‘Disrespectful Little Boy’



Associate Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh has joined the list of statesmen to berate Acting Information Minister Isaac Jackson for denigrating his “claimed beautiful image.”

On a morning radio Talk Show yesterday, Professor Tarpeh in his own defense to the ‘verbal abuse,’ from Minister Jackson, described the Deputy Information Minister as “disrespectful little boy.”

 Professor Tarpeh also said in his brief contention that Atty. Jackson is “disorderly.”

  Professor Tarpeh was  reacting to Minister Jackson’s remarks made Monday, March 2, during the house-keeping segment at the daily Ebola Hour at the Ministry of Information in which he accused Prof. Tarpeh of trying to use President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to hide his wrong doing while serving as Vice President for Fiscal Affairs at the University of Liberia.

Deputy Minister Jackson did not state the alleged wrongdoing of Prof. Tarpeh, but argued that the professor’s accusation “is economically cheap.”

“It’s untrue; the (resigned) Vice President needs to say the whole truth. If there is a cloud of suspicion hanging over him of any wrongdoing for which he is now looking for a lazy alibi to use the President as a scapegoat, he should desist from it,” Atty. Jackson said.

  It may be recalled that in a letter dated February 25, addressed to Dr. Emmet A. Dennis, President of the University of Liberia, Associate Professor Tarpeh stated: “Please accept this letter as my resignation as Vice President for Fiscal Affairs & Finance, effective March 9. My decision to quit is triggered by the government’s unwillingness to release much needed funding to the Business & the Finance Office (BFO) to enable the university to begin preparing for the reopening of the academic school year, despite providing all the required accountability reports.”
The ex-Vice President for Fiscal Affairs lamented in the letter that he understands from high sources that the action by the government to withhold the needed funding to the university is based on who he is as a senior member of the University association of an opposition political party.
  “It is my understanding from authoritative sources that the withholding of the funds is because of my association with an opposition political party,” Associate Professor Tarpeh stated.  

  Professor Tarpeh, who has been in the education sector for years, said the education of over 35,000 young Liberians is more important than his personal interest.
  “The education of our young people, which is being adversely affected by the lack of funding, and the interests of the university, are more important than me,” he declared.  “I have, therefore, decided it best to step down instead of holding the university, its 35,000 students, and 1,500 employees hostage because of politics.

  “I am also resigning to protect my hard-earned reputation from further willful, calculated and baseless attacks and machinations.”
  Meanwhile during the recent 2014 Special senatorial election, the opposition CDC named Associate Professor Tarpeh as its campaign chairman for party candidate, now Senator George Weah for Montserrado County. He campaigned vigorously along with other CDC partisans for the election of Weah.

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