District 12 Residents to Benefit from US$22M Steel Plant

Rep. Samah (L) being led on a guided tour of the construction site by Paul Sethi (R)

Over 1,000 Liberians, particularly those residing in Montserrado County Electoral District 12, are to  benefit from a modern steel plant the Sethi Brothers Incorporated is constructing in the Chicken Soup Factory Community. When fully operational, the steel plant will be expected to provide job opportunities for some of the residents.

The steel production plant is being constructed by a Chinese construction company, Qinggle International Group Development Company Limited. It is valued at over US$22 million.

Sethi Brothers Limited Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Sethi said when completed, the factory will provide jobs for over 1,000 Liberians who will be trained by experts from Ghana. The mass production of steel rods will eventually reduce price of the commodity on the local market.

According to Mr. Sethi, the plant is expected to be completed in the next three to four months, and will  provide high-quality steel products and services to meet demand on the Liberian market and in the West African sub-region.

The factory will manufacture products such as square pipes, steel round pipes, reinforcement steel bars and angle steels.

“The construction of the factory is based on request the past Liberian government, then headed by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, made to boost the country’s industrial sector,” Mr. Sethi said.

He then assured the residents that they will subsequently benefit from several other corporate social responsibilities, including the construction of a 1.4 km road at the  cost of US$1.8 million, beginning at the main Somalia Drive corridor to the company’s facility, as  well as running water and the erection of first-class public toilets.

Meanwhile, district 12 Representative Dr. George Beyan Samah assured the residents of his unbending commitment to work with development partners and transform the district.

Rep. Samah said the development initiative the Sethi Brothers, Ltd., brought in the district is laudable, because it will ease the growing demand for employment by providing job opportunities for many residents, some of whom will also benefit from corporate social services the company will provide.

Samah reiterated how the priorities of his constituents remain atop of his agenda as he has commenced negotiating with partners.

He informed his constituents of ongoing negotiations with Garson Steel Company, to construct a state-of-the-art elementary and junior high school in the district.

Henry Wokolo, the community’s chairperson, lauded Rep. Samah , the government and the Sethi Brothers management for the development initiative.

Wokolo promised to mobilize the residents to collectively work with the company so that the project can succeed.

“The fact that this factory is being constructed in our district means we will benefit immensely; therefore, we must take ownership of the project by working with the Sethi Brothers management to achieve the project’s objective,” Mr. Wokolo declared.


  1. Thanks to one of Liberia’s finest lawmakers Hon. Dr. George Beyan Samah for persuasively attracting that huge investment that will further empower many different district dwellers and residents. Indeed we never made a mistake electing you. We are if the strongest conviction that district 12 is on the oath of unprecedented development

  2. Development comes by spreading economic wealth of the nation!!!!!

    Credit of this project goes to the farsightedness of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, despite her many flaws, who was instrumental in its negotiation and now anticipated to be completed in the next few months.
    There is no way a project of this magnitude ($22 million Steel Plant) could have been negotiated and now facing its completion in the next three months or so, as reported, was done by President Weah’s and the newly elected lawmaker or lawmakers’ administration.

    However, credit goes to this current administration so see the project continuation and to bring the much needed steel plant to its fruition. Also, credit goes to this administration for seeing the completion of all unfinished projects started under the former President administration…..as well as we look forward to this current administration to start more development projects.

    Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon this new administration to plan strategically and prioritize essential projects that are vital and critical to the sustenance of lives for the people of Liberia. For example, focus on more energy: the total electrification of Liberia brings about jobs, development and the rapid implementation of good health services. This could be the hallmark of President Weah’s Presidency.

    Also this administration should focus on the development of pipe borne water system in all capital cities of the various counties and eventually established water connectivity into various cities and towns in the counties. The question is, where will the money come from? Some revenue could come from taxes; line of credit; maritime, and extractive industries.

    Also, these projects can be done into collaborations: either through joint ventures (similar to former LAMCO now ArcelorMittal Steel); public/private partnership; some public; or some private corporations with government oversight.

    This time our “Open-Door Policy” should be business-friendly environment; but revenue generated should be used strategically in the interest of Liberia’s development instead of going into the pockets of the few rich and powerful Liberians.

    Last but not all, this government should focus on modern road connectivity linking the fifteen counties. Feeder roads linking major towns and rural roads that link villages……..these roads are essential for farmers to bring their produce to market. With the development of other counties…..this will help reduce economic stress and population overflow caused by the massive migration rush into Monrovia during the height of the Civil War.

    There are many strategic ways to gradually reduce the overly congested city of Monrovia that urgently needs modern city planning. Create more jobs and infrastructure development among the various counties.

    Don’t limit economic development only around the Free Port of Monrovia (like the anticipated new Monrovia City the President wants to create in BALI mangrove swamp), or Montserrado County that is already congested!

    For God sake, spread the economic wealth around the whole country of Liberia which reduces the population overflow and economic stress on the Capital City…….Monrovia!!!!!

    May God bless our leaders in making strategic decision for the betterment of all Liberians…….including future generations!!!


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