile that could reflect her endless courage and effort that have seen her become the mother of contemporary entertainment in Liberia, and someone may have watch the program could have seen her bold steps taken to promote arts and culture in the Liberian society throughout her sojourn.

Remembering her words when she was questioned about future plans on our platform in March of 2014, she said her plan was never to restrict her work to Liberia. Instead, she wants to promote Liberian entertainment all over the world. These words have shown her passion, adding sufficient taste to her work, and her presence and contribution as a radio personality ignites the passion of more young Liberian girls to follow in her footsteps, whatever their chosen career.

In response to the award, she has expressed gratitude. “I’m so proud to have been honored by the African Virtuous Women Awards for my contribution towards arts and culture in our society,” she said.

She further extended thanks to all her supporters for their long standing support rendered to her upon receiving the award, with specific reference to the Liberian media for the recognition.

“God has been good to me… 2018 is definitely a good year for me, and trust me, this is just the beginning,” she said, assuring more performances in her field.

The award was presented by Hon. Munah E. Pelham-Youngblood, Representative of District #9, also a staunch supporter of Liberian arts and culture, which brought her to prominence in the Liberian society and the world.

Grace Weah, a.k.a. Master Queen, holds a stunning and intriguing personality in the Liberian entertainment realm. As hot as her name goes, Master Queen she is widely known for her DJ techniques and skills, and currently runs one of the hottest radio shows on Hott 107.9 FM dubbed “Grace the Occasion”. Master Queen is highly appreciated by Liberian artists around the world. Also, as a model, she holds Miss Sayon Town, Miss Bushrod Island, Miss Mama Point and District 1 first runner up under her belt, including many recognitions and awards for her contribution made to the Liberian Entertainment Industry. Indeed, Grace Weah has become a household.


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