Disease Scientist Offers Expertise to GOL

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, CEO, Shufflex Biomed

Awaits Response

Following the annual conference of West African medical Laboratory scientists in Accra, Ghana last week, US-based Liberian infectious disease expert, Dr. Dougbeh Nyan has arrived in Liberia to help with the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic as citizens are now being vaccinated around the world. He is waiting for a response from the government.

“I humbly submit to volunteering my expertise in helping with the COVID-19 Vaccination programme in Liberia,” Dr. Nyan stated in a letter dated April 7, 2021, to the Liberian government. The communication was sent to the Liberian president through the office of the Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill. “I would appreciate you letting me know your thoughts at your earliest convenience as to what I can do to help,” the letter to Minister McGill said.

“I will appreciate your response to my volunteering offer so that I can properly arrange my travel to Liberia after the Accra meeting and determine the duration of my stay in Liberia,” the letter added.

Dr. Nyan further stated that this pandemic has generated the need to mobilize the requisite human expertise and material resources that will enable our countries to successfully defeat the pandemic.

He is currently active with the COVID-19 pandemic response in the USA as a member of the Maryland Medical Reserve Corps and around Africa as head of the Diaspora COVID-19 Pandemic Focus Group.

“I came to help fight the pandemic and will be here for the next several days awaiting the government’s response,” stated Dr. Nyan.

The Daily Observer contacted the Ministry of State, but Minister McGill was not available for comment.

A year ago, Dr. Nyan, the NIH-trained infectious disease scientist, offered to help with Liberia’s COVID-19 response and to develop Liberia’s COVID-19 testing kits. According to him, he never received a response from the government but conducted numerous awareness programs via radio and TV that benefited the population.

He said Africa needs to develop her own testing kits and not depend on NGOs and donations for her response to this global threat.

During the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Dr. Nyan testified before the US Congress on the epidemic. His expert testimony and proposals as head of the Diaspora Ebola Task Force was instrumental in getting US support in ending the epidemic and establishing the African Center for Disease Control.

At the just ended CelebrateLAB 2021 in Ghana, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, who is currently Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of Shufflex Biomed, emphasized the “need for regional collaboration to enable the West African sub-region to produce its own COVID-19 diagnostic testing kits and vaccines for Africa.”

Dr. Nyan is the inventor of the US-patented rapid multiplex pathogens diagnostic test that detects and simultaneously identifies multiple infections in less than an hour. The “Nyan-Test” is rapid, portable, affordable and easy to use in many settings.


  1. I hope that Dr. D.C. Nyan’s approach will be purely scientific and professional. I am a bit leery of his approach to this issue, as such, by writing to a politician through a politician, especially in Africa. Based on the story, developing contacts with fellow medical doctors at the Ministry of Health and other ancillary medical/health institutions in Liberia, would be the right approach. His first attempt was during the Ebola epidemic. It is professionals like these that will understand the nature of the help he is proposing in order to help tackle Liberia’s COVID-19 problems.

    His fellow medical doctors that are in decision making positions in the country, in government, could be the right persons to recommend that help to their political bosses in order to be given the green light. I know he is more than willing to come and help his native Liberia with whatever expertise he has to fight any pathogen that is epidemic or pandemic and affects the country.

    As a Liberian who got his higher education at the University of Liberia, you would think that Dougbeh Nyan would know how politicians behave or react to people with whom they have no personal relationship. They take almost everything personal, direct contact, because “I know you”. I know it is pathetic, but it is the reality!


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