Diplomatic Missions Challenge Weah to Promptly Probe Zwedru Violence

President Weah asserted there is still a need to minimize the cost of fuel to enable the LEC provide electricity to the general public at a reasonable cost.

Diplomats serving their respective countries and organizations in Liberia have called on the George Weah administration to see reasons to promptly and thoroughly investigate the recent saga in Zwedru, which led to an angry mob claiming to be from the ruling political party staging roadblocks, demanding the exit of Montserrado County District #10 Lawmaker, Yekeh Kolubah from Zwedru due to what they called, “Kolubah’s incessant insults directed at President Weah.”

“We welcome President Weah’s statement denouncing and repudiating the attack and urge Liberian authorities to swiftly investigate the incident in an objective and non-partisan manner but caution that he President Weah must ensure that all those who perpetrated the acts against Representative Kolubah and ANC standard-bearer, Alexander Cummings and all others within the opposition who were with the two opposition leaders be brought to justice,” said the diplomats.

The UN Resident Coordinator, ECOWAS Ambassador, and the Chargés d’Affaires of the European Union and the United States of America fully support the concern expressed by the Inter-Religious Council, the Catholic Diocese of Cape Palmas, the Providence Baptist Church, the Legislative Caucus of Grand Gedeh, other religious leaders and political stakeholders, including President George Manneh Weah and his Government, over the use of hate speech and mob violence, and particularly, the recent attack against opposition politicians in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

“Most Liberians from all walks of life have demonstrated their commitment to peace and are resolved to learn lessons from their past to embrace a culture of peaceful competition for political leadership and responsibility, the joint statement from the diplomatic corps said.

“Such action will send a clear signal that threats and violence have no place in the democratic dispensation which the people of Liberia have established for their country,” the group emphasized.

They added: “We call on all parties to refrain from undue provocation and incendiary language, promotion of misinformation, falsehood and mistrust that has the propensity to fuel political tensions, divisiveness, and violence.”

The diplomatic missions reiterated their commitments to further supporting the country in its democratic sojourn.

“As Liberia works towards the preparation of inclusive, free, fair, transparent, credible, and peaceful senatorial elections as well as a referendum in December 2020, we pledge our support to increased opportunities for genuine dialogue and constructive engagement on issues that will advance Liberia’s democracy and development, they said.

On Thursday, July 30, the nation and the world over rose that early morning to viral video footage on social media, depicting the extreme anger of a group of zealots claiming to be from the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), the lead political party of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC),  against Rep. Yekeh Kolubah who was visiting Grand Gedeh County.

It took President Weah three days to condemn the act of violence against Kolubah and others, which he enunciated at his Church in Paynesville. In his remarks, he implored all those who claim to love him to avoid violence.

The Liberia National Police has since told the public that it has launched an investigation into the matter already. However, the police under the Weah Administration has had a history of standing by and watching political violence take place without any intervention. In two previous cases, two female opposition candidates were rescued from being mobbed nearly to death by ruling party supporters. The women, having filed their complaints to the Liberia National Police, say they have yet to be notified of the results of those investigations.

Liberia has a long history of mob violence due to what many attribute to injustice, mainly for the poor, especially when expected prompt action by government, including the arrest and prosecution of people responsible for certain crimes or offenses, are delayed or denied.

Liberia’s history of civil unrest since 1979 remains fresh on the minds of many citizens as genuine peace and reconciliation are yet to take place with no justice for survivors of horrible massacres and crimes against humanity.

Series of Legislative by-elections due to deaths of Lawmakers and presidential appointment of a Senator to the Supreme Court Bench have been held since Weah came into power. Many hope that the December 8 Special Senatorial election across the country will be the first litmus test for sustaining and consolidating the country’s hard-earned peace that the Weah administration will have passed.

Meanwhile, there is much tension brewing in the vote-rich Montserrado County, where the ruling CDC hopes to reclaim its senatorial seat lost to opposition candidate, Abraham Darius Dillon from the Montserrado Senate seat.

Dillon, who won a very popular vote in July of 2019 at the by-election conducted to replace fallen Montserrado Senator, Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, has fully established himself as the messiah for the electorates. He has taken on the title the “Light” due to his vocal stance against his colleagues for many things he thinks are wrongly proceeding on Capitol Hill against the interest of those who voted for change.

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. Mr. Editor and Mr. Reporter, of course the public (whether a mob or whichever) have a right to resist, criticize, protest, and even when necessary, chase undesirables or menace out of their environment. That is a fundamental right both under natural law and domestic law, and even international law! To believe that the international or diplomatic community is not aware of such fundamental right is like foolishly or naively believing the government should cheer that inferior hooligan Yekeh Kolubah and his critics who chased him out of town!

    Now, you better assimilate that the “call on all parties to refrain from undue provocation and incendiary language, promotion of misinformation, falsehood and mistrust that has the propensity to fuel political tensions, divisiveness, and violence” IS DIRECTED ESPECIALLY to you irresponsible journalists and that inferior hoodlum and hooligan Yekeh Kolubah preferring the selfish interests of greedy power-seeking hypocrites over his reputation and the dignity of his family.

    As for rude and violent Nyonblee Karngar whom you claim was rescued from being mobbed; she was lucky. In law there is the doctrine of acceptance of the risk(volenti non fit injuria( no injury is done to a willing person! That is if she had been injured or killed she would had have herself to blame; since she fomented the violence which turned against her.

  2. The public (whether a mob or whichever) HAS A RIGHT to resist, criticize, protest, and even when necessary, chase undesirables or menace out of their environment, just as is the case where due diligence may necessitate ultra vires modus vivendi or other countermeasures as reprisals, etc. absolutely acceptable under municipal and international law.

    Yekeh Kolubahś unbecoming behavior of a lawmaker is in no way about his rudeness to his seniors in officialdom nor to the President! Its about his Yekeh Kolubahś overall brutish nature, criminal character, and hooligan behavior as was made evident when he obstructed law enforcement officer from protecting lives and property recently even in the presence of the Deputy Director of the Police!

  3. This is a typical, classic behavior of a dictator. Because he is unable to lead democratically, he often derives his power from the use of the state military apparatus. If that does not work well, then he turns to the police force as is the case now in Liberia. And so, Zoely Zoe, a firebrand and an uncompromising acolyte of Weah, does not have to worry about a Kru Defense Force (KDF) anymore. Why? The military and the police are gradually morphing into the KDF to carry out the dastardly deeds of this administration.

    The recent statement of the Maryland County Superintendent confirmed this fact when he said during the attack on Yekeh and Cummings, the CDC is the ruling party, and so, it now has an unbridled access to the military and the police; therefore, it can command either one of them to do the bidding of the party. Liberians should brace themselves as they are about to witness a warped and most grotesque constitutional neutrality never been displayed before by any group of security forces like the present ones in the history of Liberia.

    The objective behind the instigation of violence by the CDC thugs is solely geared towards deterring voters from turning out massively in support of their candidates of choice. Liberians have witnessed this before during Ms. Telia Urey’s senatorial contest, and here we are watching the unfolding of the same nightmare again! These incidents are not just some spasmodic and unplanned coincidences; they are well planned, coordinated, and implemented with the blessings of Weah.

    Don’t we yet believe that if one sees an evil and fails to detest it is as much as involved as the one who is committing such an evil? And don’t we also believe that if an act leads to an approval and consequently a satisfaction on the part of the one who is doing it the first time, high chances exist the doer will repeat such an act again unless people gather the courage to stop him?

    State funds were stolen (25 bln & 25 mln respectively) as soon as Weah was sworn in office and a diligent employee, the late Innis, was murdered to cover the crime so as not to damage him politically, and nothing came out of it. His party thugs led raids on a congressman’s home and on a congresswoman while exercising her freedom of expression and nothing came out of it. He manipulated the judicial process in order to engineer the unconstitutional ejection of the reputable Associate Justice J’anneh and nothing came out of it. And finally, he bought out the legislative and judicial branches, and this action has enabled him to become the uncontrollable, political, wrecking ball of all time in the presidential history of the republic!

    Can’t we see that the inaction of the core of people we have elected to represent us is part and parcel of the problem, and it has therefore emboldened Weah?

    Besides his engaging in state theft, Weah politicizes everything and sometimes even plunges lower than low. He cheated Nimba County in a simple sporting activity where it was predicted that his county of origin, Grand Kru, was about to lose. If this man cannot be trusted on a micro-level (small level) of socialization, then can he be trusted on a macro-level (big level) of socialization? I do not believe so.

    If the foreign embassies and observers had not spoken with one voice, Weah would have remained silent by now, and he would have brushed this dangerous saga under the rug because his sycophants and gravy seekers have blinded him from the truth and made him to believe that despite his incompetence and glaring inadequacies to lead this fragile nation, he is still doing well and is destined by “god” to lead.

    • Sure enough; President George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku GbehTarpeh Manneh Weah is doing well and is destined by God to lead!!! If President Weah “derives his power from the use of the state military apparatus” as you deceive yourself, then the very military and the police would have not intervened in favor of that hoodlum and his financier.

      You make no sense when you will rant that it is not Innis´ bosses who were been arrested and prosecuted who may have machinated his death to bury evidence, but it would be the very government who needed Innis to testify against the suspects who were innis´ bosses!

      Your rant about this stolen million and that stolen million, and the impeachment and removal of corrupt Kabineh Janeh make manifest your foolish and frustrated mindset.

      For the most credible and neutral international investigators in the world exonerated the Liberian government from that nonsense and disinformation; while in the case of Janeh, even people from the party Liberty Party of which he is a de facto member, voted to impeach him for his abuse of discretion.

      As for your bizarre insinuation that President Weah was the referee during the finals between Nimba and Grand Kru, tells you must be going nuts. And this is why the international community says they have respect and confidence in his President Weahś leadership!

  4. If Weah were not playing football during the war, he would have become a notorious rebel general.
    We need to be careful with hoodlum Weah or else Liberia will plunge again into chaos. I hope the diplomatic missions can press him further to put some sense in his brain for us!

    • Brother Petarus, Weah has no idea what war is. He did not run under stray bullets, sleep with hunger, live in displaced camps, or witness the many atrocities many of us saw firsthand. Trust me, he will be the first to run away at the mention on the word war. Let his “Kru Defense Force” and clueless homies keep fooling him. Doe and Taylor had all the guns and bodyguards. When the Liberian people got ready, those two dictators were reduced to death and jail. Let Weah keep fooling himself. The Liberia of today is very different and bolder than the Liberia of Doe and Taylor.

    • Look at this notorious rebel and hoodlum Petarus AKA Peter Dolo sitting his ass in the Ivory Coast for fear of prosecution in Liberia referring to President Weah as a hoodlum.

      You are the one the international community will come looking for and put some darn sense in your head when you are behind bars for your benefitting roles in the Liberian conflict, FOOL.

      • Taylor Wilson,

        Gone are the days when a group of individuals take up arms and enter Liberia to unseat a government in the name of liberation.

        You better believe the Krus will defend their own and if it is through the Kru defense force, so be it. There was Lofa defense force and other forces operating in Liberia, Did we the krus complained when our people was slaughtered ?

        Your keep equating President Weah to the entire Kru tribe, Your will find out when shit hit the fan in Liberia.

  5. We hope that civility will prevail on both sides of the political spectrum. This means the supporters of the COP including Mr. Yekeh Kolubah and those who support the present administration. Mr. Kolubah should conduct himself like a member of the honorable House of Representative, R.L.

    As an elected Law Maker of the first branch of the Liberian Government, Mr. Yekeh Kolubah has equal responsibility to ensure that peace and law and order prevail in all jurisdictions of Liberia as well as Mr. George Weah. Also as a leader of the opposition COP, he should contain his inflammatory verbiage and rowdy behavior especially as it pertains to national issues and other government officials.

    All those who ride on the political back of Kolubah and expect him to do their dirty work, like Cummings, Boakai, and Urey should also be admonished. We Liberians want peace to prevail in our beautiful country. Politicians of Liberia you do not have to disrupt the peace and tranquility of the land in order to gain the attention of the voters and get their votes, come election time. Liberians are not stupid. They know everything that is going on in the national government. They do not need an incitement of disorderliness in our streets to have your political messages across.

    So, the latest outcry of the religious leaders, members of the diplomatic corps near Monrovia, and all well meaning people, goes out to all: President George Weah and all political leaders of the opposition group, and they know themselves, to behave (including their “followers”).

  6. Some always comment on these stories hence discerning enough to form individual judgments. It suggests that Mr. Menjor should’ve let the brief statement speak for itself instead of choosing quotes that support a one-sided view. The diplomats’ want to know outcomes of the probe with hope that they would deter behaviors that put our nation at risk. And critical readers would discover that all major actors, Zwedru youths, County leadership, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah, Henry Costa, Senator Dillon and others were equally implicitly feathered for the climate of uncertainty.

    Perhaps, Menjor has refused to accept that the outrage of many against legislator Kolubah is more to do with threatening the President‘s life at any given opportunity than about insults. Here is an elected member of the Lower House who said he will ambush the motorcade and kill the President. Amazingly, to show he belongs to a psychiatric ward and not the Legislature, on his return from Zwedru and after another rant against the President, he said “Liberians will find out who would be butchered like a chicken”. (It seems the educated gentry that has him on a leash thinks it’s funny).

    These threatening remarks create tension, and the community isn’t oblivious to them. Last year, when Costa and CO filled the airwaves with filth and rants of forcible regime change, on February 25, the UN, EU, AU, and ECOWAS warned against “media messages that promote violence”. Anywhere else on the continent, Civil Society voices would’ve supported them. PUL came out condemning the statement, and tellingly the following month a vigilante mob burnt down a police station in Kakata. Folks, until misleading media messaging and untenable conspiracy theories are challenged, we will continue to talk at each other, not with each other.

    • It would be easier to digest many of your criticisms on The Observer and Front Page were one not cognizant of the fact that you served as NSA Director during the regime of the brutal dictator Samuel K. Doe, under whose tyrannical rule secret killings, tribal cleansings, intimidation, etc became the norm. As you are now critical of the likes of Rep. Yekeh Kolubah and Henry Costa, I wonder if you were brave to condemn Pres. Doe’s many heinous crimes against Liberians? What do I know, I was less than 5 yrs old when Doe and Co took power. Would you care to reply?


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