‘Divisiveness Amongst Liberians Must Stop’

Madam Angelique Weeks Lay leader, RMUC, spoke during a sport tournament in commemoration of the church's 140th anniversary in Crozierville.

…Says Angelique Weeks, former LTA Chair

The former Chair of Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA), Angelique E.Weeks has called on Liberians, particularly Christians, to end divisiveness amongst Liberians.

She said divisiveness amongst Liberians has the propensity to undermine the future growth development of any good nation. Madam Weeks said nowadays the issue of divisiveness has been an age-old problem in the country which she said has further extended to the church and must be resisted before it becomes the order of the day for the next generation.

“I am sensing division in our country based on people’s tribe, political affiliation and religious affiliation. Liberian people need to put that behind and look at each other as Liberian first and Liberia first,” she noted.

Madam Weeks made these remarks shortly after Sunday service on October 20, 2019, at a program marking the 140th-anniversary celebration of the Reeves Memorial United Methodist Church in Crozierville, Montserrado County.

She said for there to be significant progress in the country, as well as the church, Liberians should stand on a firm foundation by working together as brothers and sisters. She added that Liberians and believers of Christ from various denominations must do away with divisiveness, which is coming up in real strong force in the country.

Madam Weeks, who currently serves as Lay Leader at the RMUMC, noted that it is very difficult for a nation to develop in the absence of unity. “How can the church grow and expand the reach of the gospel when the division among citizens is growing every day?” she asked.

“It is about time, to come together as a church to battle this crippling and dangerous virus called division to save the country and the church.”

She said while it is true that people want to be united, there is still division in every quarter of the society, something which she said is considered a challenge to the church, not only bringing together people who have different views but all

Madam Weeks, however, frowned on those who considered certain group of Liberians as Congo-Man or Americo Liberians, adding that history has proven that Liberia has 16 tribes, above all, we are all Liberians,” she stated. “The only way you can truly love yourself is to love others. If not, you are doing yourself a disservice.”

She is optimistic that if believers in Liberia are built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ, the future of every Liberian will be brighter than what it is today. According to her, one of the most important things that Liberians need is to be good to one another, having particular goals and objectives as Liberians and based on service to others.

“One of the things about the RMUMC is that it is made up of congregation of people that are indigenous to Liberia and people that immigrated to Liberia decades or over a century ago. We are truly a “united” Methodist because though we have people who cannot speak English, only their dialect, as Christians we can communicate either through interpreter or other means. We do not discriminate,” Madam Weeks said.

She stated that the United Methodist Church as a whole has Ministries that include Men ministries, women Ministries youths and young adults as well; and their goal is just to serve God and live according to the golden rule that says, “do unto others as you will wish them to do unto you.”

She, however, cautioned every believer to look at each other as brothers and sisters; encourage advanced thinking, unity and compassion for each other.


  1. A wise person once said, “Trained and inspired leadership is needed in this troubled world of today. We live in uncertainty and fear. These perilous (dangerous) times call for reflection and deep thinking.”

    Some deep thinkers like Madam Weeks and others in Liberia are calling for national unity and the abolition of ethnic divisions in Liberia. These negative vices have greatly divided the people of Liberia. Over the years, ethnic divisions have caused countless deaths and destruction in Liberia.

    Angelique Weeks said, “I am sensing division in our country based on people’s tribe, political affiliation and religious affiliation. Liberian people need to put that behind and look at each other as Liberian first and Liberia first.”

    Yes indeed Madam Weeks, after 172 years of insanity in Liberia, it is time for Liberians to stop this age-old tribal and ethnic divisions that have devastated our beloved country.

    Many self-centered people don’t realize how small and interconnected the people of Liberia are. The people of Liberia are connected through “Native/Congo” inter-marriages, tribal lineage, religion, social affiliation, political affiliation, national affiliation, and even through the mass exodus of Liberians who left the country and married to foreign nationals: we are all interconnected to Liberia through some linage.

    Therefore, this age- old “Country/Congo” divide is used by fear mongers as a means of self-preservation to hold upon power and for self-edification. These self-centered individuals fail to realize Liberia is now a melting pot.

    It is time for all Liberians at home and abroad to work together just as the people of Rwanda are doing by saying “no to tribalism” and working together to develop Rwanda.

    Liberia needs all its citizens at home and those in the diaspora with pragmatic ideas to work together in order to bring Liberia on par with countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal or even beautiful Tanzania.

    As Dong Xiaoping once said, “It does not matter the color of the cat as long as the cat can catch a mice.” Therefore it does not matter whether a Liberian is Bassa, Grebo, Kru or Congo: as long as that Liberian can contribute to the development of Liberia.

    Remember, “Where there is unity in Liberia, there is Strength.” “Where there is division in Liberia, there is weakness.”

    Well said, Madam Weeks!


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