‘Discipline, Professionalism Will Be My Administration’s Hallmark’


— Newly appointed Immigration Commissioner-General assures

The incoming Commissioner General of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) on Thursday, June 13, 2019, informed his deputies and subordinate officers to consider discipline and professionalism as the hallmark of his administration.

Commissioner Robert Budy also called on the junior LIS officers to shun gossips, deceit , sycophancy and hypocrisy, “because these are virtues counterproductive to the LIS.

“Always strive for excellence and remain focused at all times. I admonish you to be diligent in the discharge of your professional duties,” Budy said shortly after he officially took office from the Acting Commissioner General Moses K. Yebleh.

Before his recent appointment as commissioner general of the LIS, Budy was appointed in 2018 as LNP Deputy Inspector General for Operations (102), a position he held for nine months.

Prior to his stint at the LNP, Budy had served the LIS for eight years as deputy commissioner for operations. He recollected that during his tenure at the LIS, he ensured the enforcement of the Alien and Nationality Law, border security and intelligence gathering.

“Therefore, I am not a stranger at LIS,” Budy told the gathering.

He promised to make the LIS great and, to do that, “We all need to work as a team. It takes team effort to make a dream comes true.”

He said that personnel of the LIS are the first line of contact when visitors travel to the country. “Therefore, personnel behavior at the ports of entry gives lasting impression to the visitors.”

“Let us work together to foster greater tolerance and respect for our differences, which is more important now than ever before,” Budy told his principal lieutenants and subordinates.

He said LIS mandate is more important for everyone to execute rather than to be torn apart by the officers’ personal differences.

“I will also want to seize this great opportunity to thank the gallant men and women of the LIS for their continuous service to the government and people of Liberia. Please keep up the good work and let us make the LIS a force for good,” Budy said as he was officially ushered into his ‘new office.’


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