VP Taylor: ‘Gov’t Should Do What’s Right for Its People’

VP Jewel Howard Taylor

Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has expressed her disappointment that the Code of Conduct (COC) is being disregarded as was done during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In an interview with state radio ELBC 99.9 FM, Madam Taylor said Liberia has come a long way and, as such, democracy will only have its real meaning when laws are respected and followed.

“I am sad on hearing that the Code of Conduct is again not respected. People trucking voters to counties where they want to contest is a very ugly thing. Imagine how vocal we were in 2017 against former President Sirleaf’s administration when the law was disobeyed intentionally. We can’t be doing the same thing and expect a different and desirous result,” she said.

The VP, who is recovering from the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Accra, Ghana, frowned on those using money to disfranchise many others due to ignorance or poverty.

“Those who are trucked lose two things: They lose the decision-making power in their own constituencies, and the right to complain about poor leadership in their own constituencies. The original constituents of the areas to which they were trucked will to continue to suffer from bad leadership,” she said.

About whom she supports in Bong County in the upcoming December 8 Special Senatorial election, she refused to name anyone but promised to speak upon her return and verify the list of candidates contesting for the Senate seats in the various counties.

VP Taylor is on record for falling apart with Henry Yallah, the incumbent Senator of Bong County who is seeking reelection.

In her past speeches at programs and rallies in Bong, VP Taylor openly said that she and Senator Yallah can neither agree nor work together any longer, and as such she will campaign against his reelection.

“If you think you are a good leader or have done enough, let your platform or what you have done speak for you, not by trucking people to increase a voting number in your favor on elections day,” she emphasized.

Death of LRA senior staffs and IAA boss

VP Jewel Howard Taylor said she is deeply troubled that Liberia, having suffered many years of bloodshed, is still experiencing losses of innocent lives through murder.

“The boss of the Internal Audit agency (IAA), Emmanuel Nyeswa was my cousin. I deeply regret the mysterious, cruel loss of his life but, at the same time, call on President George Manneh Weah to ensure that there is speedy investigation for each of the mysterious deaths. It is not a good sign for us as a country for four professional people to die in so cruel manner and in a few days,” she noted.

VP Taylor said the image of the country is at stake and other people from outside, mainly investors, would find it worthless to visit Liberia to do any business.

“My deepest sympathy to all of the families who have lost their loved ones through those mysterious ways. We are with them, and we all want justice to prevail,” she said.

On her health

The Liberian Vice President said she was tested positive for COVID-19, but as the choice was hers, she preferred receiving her treatment in Ghana rather than Liberia, her home country.

“I have asthma and with COVID-19 coming in, my condition was critical. I chose to come to Accra to do my treatment and I am thankful that my government did all it could to get me here safely for treatment,” she acknowledged.

Taylor said she spent 35 days in the intensive COVID-19 Unit (ICU) in Accra and she has been struggling to gain the balance to breathe normally.

“With asthma being the underlying sickness and pneumonia also confirmed, it is only by the grace of God I am alive today and talking to you this morning on the national radio of our country.”

She said she is happy that God has given her yet another chance to live and do what He wants her to do for her people.

“I received my own death news from the rumor mongers. They said I am dead but the Bible said those who believe in God shall see signs and wonders. I have never planned any evil against anyone, and so God is always doing what He can do for me. I know that my assignment on this earth is not yet over,” Taylor said.

She thanked all the Pastors around the world, including Liberia, Ghana, the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA) and many others who said prayers in their silent chambers on her behalf to recover.

She said her recovery is now at 70 percent and, upon getting the approval of her doctors in Ghana, she will return to Liberia.

The recent Surcharges, need for revenue generation

VP Taylor, on the crisis surrounding the recent surcharges that led to the increase in the costs of voice calls and data, said it was an unfortunate experience but happy that the government saw reasons to do what is right and in the best interest of the country.

“My granddaughter of 14 called me and asked: ‘Grandma, why are you there looking at the people increasing the prices of calls and data?’ All I told her was that I was not at home but I, too, wished that something was done about it to help alleviate the fear that more hardship was necessary for the already suffering population.”

“It should be the government’s priority to do what is right for its people. Government is not to be responsible for the suffering of its own people who instituted it,” she said.

She recommended that the government should consider increasing taxes on cigarettes and imported alcoholic beverages rather than creating problems through the telecommunication sector. She further recommended that tourism needs to be given attention in order to expand the government’s revenue collection.


  1. Jewel Howard Taylor does not understand the concept of governance, how possible is a vice president different from the president?

    This shows her immaturity and divisiveness to the rule of governance.
    Cant imagine vice president Mike Pence speaking differently from Donald Trumph?

    Undermining what one has built is a recipe for failure. From the experiences of her own former husband Charles Taylor, to the CDC, there is little belief that a Jewel Howard Taylor trust in future administrations in Liberia is guaranteed.

    This Judas will come out eventually!

    • Smith Whyte, are you saying what the VP said was wrong? was these not what Weah should have said? or are you saying weah saying and believe is opposite to what the VP saying? does been a VP means there are things you don’t differ with from the P? You are one of those encouraging weah to do things that are not good or not speak against things that happen in his govt or to ordinary people becus he is president or things done by people even if it has nothing to do with weah.

      Like many CDC people or Liberians and mostly you, you expected her to also say just what weah said from the beginning that it was boyfriend and girlfriend business for the 2 that were killed in the car: the man dropped and died from alcohol knowing that it is impossible to drop and died showing all the signs on him from the fall of a full grown man, or 2 lovers with treat other like that in a car just kill themselves.

      If I say, I wish you were the one dropped and died; or its was you with another man’s wife, or another man was with you trusted wife found dead in a car like that, may you would be happen when the president say it was loving matters, or you were fill with alcohol to died the way the man dropped and died; and even say the VP should not call for speedy investigation for the deaths or killings;

      I don’t support Jewel in most of what she do, but Be grateful to have a lady as a VP, and what she said can help reduce many of the tension about the lost of our brothers and sister who were killed. Its not about Taylor cus I don’t like Taylor, nor about Ellen, its about weah and Jewel not even you Smith Whyte. please Leave our beloved America out of this and president Trump, they have their own problem to solve. cus people Like
      you Smith Whyte, I wish you, your father or brother were one of those guys killed and see if your family will hail what happen and don’t speak like Jewel.

      But whoever did this and you upset about the VP speaking against it will be exposed soon by God’s help. trust me. whether it is weah or any of his clos associate, they will be exposed by God

      this evil is unacceptable and we all must join our voices with the VP to say no to it and stop bring in Taylor or Ellen in it. no one not even you deserve to die like the way our brothers and sister were killed.

  2. [We can’t be doing the same thing and expect a different and desirous result,” she said.]

    The VP is sounding just like the ANC boss, Alexander B. Cummings. It looks like you have the same blood. We hope to see you onboard soon!

    First, I wish you a speedy recovery, our lovely VP. May the good Lord watch over you and bring you back home safely to your dear people.
    Second, we look forward to you and the entire Bong County to join the ANC train in alleviating the lives of Liberians.
    You are so smart and lovely by proposing surcharges on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. The CDC will NEVER think and agree with you, that’s why your rightful place to bring prosperity to your people is within the ANC.

    Look forward to seeing you back home soon.
    Get well soon, VP!

    • Puah, let Jewel shut up in people’s ear, mehn. Who takes this fake “dah our time to eat” greedy politician and former wife of mass murderer Charles Taylor seriously? Let Jewel find two seats and sit down somewhere.

  3. This sick pallet hen should get well and be cleared by the Ghana physician and stop knocking on Liberian political door. Ghana will never know our lone star secret heritage because that country has the black star. Come home well first before you say Liberian election.

    Tell the Liberian people. Do not answer me. Praying for the corona.

  4. Very good propositions! Too bad it’s late! She should have told Taylor that. I don’t even know why she was allow to be in government. Only in Liberia and a few other African countries would people having connections with past regimes be allowed to participate in politics (government).

    Jewel is riding on the ticket of a party (NPP) whose “military wing” (origin or party) terrorized us beyond for many years. I don’t hate her, but her voluntary involvement with Taylor coupled with her riding on the glory of “his” party are reasons enough to keep her out of politics. It sends wrong signals. She is an ex wife of a former Dictator (guilt by association or reverse). All those who participated in the civil crisis directly, indirectly or by association shouldn’t be in government!

    We got no lessons to learn from her. Irrespective of what I wrote , I wish her speedy recovery!

    • keep quiet my friend, I love you outburst for Jewel to leave CDC govt, but its too late you voted her or supported people who voted her to put CDC in power. she’s there for 3 more yrs or more if God agrees. go to CDC primary or ask those that will attend the primary to vote her out n see if CDC will stand. I don’t support Jewel but that’s way to have her remove not threat or by force.

  5. To all of you who hate jewel for been VP of our country even though I did not vote for CDC 2017.

    You all put her there so she can give you more votes and you now asking her to get out. its too late !!!!!!!!. you n we all have to live with her been the VP for the next 3yrs. so she’s right for saying what she said even if it was against the govt though what she said was right to get quick investigation on the killings.

    No one can stop her from speaking at her level in govt, so you have to live with it. I know many people who voted for CDC becuz they had a female candidate as VP. they refuse to vote UP. those people were not from CDC nor NPP nor UP. they voted CDC cuz of jewel been a female. so without Jewel CDC will not be in power today. you all knew who wife she was and added her to CDC just to win the 2017 elections. So please leave Jewel along or you all or the CDC will be putting themselves in a trouble that will bring our country to a stop again for another 15 yrs. its time to say yes Jewel speak on then to call her names and mostly ever tried to touch her for speaking out.
    if anyone try to touch her they will be touching the Liberian people, CDC, Females who voted CDC becuz of Jewel, the world and any good meaning person.

    so speak on Jewel speak on. let them talk, its too late to stop you. besides you have a point madam VP of LIB. quick investigation n justice is what we need. tp prevent this from happening again n to put our brothers n sister they killed to rest in peace, or the govt is not far from been affected international for these killings.

  6. Who selected Jewel to be Weah’s vice president? The choice was Weah’s to either accept or reject her as his running mate. Not so? Now that he accepted her as his running mate, and she was elected on the CDC coalition ticket, this is the situation Weah, his government, and the people has to deal with.

    I heard some individuals say Jewel should resign, but with the exception of death or impeachment, she is not one of those who is subject to removal or can be kicked around at Weah’s will. She was given the constitutional mandate by the Liberian people to serve as the nation’s vice president (VP).

    Elections have consequences! Liberians made their decision in 2017, and they will live with it. I think instead of people suggesting or speculating on her possible resignation, which she may not even be contemplating on, they should re-direct their questions to Weah because he chose her.


  8. POSTED AT 10:32 PM EST on MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2020

    I prefer to take the high road and keep my priorities in proper order.

    First of all, let’s give thanks to the Lord for recovery of Vice President Taylor not just because she’s our vice president. Nope. She is a human and anytime someone survives COVID-19, we should be delighted.

    It follows that I am also happy that the former defense minister Brownie Samukai Jr. recovered from COVID-19 and I hope the same can be said for ordinary people who are not high profile citizens.

    I aso pray for the recovery of Hon. Mobotu Nyenpan, a former science college schoolmate who isn’t afflicted with COVID-19 but is seriously ill.


    We should remember that we aren’t out of the woods yet. There’s a lot of talk in U.S. and British media ( BBC) that there’s a second wave approaching. One estimate predicts that it may exist from October, 2020 to March, 2021.

    I’ve also heard from the media that the virus mutates and that some people who recovered were infected a second time.

    For those of us who live in the midwest, we may even be more vulnerable because we are accustomed to cold weather. In Ohio, where I live, there are nine(9) months of cold weather and three(3) hot summer months.

    Yet, it is not as cold as Minnesota which has a large population of persons from Liberia. It may even be the largest population. 30,000 , the last I heard.

    Many Liberians in that state are employed in the healthcare professions which increases the vulnerability to contracting COVID-19 from their own patients, elderly clients, etc.

    That increases the risk of deaths and decline in foreign exchange remittances to relatives back home.

    So, instead of beating up on Jewel Howard-Taylor, I prefer to focus on the larger picture– our collective vulnerability.


    One last thing — has the GOL resumed publication of COVID-19 results after leadership changes at NPHIL ?


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