Dismissed APM Terminals Sanitation Workers Write House of Representatives over Benefits

Rep. Ducan raises his hand to make a motion to the communication.

Twelve former  sanitation employees of APM Terminal have written the House of Representatives about their unfair sacking and refusal of APM Terminal’s management to pay their benefits.

In a communication to the House of Representatives, dated June 20 but placed on the July 5 agenda, which marked the 43rd Day Sitting, the dismissed employees said they are constrained and compelled to bring their complaints to the attention of the Lawmakers, because of the inhumane treatment and bad labor practices the APM Terminals meted out against them.

The spokesperson of the group, Ms. Victoria Walker, said although the Ministries of Justice and Labor in March this year, issued an ultimatum and mandated APM Terminals to reinstate the 12 of them, the management has deliberately refused.

“The management of APM Terminals told us that our reinstatement will be done over their dead bodies, and as proof, the management has employed different workers, replacing us,” Ms. Walker said.

They wrote: “Most of us worked in the maintenance division from 2011 up to and including the date the Terminal Project was completed in December 2017; that in order to evade the Labor Laws of Liberia, the management from time to time hired the services of local entities and turned us over to such entities where we worked on a contractual basis.”

They added: “The failure of APM Terminal to give us our just benefits is one of the major causes why our children are unable to complete the 2017/2018 school year, as we are unable to pay their tuition.”

“…It is our humble prayer that this communication will meet your timely and urgent response for these peace loving Liberians who are being ill-treated by the APM Terminals Management to benefit as required under our laws and Let the Struggle end in the Cause of the People.”

The dismissed employees are Lester Cummings, Joseph Tonolia, Ms. Victoria Walker, Ms. Lydia David, Daniel P. Weleh, Rufus Weah, Alex Swen, Othello Griffths, Ms. Tutu Toe, Ms. Annie Nyema, Sylvester P. Chukpadeh and Ms. Lucy Derrick.

Meanwhile, the House’s Plenary voted to forward the complaint to the Committee on Labor, chaired by Sinoe County District #1 Representative Crayton Oldpa Duncan, to investigate and report within two weeks.


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