‘Diplomats Involvement in COP Protest Violate Code of Ethics’


— says Adboulaye Dukulé, a former adviser to President Sirleaf and Interim President Dr Amos Sawyer

A former adviser to the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration says diplomats in Liberia violated their code of ethics when they got deeply involved in the Council of Patriots protest issues by calling for its cancellation and selecting dates.

According to Dr. Abdoulaye Dukulé, a former adviser to President Sirleaf and Interim President Dr Amos Sawyer, diplomats are not supposed to be arbiters of local political disputes.

Dukulé said the foreign diplomats’ recent intervention in the protest in Liberia only helps the government to water down people’s demands and also puts them (diplomats) in control of the government’s political agenda.

“No, it’s not common in the diplomatic community. These are bureaucrats overstepping the boundaries of their duties. Even if they are asked to help, they should do so discreetly, not putting themselves forward as solvers of Liberia’s problems. Definitely it’s an intrusion. They should not be issuing press releases on national issues. That’s not their job. It makes the government totally to be under the control of foreign diplomats. It’s like the country is now under trusteeship, being run by foreign powers,” he said.

Last year on Dec. 30, while the COP was poised to begin its street protest, the ambassadors of ECOWAS, the European Union, the United States, and the UN Resident Coordinator issued a joint statement, expressing their concurrence with suggestion by the Government of Liberia that the protest be rescheduled to another date other than December 30—a rare political move by the diplomatic missions in Liberia.

The ambassadors at that time said: “We strongly encourage the Council of Patriots to shift their demonstration to this Sunday, January 5, and various counter-protestors to shift their demonstrations to Sunday, January 12, at the large venues offered by the government, in order to ensure that the rights of all Liberia’s citizens are equally respected. We, your partners, strongly endorse this plan and look forward to those successful and peaceful gatherings, supported and protected by your government.”

Interestingly, the COP in their press conference expressed their mixed reactions to the intervention of the international community, referring to it as an “intrusion and intervention” at the same time. There, the COP was express their appreciation for the international partners’ assistance in negotiate the terms of the protest with the Government of Liberia, but also saw the intrusion as a necessity to achieve their democratic aims.

Dr. Dukule further said that the intervention of the ambassadors was an act of intrusion and it indicates that the government was losing control of its sovereign affairs by allowing foreign diplomats to be arbiters of national political disputes.

“If foreign diplomats take the lead in resolving Liberian issues, stakeholders will soon start talking to their fellow Liberians through foreign diplomats. I served as a diplomat in Washington, DC and in Abidjan. I cannot imagine any of my colleagues in those posts speaking out loudly about issues in those countries. That’s not what diplomats do. They represent foreign nations,” he said.

Dukulé added that the number one rule of diplomacy is discretion, and the more visible and powerful foreign diplomats become, the weaker the government will appear. According to him, if this continues, Liberians will begin to start dealing with the foreign diplomats rather than petition the government, which is effectively side-stepping the Constitution.

“There is no national emergency that necessitates the issuance of a press release on national issues by the four big foreign missions,” he said. Because of their weight, they would be more efficient if they were doing their work in the background and let Liberians take credit for the positives. But being the ultimate agenda setters, they eclipse both government and opposition. Democracy will suffer.”

Dukulé further emphasized that Liberians will have to grow out of the mentality of dependency that has engulfed the nation as a byproduct of the war.

“When the same diplomats published a letter about the government going into their accounts, I said that if they were in some other countries, they would have been sent out,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Elwood Dunn, a retired Liberian Historian and former Alfred Walter Negley Professor of Political Science at Sewanee: University of the South, said there is ample evidence of the United States government’s intimate involvement in Liberian affairs, but the difference between “yesteryears and today is that in the past, the involvement (intrusion or intervention) was done behind the scenes, through diplomatic channels, on paper or verbally through diplomats.

But today, he said “it is done in the full glare of the media including social media. That some citizens would be offended is understandable, especially given the obvious unequal relationship between the two countries.”


  1. Liberia has a lot of government officials who are not experienced in running a country,a nation. The international community role is crucial in preventing ” all out chaos & violence”. We are a ” recovering nation from many wars of war”. I applied Dr. Weah, our President, in invoking the international diplomatic community involvement.. I wonder why Dr. Sawyer & Dr. Tipoteh our elderly statesmen, are not involved in these negotiations? The ” rollercoaster ride”, the turbulence, the unsettleness of ” today’s Liberia rest in “their laps:. They unsettled Liberia when Oppong Weah was a teenager “playing football “. The original ” trouble makers are cowardly hiding ” while Liberia suffers.
    The foreign diplomats control the purse & are “keeping us alive.

    • Abdoulaye Dukule is a damn fool! Does he not know about diplomatic mediation and or conciliation? As a matter of setting the record straight, let it be made clear that Abdoulaye Dukule never ever served as an adviser to any president of Liberia.

      People or aides working in the office of a president are not necessarily or automatically advisers. Dukule was a mere fixer for Ellen and Amos. Fixers are hired people who do the dirty works for high ranking public officials. The account on Dukule given by Matilda Witherspoon is true and correct!

      Abdoulaye Dukule, its strange you would claim to be a presidential adviser, but you are ignorant of the international legal and international political doctrines of good offices mediation and conciliation.

      Dukule, Mediation and good offices (whether local, regional, international, or global) are diplomatic methods of dispute settlement involving third parties ( major powers, the diplomatic community, the clergy, Red Cross, etc..

      Dukule, that is, the third party can be a single state or a group of states, an individual, an organ of a universal or regional international organisation, or a joint body, WHILE CONCILIATION is ‘the process of settling a dispute by referring it to a commission of persons whose task it is to elucidate the facts and usually after hearing the parties and endeavoring to bring them to an agreement to make a report containing proposals for a settlement, which is not binding.’

  2. Applaud the President for allowing the demonstration. We need also effective ” behind the scenes “, one on one discussions with the President & legislators. Dr. Sawyet & Dr. Tipoteh, we need your involvement. “You spoil it, you will fix it”. Liberia’s instability architects are the bith of you plus a few more..which we all know. Some of those in the diaspora with ” big mouths ” also are.

    President Weah needs “help”. Let’s reach out to him…he is there legally for four (4) more years. President Weah needs to ” waive the olive branch” as well. Mr. President, at the end of the day; we are all Liberians.

    We are a small country and we cannot get along. WHY??
    We need EVERYONE!!. Especially, the educated one in the diaspora who are professionals. Thank you Mr. President for the ” dual citizenship ” bill that goes to referendum in October 2020. It’s not perfect but it is a start. President Sirleaf promised but did not deliver.

    Mr. President Weah, we are your children since you.are President. Call some of your children to talk privately, no press. Let the talk continue. Remember not everyone will agree with you or praise you. But EVERYONE has LIBERIA at heart. This is your time to set your legacy. Pray privately Mr. President to God for.guidance, you are there for a reason. When you “mess up”, say “i”m sorry”! That all,oh! No one expects you to be perfect especially since you’re new to “this kind of work “! As sure as the sun sets, ” Today or tomorrow. your time will finish as President”. When you look back, what do you want to see? I am sure you want to do good just like how you helped many when you were a football star.
    God bless Liberia

  3. Abdoulaye Dukule, you are really a back street university graduate. You prove this by you not knowing that INTERVENTION by international actors and the diplomatic community is legitimate and legal in international relations and international law. Was it not the very diplomatic intervention which kept your master Amos Sawyer in power between November 1990 and 1994? You better shut up after the plot of you bastards have failed!

    This ass Abdoulaye Wahab Dukule was no adviser to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf nor Amos Sawyer! He was a mere Malian sycophant imported into the country by Amos Sawyer to serve the selfish ends as an errand boy to go to Mali and consult medicine and jujumen for the selfish desires of Amos Sawyer. This ass had to beg and beg Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to give him government job. And Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told him he had to first go on the different listserv on the internet to write lies which favor her corrupt image. And that is what he was involved in for years and up to the final term of Ellen when she rigged the election.

    Abdoulaye Dukule, what do you have to say now?

    You were imported from Mali by Amos Sawyer and smuggled into the University of Liberia as some lecturer who had an extra assignment of going to Mali now and then to find the best jujuman for Sawyer?

    And when Sawyer became Interim President, he sent you an alien and opportunist to our embassy in Freetown, and later brought you Dukule to work with him as some special assistant when Sawyer operated as Interim President from Ducor Hotel?

    Before you a political trollop and a job seeking prostitute Abdoulaye Dukule got employed in the government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, you had to beg, and beg, even to the extent of going public, coupled with persistent pleadings by Amos Sawyer after you wanted to smuggle your way into the Maritime Bureau, but Ellen warned the then Maritime Commissioner that if he dared employed you Dukule at that bureau she would show him Maritime commissioner the door!

    Dukule, you a Malian only got into the corrupt government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf when she believed she needed as much mercenaries of the pen as she could get to keep her corrupt government afloat. This was also when she brought that other silly crook Lewis Browne who after been sent to the UN by Ellen, chose to undermine the government of the Coalition of Democratic Change.

    To know more about that alien and opportunist Abdoulaye Dukule, just go and ask Massa Washington one of the commissioners of the now defunct TRC who is with this other stupid group IJC headed by that child molester Jerome Verdier.

  4. I think Adboulaye Dukulé is out of touch with the reality of our governing system today, to speak the way he, I am totally disappointed in his comments. Liberia has always being assisted by our international partners, to ignore that is to show ingratitude to diplomatic missions accredited near Monrovia.

    • Henry D. Johnson, not that “Abdoulaye Dukule is out of touch with reality”! No he is in full touch with facts and reality! But being the nature and cahracter he is — A BORN OPPORTUNIST, once he is paid to LIE, he will do it without even thinking of his reputation!

      The guy is BADOFF!!

      He is a complete mess! He acts no different from the dog which returns to its vomit! While I worked at the UN, the first time we heard about and saw in the dirty works of this opportunist was when he and Amos Sawyer ochestrated the slaughter of one of Liberia´s finest journalists, John Vambo in the 1990s!

  5. Thank you Matilda. Of course Abdoulay Dukule is known to be a foreigner and not a Liberian who being an alien and an opportunist, both Sawyer and Ellen used him as a tool and stooge to engage in dirty works which they could not get involved in as a matter of probity, morality, or legality.

    Abdoulaye Dukule has no shame or pride. Impersonating as a true Liberian (when in reality he is a Malian), he is always engaged in insincerity and underhand activity.

    This is a typical example here where he very stupidly believes he can manipulate public opinion By deliberately writing such rubbish that the intervention of the Ambassadors in Monrovia which has been in collarboration with the United Nations and ECOWAS “violate code of ethics” which he cannot explain or prove.

    This opportuninst, sycophant (Abdoulaye Dukule), is a charlatan, and a liar.

  6. Dukule states in the fourth paragraph that foreign diplomatic mediation between the GOL and CoP should have been done “discreetly”. Dukule’s suggestion is one of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf era. Johnson-Sirleaf’s era is often characterized as a period of extreme incompetence. Remember? That’s where Dukule is coming from. If Weah and his forces sit idly by and distance themselves not from Dukule, he will ultimately re-introduce the failed ideas of incompetence he once was a part of. It will be a genius idea for Dukule to put up or shut up because his days as a presidential adviser are over.

  7. With all due respect, Dr. DUKULY, you must know that Liberia is under intravenous therapy. Those diplomats you vividly saw represent countries that have borne enormous human, material and financial sacrifices. It could have been suicidal to not see them facilitating negotiations and compromises. I salute their resolve to keep Liberia peaceful and safe from further mayhem.
    Thank you excellencies for brokering the peace!

  8. Dr Abdulae Dukule can’t be called a fool, a fool may be forgiven frivolous statements, or ignorance. The guy (who advised EJS whose government UNMIL protected for 12 years while US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield acted as her ex-officio Spokesperson – is just a rascally hypocrite. If intellectuals have a bum rap, such willful mendacity drives it.

  9. Thanks to all who have helped Liberia and continue doing so (UN, Ecowas, US, EU, etc). We will always listen to them for their inputs, etc. Those countries have more experience in the democratic world than Liberia.
    Almost all of those types of Doctors have failed on Liberia; you have named some of them already.

    Liberia is not set up.
    Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows, Skillsets can move Liberia forward. Have you not realized that yet?
    Foreigners in Liberia, in high places, etc? Firstly Liberia has at most 15 native tribes instead of 16 tribes( as mentioned by some.). There are lots of people carrying the Liberian Pass Ports who are not Liberian?
    I was stopped once in Germany with the question if I were a Liberian. We have lots of work to do.

    God bless Liberia.

  10. When I heard the word Dr. Dukule, I paused and started to read his story. After I was done, I enlarged his picture to take a careful look at his face and I saw nothing but a n idoit. He has no simple knowledge what are the missions of diplomats in Liberia or any country. Dr. Dukule, you need to go back and do a refresher course in diplomacy


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