District 3 Petitions Matthew Clarke to Serve as Governor

Mr. Matthew G. Clark making remarks

Residents of District 3 in Montserrado County have petitioned one of the most eminent and influential sons of the Pipe-Line community, Matthew G. Clark, to serve as governor of the district.

According to the residents, Mr. Clark, affectionately known as ‘Isaac,’ has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the various communities in that part of Montserrado County.

Scores of elders, women and youth groups, as well as students, gathered over the weekend at the Pipe-Line Public School, to beseech Mr. Clark to accept their petition so as to continue working in the interest of the district.

A student of the Kalita High School, Georgina Gbarnjah, who read the petition on behalf of the petitioners, said, “We the residents have come to honor you for your selfless contribution to the well-being of our district and to also petition you to serve as governor.”

Ms. Gbarnjah and colleagues posed with Mr. Clark

Student Gbarnjah described Mr. Clark as a good servant of the people, who has provided pieces of land for the residents to construct the only public healthcenter and school.

“It is in this light that we have come to ask you to represent us as governor,” Ms. Gbarnjah said. She added that the residents would take their petition to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for official endorsement.

A vividly surprised-looking Clark accepted the petition, noting, “I will continue to seek the welfare of the residents, because I am not the one to refuse your petition when you called upon me to serve you. I want to humble myself by doing your will as you have requested of me.”

Clark then called on the MIA authorities to confer him for the position as the residents have required.

Elders with Mr. Clark after the ceremony

Representatives of the Elder Council, youth and women, lauded Mr. Clark and re-echoed his immense contributions made thus far to the district, adding, “You have always stood by us in times of afflictions.”

He is a renowned real estate owner and administrator of the Clark interstate estate, which virtually encompasses the entire vicinity of Pipe Line and Nezoe.

Clark has greatly contributed to every aspect of the life of the communities, especially in health, education and other humanitarian activities.


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