Disabled Frog Hunter ‘Killed’, Mistaken for Deer


A physically-challenged frog hunter was on Friday, September 21, allegedly shot and killed by another hunter, later identified as Saye Sonwabi. The incident occurred in Leesonnon Don Town, near Saclepea City, Nimba County.

According to Radio Saclepea, the deceased identified as Matthew Bob Dolo, 50, was on a frog hunting expedition to feed his coup (group of persons) that had gone on his farm to work when he was mistaken for a deer, by Sonwabi, under the cover of darkness, and shot to death using a single-barrier hunting gun.

After he noticed that Bob Dolo had died of wounds from the pellets, the radio report said that Saye Sonwabi ran to town and reported himself to local authorities that he saw the Bob Dolo sitting on a log, under the covered by darkness, “so I mistook him for a deer and fired him without hesitation, only to realize the object was a human being.”

The death of Bob Dolo brought sorrow to his family and sympathizers.

Those who knew him told the local radio station that, despite being physically challenged, the late Bob Dolo was so caring for his family by doing home chores with his one hand.

“It is so sad that this disabled man died in such a sorrowful way,” remarked a sympathizer who called on the radio phone-in program.

Meanwhile Police in Saclepea said it has commenced an investigation into the incident, even though many of the callers on the show claimed that Bob Dolo was mistakenly killed during his hunting expedition.



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