Disaster Strikes AGL Church Confab


Disaster recently struck the 68th National Annual Conference of the Africa Gospel League (AGL) Church in Lower Harlandsville Township outside Buchanan in Grand Bassa County following the electrocution of its electrician, Borbor Kangar.

The incident occurred two days before the commencement of the conference at its headquarters in Lower Harlandsville Township.

Kangar was killed while electrifying the venue in preparation for the conference when he accidentally came in contact with the live current, and subsequently dropped from the ladder.

Despite the incident, the conference went ahead and brought together 49 district churches, from River Cess, Margibi, Montserrado and Grand Bassa counties, out of the 69 district churches.

The delegates at the conference wept for the death of Kangar, described as “a hard working member of the church.”

During an interview, District #1 Superintendent Reverend Paul R. Joe told the Daily Observer that the conference was aimed at assessing the achievements and challenges of the church and that funds generated during the conference will be used for the development of the church.

He also disclosed that some of the funds generated will be directed at purchasing a parcel of land to erect a guesthouse.

Rev. Joe, who preached the funeral discourse over the remains of the late Kangar last Saturday on the theme: “Who Shall Fight for Us Again?” from the book of Judges, told the bereaved family to take their burden to the Lord, who is able to fight their battles in times of trial, temptation and tribulation.

The late Kangar was born in 1954 at the J.F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia, a family member said. At the age of 62, he leaves to mourn his loss his three wives, eight children, eight grandchildren, and a host of other relatives and friends.


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