Dispense Equal Opportunity

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The Senate President Pro Tempore has called on the leadership of the Women’s Legislative Caucus of Liberia (WLCL), to dispense equal opportunity to their colleagues across the country.

Pro Temp Jallah made the remarks recently during a one-day roundtable conference of stakeholders on the Equitable Participation and Representation Act 2016 in Monrovia under the auspices of the WLCL.

The Gbarpolu County Lawmaker observed that women represent the less fortunate class of the country’s population, whose interest in politics has not received the much needed public support for political participation. For that, he noted, is most likely owing to their lack of interest in politics over the years, “the lack of support from their male counterparts and perhaps difficulties involved in rising above the traditional male dominated culture which is vanishing gradually.”

Pro Temp Jallah expressed appreciation to the caucus headed by Bong County Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor, who also chairs the Committee on Education and Public Administration, for what Pro Temp Jallah described as their unwavering determination to bring about a change in the country’s body politic, and for solidifying the country’s democratic credentials as a nation with one people who seek freedom and dignity for everyone, including the less privileged.

“Do not allow this process to be hijacked by a few minority groups (if you are to) achieve substantive equality of opportunity in education, the economy and our governance system,” Pro Temp Jallah urged the Caucus leadership.

He announced his commitment to working with the Caucus and at the same cautioned the group to guard against the vices of discrimination among themselves as they endeavor to achieve their goal of serving their country.

In another development, Jallah has cautioned the leadership of Montserrado District #10 Student Association not to perceive itself as boss or master of the people of the district, but rather as servants and see those who elected them as the true bosses and masters. “Listen more to those who elected you especially when there is disagreement so as to help you find a smooth path.”

He challenged the student body not to look down on itself as underdogs and incompetent to cope with and contribute to the betterment of society, but rather work hard, study and think critically about the environment, and be prepared to help develop their country.

Those Pro Temp Jallah inducted into office were Samuel A. Davies Jr., Williamena M. Varney, Michael A. Maigbay, and Fritz Biago, as President, vice President, Secretary General and student representative respectively.


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