Dillon Slams Weah’s Sirleaf Blame-Game

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, slamming what he sees as a blame-game directed against former President Sirleaf, has questioned the consciences of President George Weah and his Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor for resorting to such tactics.

He said that while they criticized ills and corruption allegedly carried out by the past administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, they are now in charge of the country and therefore should be correcting those ills.

“George Weah and Jewel Howard-Taylor were in the Senate with CDC holding the singular largest block in the House of Representatives. CDC cried during the Ellen/UP-led administration that ‘Ellen Government passed 68 investment agreements but only two met the best standards of law.’  Funny!!” Senator Dillon wrote in a post on his Facebook page.

Senator Dillon, who once served as a special Office Chief of Staff to Vice President Taylor while she was Senator of Bong County during the first term of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, went further to state:  “When Ellen became President, she insisted the Firestone and Mittal Steel agreements needed review.  She took the bull by the horn and reviewed said agreements and made amendments for the better.  She did not cry; and did not shift blames all day and night.  That’s leadership and courage!!”

In his comments posted on June 18, 2020, Senator Dillon, whose popularity is among the ordinary people rather than his colleagues in the Legislature, further indicated, “Interestingly, CDC now rules the country with George Weah and Jewel Howard-Taylor at the top of Government. They have the power and the authority to order, cause review or revocation of said ’66 bogus’ agreements which they passed during the Ellen-led administration.”

By these observations, Senator Dillon hit further, “But the Weah/CDC-led regime lacks the balls; spineless!  They simply choose to cry and shift blames all day and night; and they expect people to sit and cry alongside them!”

Up to press time yesterday, the Senator’s post had met 435 likes and other forms of affirmative reactions and over 50 comments of support.  The comments were mostly in consonance with his idea expressed.

However, other comments debunked his post and described him as a “Hypocrite” propagating lies and speaking what he is not able to do.

In one comment, Dillon, who his followers described as “Light,” was referred to as “Chinese light,”  which will soon go off because the position he occupies now is a vacation job that a candidate of the Coalition for Democratic Change will soon take away from him.

In a rebuttal, another comment challenged the above and called for presentation of a candidate on the social media platform to see whether or not the person matches Senator Dillon, their choice.

“Up to now, no one has come out to show [himself] or herself.  Your ticket will remain empty, and if any of your men come out, he will be beaten like a market dog,” the reaction noted.

It can be recalled that President George Weah, upon taking office in 2018, expressed during his first state of the nation address that his administration was taking over a ‘broke’ economy; the statement that former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf debunked and said her administration left US$150 million in Liberia’s reserve.

Over time, the Weah Administration has complained of lacking the financial support to run the country, and supporters have attributed the menace to alleged looting of the country by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration. However his critics have slammed such complaints terming them as unacceptable excuse. They charge that President Weah had and still has the opportunity to review the said bogus concession agreements as well as to call President Sirleaf to account for her stewardship.

According to them he has failed to do so owing to his inaugural promise to protect her interests but more so out of fear of being exposed for his alleged links to the disappearance of the 16bn Liberian dollar banknotes, citing his failure to compel former CBL governor, Nathaniel Patray to grant access to investigators to do a physical count of money held in the CBl’s vaults.

Meanwhile, and contrary to public speculations and expectations, there has so far been no official reaction from the government neither from the CDC on Senator Dillon’s comments which have is seemingly provoking intense public debate.


  1. “Would NOCAL audit reveal how much the oil company reportedly spent on Senator Dillon’s tuition, and would he be recommended for prosecution for causing financial loss to the state as he refused to complete his courses and graduate?

    But Senator Dillon and others, under the banner of the Council of Patriots, would go on to stage numerous protests calling for transparency, accountability and open governance. But when hard pressed to be an exhibitionist of those qualities as well, he refuses and carries on showboating.

    Venerable Nobel Peace Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, remains right in his quote: “Sometimes we become what we hate in others.”

    Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, a known critic of all the wrong things of governance, is slowly but steadily becoming what he criticized. First, it was the expensive SUV which he promised not to ride. Later it was the donation of his salary to his office staff, instead of the county as initially promised. Now, it is US$6,500 to pass the state of emergency and the economic stimulus package.” Culled from FPA/Daily Observer

    • Nonsense as usual. Isn’t it astonishing that the one who, at least, is taking a stab at some of the vices that have shackled our capacity to grow and develop for so long as a nation, and no matter how small for now but just the audacity to expose and scare those rascals, has become the target of vicious attacks daily? Shine the light senator, and let all dark forces quiver and eviscerate just by the mention of the name Dillon! Let it shine senator, so that all who sees it will convert to good will and the name of your heavenly father will be glorified. The light! Senator Dillon, the Light!

  2. But of course, Abraham Dillon is a hypocrite exploiting the ever-present corrupt conduct of politicians and the never-ending anti-government public emotions incited by the opposition of a given polity or citizenry, everywhere in the world.

    Donald Trump carried out the very hypocrisy about “draining poverty, corruption, and racism out of Washington”. Today, the very Americans who cheered him Donald Trump, just wish the elections were today or tomorrow, to dump him Trump into oblivion.

    And this is just what is about to happen to Abraham Dillon in the forthcoming elections. If Dillon were what he rants about, he would not have defended his “operational funds” mantra.

    Nor would he had been a beneficiary of he collapse of NOCAL. He would have not been the one riding the expensive SUV which he promised not to ride after his facebook and widespread criticism about senators using such expensive cars.


  3. Concerned citizen! Do you have anything personal against senator Dillion? You keep on talking this nonsense about NOCAL scholarship that was awarded to senator Dillion, do you know how many Liberians benefit from public corporations and government scholarships every year? I will say no because you don’t. You only know about the scholarship that benefited senator Dillion. Your reasoning are limited and it’s about time you encourage our government to audit all scholarship that was offered to every Liberians, not just senator Dillion, and public officials that, their salaries don’t correspond with their savings.

    Another point you should be discussing is for our government to tell us Liberians, were are the funds coming from to support the so called scholarship announcement passed by the president to sustained the students at our nation highest institution of learning, the university of Liberia. Do you understands the impact of this scholarship on students and the administration at the university of Liberia presently? I will say no again because, you don’t have any idea on such burden except for senator Dillion scholarship that was awarded by NOCAL, was he was the first nor last to be awarded scholarship in Liberia? I will say no and he just happened to fall with in the group of people that has benefited from scholarship programs in Liberia. Don’t be selective.

    • The issue is, the NOCAL funding for his education was a waste due to his academic incompetency. So he contributed to the financial losses of previous administration. He is an embarrassment to Liberia now acting very smart.

  4. Yes, the 66 of 68 bogus concession agreements. Has CDC taken a close look at those agreements in the interest of the country and people? If it hasn’t, it should without delay!

  5. I don’t think people should be debating on senator Dillion’s comments directed at George Weah and VP Taylor. These are the facts, nothing but the facts. The then opposition said the past government was corrupt which they were part of but nothing they did to stop the said corruption when serving as senior senators for the two densely populated counties. They’re in charge let them stop the corruption and other ills in our society. To the supporters of current government, stop abusing your fellow Liberians for nothing. This your government is not here forever. Be intelligent and discuss important issues that will put your government on right track.

  6. No matter how tenebrous it may be, a light at the end of the tunnel will always shine bright to lead the way forward.
    Senator Dillion is indeed the voice and embodiment of the new Liberia we truly envision for ourselves and children.
    The sky should be your limit, Senator. Let no one distract you from your honorable role in serving Liberia. Point out their mundanity, ineptitude, sluggishness, heinous and notorious compulsive lying tongues.

    This is why they wanted a dubious character to head the NEC. But I guess they got the rut from the Liberian people.
    We want to see the candidate that will unseat Senator Dillion. Show him to the Liberian people. The NEC is in the hands of respectable Liberians. Bring out your candidate that can defeat Senator Dillion.

    The CDC & co used to behave as if they knew the answers to the Liberian problems. At one time, I was almost convinced until I discovered the bullish components of the party. Repeatedly, we told them that this was not a football field.
    To lead a people or country or a corporation is the utmost demonstration of intellectualism. Footballers are groomed and pampered under a leadership, if not you cannot be paid substantially. The salary of a footballer doesn’t even represent 1% of what the person who hires you generate from you.
    We told you all of these things, but you decided to capitalize on the ignorance of our people to drown them to the abyss anew. Why will a country not at war pay the WFP $9 million to distribute relief supplies to its citizens? Look around the world, which country enjoying peace like Liberia is doing that? Simply because you guys are so dull and don’t even know what to do.

    We challenge the GOL to come out with a rebuttal to what Senator Dillion has said. We have figures, video recordings and documentation to slap them in their faces.
    Beware, pull yourself together lest you end up at the ICC after your 6 years!

  7. I hope that senator Dillon’s tender his resignation by October 2020 from the senate as he previously voiced out in keeping with his heroic and transparency roles as claimed by you people.

    We don’t know when such impasse drama will end in Liberia’s.

  8. What is so absurd about Weah is the comments he often makes about Ellen concerning bogus contractual agreements she signed during her administration. However, is she not alive? Ellen is live and kicking. All he has to do to prove his brazen allegations against her, is to summon her to a hearing knowing the seriousness Liberians attach to this crime and the grave, national security implications it has for the country.

    The crux of the matter is, Weah has been weakened by his persistent and continual involvement in massive corruption schemes to the extent that he lacks the moral will and courage to lead a charge into the investigation of all these alleged financial scandals. Lest we forget the murder of the late Innis at the central bank for the fear he would have revealed the secret behind the financial conspiracy concocted by Weah and his gang of kleptomaniacs, which lead to the theft of LD 16bl and US 25ml respectively.

    Innis’ blood cries for justice!

    Where does Weah derive the intestinal fortitude to deride Ellen and her administration, when all the projects he has dedicated so far were either executable ones meaning they were started by her and were nearly finished before the end of her term or executed ones meaning, they were started by her and completed by her?
    On what basis can he compare his achievement if there is any, to Ellen’s? He has shown us no basis whatsoever for any distinguishable comparison between himself and her!

    • Bright, you’ve got it all wrong!! The prevailing circumstances in our country are beyond the President’s incapacity to deliver as you think. Liberia faces an inherent problem that takes a collective effort to solve.Unfortunately,Mr.Weah finds himself in a system designed to be what it is since its establishment .And sadly, the President appears to be shouldering a burden heavier than himself.However, it’s judicious for one to argue that President Weah still committed himself to change inspite of the rising, confronting challeges that were ahead of him prior to his presidency .But it cannot be argued that someone can make a promise and fail simply because others do not wish to help him succeed.
      By the way, who is Ellen J Sirleaf that you praise? Have you asked yourself whether She successfully executed her plan for Liberia as she vowed she would do? For example, she spoke against corruption and the abuse of power,but by the end of her twelve years, she entangled herself with deeds of corrupt individuals,including her own children.In twelves yrs,with all the international supports her govt had, she was unable to improve the living standards of the Liberian people. Her children and appointees stole massively from govt coffers and in the end,she defended them. She brought more pains to the Liberian society as she refused to support her VP but rather chose to use state findings to force to power somebody she knew was never up to the task.

  9. In the real sense of the word, Sen. Abraham Dillon is a political newsmaker. Dillon’s supporters argue vaingloriously that he speaks truth to power. But there’s a growing number of Liberians who strongly believe that the Senator is a divider and a controversial newsmaker. With such labels being attached to Dillon, he is definitely not worthy of much veneration. From the very time he became elected (I was there in Liberia when he won the senatorial race) there’s not been a day that goes by without Dillon being in the news, for good or for worse. Because of his outspokeness, it was believed by many of his acolytes that Dillon would bring sanity to the Upper House of the Liberian legislature. So they pulled strings in order to vote for him! But, since his induction into office, Dillon’s pronouncements on the country’s vital issues have become a conundrum for some of the very people who supported him. Dillon doesn’t seem to have a better contrast or a set of core values of anything. Ironically, not him as an individual, but Dillon’s politics is becoming a headache for the Liberian people.

    Goodness gracious!
    I humbly pray to the Almighty God every day for Liberia to be re-blessed. The original blessing seems to have worn out. For instance, the country was blessed in 1847 to be established as a country. But the true meaning and significance of being a nation, freed of imperialism and colonialism has evaporated mainly because of corruption. Whether we like it or not, we need to beg to be re-blessed. That’s how I see it.


  10. Let He who have Not Sin Cast the First Stone.
    ( hypocrisy at the highest order)

    Thanks, Concern Liberian. When Mr. Dhillon was in the United States attending Strayer University ( come let us graduate) section, his tuition was being paid from Allen Sirleaf stolen money. Let him close his mouth. He is no SAINT here.
    He must be shame of himself, perpetuating a SAINTHOOD.
    Mamadu Bah ( (N/P) Nurse practitioner at Meridian Health, Adelaide, Australia

  11. Mr. Mamadu Bah! Do you know how many Liberians have benefited from public corporations and government scholarships in Liberia? I guess your answer is no and that’s because you don’t really know and all you know is the NOCAL scholarship awarded to Dillion. Why are we so quick to say things about our fellow Liberians and have no clue of the aftermath? You are sitting in Australia in your comfort zone and questioning scholarship matter in Liberia.

    I supposed you did not paid your tuition from your pocket in Australia, it was either student loan or government subsidy program considering the educational system in Australia. Should anyone be against your ability to educate yourself via government assistance? Or questioning how you was selected to migrate to Australia? I suggest we stop this petit attack and change the way things are done in Liberia. Senator Dillion alone can not change anything in the Liberia senate because of the way our republic work. Who ever knew how much money these bastard were being paid as salaries in Liberia as lawmakers? No one knew until Dillion was elected and that information out there has created open minded Liberians to demand change on lawmakers salaries and benefit.

    These lawmakers work 3 time a week, and earned thousands of dollars when the people they claimed to be representing sustaining themselves on a $2 a day meal. Who knew this was going on in Liberia? It was Dillion that blew the whistle and today, he has done his part. We need to make politics in Liberia a little bitter because, it is too sweet now considering the salaries involved and benefits. This madness has to stop Mr. Bah if Liberia will ever move forward with infrastructure developments and basic necessities of life for our people.

    Considering our republic system, only our president has the power and ability to developed Liberia and not senators, representatives, nor Vice President. The direction the president institute on policies about corruptions, infrastructure developments, and good governance will be the key to developing our country. Everything Dillion said about president Weah was correct. Why are they complaining when Ellen is still alive? Why the Weah administration did not audit the out going Ellen administration? So stop the blame game and lead.

    President Weah has the executive power invested in him, to call on lawmakers to restructure their salaries through a referendum. Liberia will not go anywhere if 37% to 40% of the country over all budget is allocated to just one branch of government, which is the legislature. By the time the other 2 branches budget add up, you do the math. Now salaries for civil servant is not yet in. How much is allocated for infrastructure developments and public housing? How can our country be in poverty and such salaries are being paid out to our so called lawmakers? Just imagine this, after serving as senators or representatives in Liberia for just 1 term classified you as a millionaire, considering the salaries structures. Is that the direction you want Liberia to continue on? I will say no Mr. Bah and it’s about time we seek more folks like Dillion to informed Liberians about the madness of our leadership.

  12. Mr. Akou,
    I do agree with you on some aspects of your argument. For instance, you’ve stated that a good number of Liberians have been awarded scholarships previously. You’re correct on that point. The saddest thing that happens is that the government does have an overnight strategy. In other words, when a scholarship has been granted, a body of Liberians (hired and paid by the government) must and should monitor the progress of the scholarship awardees.

    Let me support my theory by narrating a real life historical event. During the 1980s, a Liberian was granted a scholarship to study in the DC area. The gentleman went to college as he was supposed to do. As time progressed, the gentleman received his promised stipend, and everything was honky-dory. Right? Not really! During the following school year, the Liberian government renaged on its commitment. No money was sent for school fees. That’s the story. My point is that if there’s a team of people who are charged with the responsibility of “keeping in touch” with those who are awarded scholarships to study abroad, things will get better. It really makes no sense to award a scholarship to a Liberian and then do absolutely nothing to keep in touch.

    On the other hand, you’ve stated that Sen. Dillon is the guy who bought awareness to our fellow compatriots as it relates to the outrageous salaries of the Liberian lawmakers. I completely disagree with you on this particular issue. Be reminded that long before Dillon’s name became a household word in Liberian politics, I and a good number of Liberians have argued about the high salaries of our country’s lawmakers. You may not have seen or read the numerous comments I and many others have written on this topic. I understand and I will not fault you. However, the truth must be told. I am sure that when the historians or fact checkers go to work, they will discover that I am right. Dillon seems to have a problem with the huge salaries his colleagues make yearly. He is right on that score 101%! But he is not the guy who told the Liberian people about the outrageous salaries of the Liberian lawmakers. I am not the one either!

    Finally, I do not want to minimize Dillon’s efforts. Of course, I am not one of his supporters. However, I will say this….Dillon is not a Liberian icon. Dillon sometimes raises important national issues. That’s positive. Sadly, there are times when the gentleman cannot be fully understood. I don’t mean to suggest that Dillon is wishy-washy. There’s something about him that’s tricky. May that’s how the world of politics spins in Liberia! All in all, I am skeptical of Liberian lawmakers.

  13. ………………. Correction ………………..

    The word that I intended to use in the first paragraph is “OVERSIGHT”, not overnight.

    Indeed, the government of Liberia needs an oversight committee. The function of the committee will be to keep in touch with people who have been granted a scholarship. Also, the oversight committee will monitor the progress and other unforeseen issues that may arise.

    We’ve ways to go. But if we are willing to change, the distance may not be longer.

  14. Mr. Akoi,
    I am very sorry to have spelled your name wrongly.

    I wrote A k o I, but the stupid computer changed the spelling to Akou.


  15. Mes saluatations, Hney!

    It’s been a while. Hope you have totally recovered and doing fine. Don’t worry, the Angels of God are keeping watch over all your faltering steps.

    Again, there is no problem with our lawmakers’ emoluments. It’s fine as it is.
    As I disagreed with Dillion initially on this topic, did you follow the story where he was claiming $6,500? He has now stopped giving his extra pay to his constituent, do you know?
    If only all of us knew the role and responsibility our lawmakers have, we will not advocate for their emoluments to be slashed.

    However, there are many DO-NOTHING lawmakers who DO NOT merit that sum. In fact, they do not even know where they are in both houses. Let’s VOTE THEM OUT!
    Working 3 days in a week doesn’t mean you don’t do much work. Lawmakers mostly work in their offices or at home or in their constituencies. Plenary sessions are moments issues are submitted, debated and eventually voted.

    The core of the problems in Liberia is the Executive Branch. Just vote us (ANC) in 2023. We will begin nation building to look like other neighboring countries.
    Let’s be grateful for the Liberian army built through the support of friendly governments. The army is indeed professional, if not the CDC would have polluted it long ago. They tried twice and failed, and I think they have understood what is at stake.

    Liberian government scholarships are not based on merit. You better know someone in town who knows someone who can help.

    Liberia will rise again, do not despair folks! Nothing lasts forever. Think, breathe and vote the ANC come this December and 2023 for a new Liberia where merit will be rewarded, hard work recompensed fairly, integrity and probity the order of the day.

    Long live Liberia!

  16. Many people think governance is family affairs. Do you know how long it took Johnson Sirleaf before she could revisit and renegotiate those deals.
    Look, any document that has been signed into agreement is hard to correct. Even dictators struggle to do it. This is because it has a way it affects citizens and the entire economy. Making new agreements is easier than correcting old ones.
    One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to repeal and to replace Obama Care. After he won that became one of his national objective. Every way he tried it failed because it would negatively affect million of Americans. One day he publicly said “I never knew it was this difficult”. It takes time to rectify signed agreements.

  17. Mr. Akoi
    Thank you for criticizing me, I like your criticism on me, but it is laughable and comical. Sorry for my language, but I cannot help it. Most Liberian scholarships are not base on merits. Secondly, my tuitions were paid by the charge de affairs of Venezuela in Canberra. I was amongst 15 students from Nepal, India, Taiwan, the Philippine and Uzbekistan. We took a series of Biology ( anatomy and physiology, micro biology applied sciences) and mathematics test to be eligible. Six made it and nine(9) did not. When i graduated from Wells-Hairston in 1995-1996 academic year I enrolled at LU. It was on -and off- process (April 6 attack and the attempted arrest of Gen. Roosevelt Johnson 1998). I left and got enrolled at the Amical Cabral Institutes de Science In Bessau, iGuinea-Bissau. After 3 semesters I left Guinea-Bissau, came to Liberia before leaving Liberia on my own expense.

    Liberian tax payers have shoulder my education, when I attended school in Liberia. Same with Mr. Dillon. What ever money was paid for him to enter Strayers University in USA, does he know how it was accumulated? Mr. Dillon’s pseudo-sainthood is nothing but an advanced political stunt for 2023.
    A country like Liberia where anything can be bought, his stunts are being bought setting stage for another massive corrupt regime take in 2023.
    Ummmmmmm! Another chapter of the Animal Farm
    M. S Bah

  18. Mr. Hney! I totally understand, and can differentiate between the word “bought”and “brought”. It was a “typographical” error from the built in A I or smart spelling system in these smart devises. I supposed you got the message that was being convey at that point and that’s the basic idea of communication.

    Speaking about you and others being aware about the madness in the Liberia senate regarding their salaries and benefits, how many Liberians knew then comparing to now? Yes, you and others might have known and even spoken about it, but did not bring concerned compared to Dillion’s out cried. Did your awareness and out cried brought about any changes for public discussion? I will say no and that’s because, only you and few Liberians that knew about the situation, which constitute just a fraction of the Liberian population. Now, compared the public awareness generated since senator Dillion publicized the salaries structure of our first branch of government to that of the past. Give credit where it is due and that’s why I wrote to praised Hon. Dillion despite of his past activities. No human is perfect and most of all, wise men changes for the betterment of humanity.

    Which one of our lawmakers that ever did what senator Dillion has done, by publicizing their salary for the Liberian people to know? I will say again none that I know of, but here are condemning the only individual that has done this for the care of his country. Again, you and many might have known a bit more even before senator Dillion initiative but, your knowledge about this did not spark public discussion as it diid, until senator Dillion came forth. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

  19. Mr. M. S. Bah! If you actually understood the magnitude of how your education and many others Liberians education came via scholarship programs offered by our government and public corporations, then you need not questioning the NOCAL scholarship awarded to senator Dillion. You did very well for yourself in life and, I must congratulate you and honestly be happy for you about the job well done. Bravo! Bravo! And what you demonstrated represent the face of your destiny. Again, no one is perfect Mr. Bah and if senator Dillion is due credit now, give him his flowers and open new chapter in life journeys. I was in way trying to attack you but simply telling you not to be selective. Can we justified all scholarships program offered to Liberians in Liberia? I will leave that discussion for next time.

  20. Bonjour Brother Dolo,
    It seems that you are in a 10% state of denial or maybe a shameful rebellion.

    Question: If you said it is wrong for the Liberian lawmakers to work just three days a week and be paid $15-16,000 a month, why do you maintain the view that the lawmakers’ salaries should not be slashed?

  21. Comrade Hney,

    First, I wish you a peaceful and successful week. Keep safe from COVID-19!

    Well, I am not in a state of denial in any way. If you can recall, I rebuked Dillion when he campaigned on lawmakers earning maximum $5,000, and that if it were the case and he were elected, he would donate the extra pay to his constituency and advocate for the reduction of lawmakers’ emoluments.
    I said it was cheap politics, and even underscored here that if our lawmakers were earning $15,000 or $16,000 per month, it was a fair earning that we must keep.

    Just recently, the same Dillion was craving for a bonus of $6,500, plus his $5,000, giving a total of $11,500, amusing, isn’t it? This was a guy who did not want more than $5,000 but yelling everywhere for $6,500 extra pay, curious!

    Again, to all those who think $15,000 or $16,00 pay to our lawmakers are too much, if such sum is correct, I say to you again, it is a fair earning for them, let’s keep it as it is for our lawmakers.
    They handle critical documents and provide oversights to good governance and development projects. If you pay them something derisory, they will always be bought over easily. Our lawmakers should not be in need during and after their tenure. They are the secret basket and uphold the integrity of the Republic.

    However, what the Liberian people should do is to vote out the many unqualified people in our houses. We need people who can ignite and make a change, append to deals that fairly and mutually benefit Liberians and empower the Executive for peace and war. Such people should be people of academic qualification, moral probity and inflexible patriots.

    Dillion, and few others (not exceeding 20, to my view) are indeed the pride of Liberia right now. Dillion boldly speaks out on ills that no one can dear mention.
    Lawmakers do a lot of researches and studies to counter or propose legislations during plenary sessions. What would it benefit a parliament to hold sessions 5 days a week and come out with nothing meaningful and insightful?
    Working 3 days a week is enough plenary session time, except during emergency where they are summoned even on a Sunday.

    Liberians, to give a meaning to our democracy and begin sustainable development, think about a qualified and morally clean executive and legislative branches of government, the rest will be added us.

    So, vote well come this December to unseat some seat occupiers and rogues. Vote courageously in 2023 to bring sanity to leadership in our country Liberia.

    Long live Liberia!

  22. Mr. Dolo,
    Knowing you, there’s only one solution you have for the problems of Liberia; you want the ANC to be voted in come 2023! Once that happens, roads will be constructed, schools will run well, and just about every societal issue will melt away.

    Too bad Mr. Dolo. Your idea of how the government should run and how much lawmakers ought to be paid would have a deleterious effect if it were embraced by the Liberian people. Liberia is a poor country. Have you ever thought about that? Where’s your sympathy Dolo? There are some people in Liberia who get paid less than $50.00 a month. How do you expect them to feed their children while the country’s lawmakers earn $174,000 to 182,000 per year? I have never heard you say that there should be a minimum wage law in Liberia that will guarantee the working class a living.

    You detest comparisons. But I will always use comparisons in order to be fully understood. The US’s lawmakers earn the same amount that’s paid to Liberian lawmakers. But in the US, there is a federal minimum wage law. Somehow, the amount that’s paid to minimum wage earners varies from state to state. But there’s a law regardless. In your country, nothing has been taken into account. How can you continue to vouch for such a dumb system?

    Take a listen if it means anything to you. The lawmakers of Liberia were clever to have taken care of themselves. When it became clear that the least among us needed to be taken care of, the lawmakers scoffed and the truth bears out. Example, in their take home pay, (we call that net income in the US) the lawmakers took into account their expenses (gas, telephone, etc) and other essentials. But the lawmakers did not consider anything for gas money or telephone cost for the poor.

    I can predict your regular answer: Usher in 2023! Right? That’s not good politics.

  23. Hahahahahahaha!
    Welcome back Hney. I love reading you, really!

    Ushering in the ANC come 2023 will not make all the problems to go away, but it will be the beginning of true nation building of a state that will consider all strata of society.
    Liberia has no system in place yet, and no one seems to care at all.

    We collect 0.017% of taxes annually. If a system were to be put in place, no one will go after a company to pay its tax. Company will make sure they pay all their taxes and within the allotted time.
    I do business in the Ivory Coast. The tax bureau doesn’t come after me. I make sure to file my tax papers before or on the 15th of every month. A system is in place.
    In the same way, no tax officials come after you in the USA to pay your taxes. You file yourself and within the time frame, because there is a system in place.

    By the time we put a tax system in place end March 2023, the government would have generated minimum 5 billion and created minimum 100,000 jobs. Try us!

    Again, lawmakers in the USA DO NOT earn the same emoluments as their counterparts in Liberia.
    When elected in a constituency in the USA, a lawmaker goes to Washington with his wardrobe ALONE! Everything is at his disposal; vehicles always fueled, the best security personnel in the world, the best healthcare in the world, all working materials and very decent and conducive office, etc.
    It is not the case with our lawmakers in Liberia Sir.

    I like comparison but I like to compare what is comparable. How can you compare the USA with Liberia? I would like you to compare Liberia with Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, etc. Comparing a 5th world country with a 1st world one is a very weak analogy, Sir!

    We will take care of our people; pay them decent salaries, improved standard of lives, better education and good healthcare system.
    Yes, we are the beginning of genuine solutions for the many problems in Liberia.

    We need your support, Sir!

  24. Dolo,
    I would like to correct you on a few things:
    1. The Liberian legislators earn the exact amount that their American counterparts earn.
    In order to make sure on this one, google the yearly incomes of US Senators and Congressman tonight on your computer. Secondly, the money that’s raised during a run for an elective office in the US does not find its way in the pockets of the politicians. Be careful with your wardrobe example. It is misleading.

    2. You claim that the ANC will be able to collect taxes (in the billions) and therefore, the nefarious idea of hiring 100,000 Liberians in three months is doable.

    Reality vs. fantasy:
    Remember? The country is broke! Where are you going to collect billions of dollars before creating 100,000 jobs? In the Nimba mountains? By the way, if you’re strategizing on collecting billions before creating 100,000 jobs, then job creation is not being done in three months. Again, if you’re lucky, you will be able to collect thousands of dollars per month, not millions and certainly not billions. I sometimes wonder if you guys are at your nadir.

    Liberia needs to be compared with the US. Why? Because Liberia is older than all the countries you want your country to be compared with. Since you were wishing me back, I will label you again. You’re a black coward! You’ve passed the “apologist” line by a few notches. Are you afraid of the white people you black African? Or do you think I am going to allow you to cover my face up and have me fed with gigba? Why should Liberia be like Ghana or Nigeria? Do you want your Liberian people to eat gari and dunku, with no electricity in important areas at night? My God! The ANC is teetering on the brink of a disaster.

    For your information, there was a time when the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) was not customer friendly. In a show of force, the IRS caused trouble for those who didn’t pay their taxes on time. But a Congressional hearing took place in the chamber of the Lower House. Today, the IRS is customer friendly…….in other words, the IRS is not as abusive as it once was. But irrespective of that, one’s taxes must be paid. There’s a penalty if a taxpayer fails to pay.

    Lastly, I am sorry I will not be a follower or a sympathizer of the ANC if the ANC were to come to power. I am very sorry about that. The CPP, the CoP, Unity party the All Liberia party are one and the same.


  25. Have you ever eaten gigba before? Just imagine it with baboon worms and a nice and sweet piassava wine under the palava hut in the evening, I love it out there in the village!
    Hope you will accept my invitation to swallow gigba with me in my village when we take over the country in 2023.

    Comrade Hney, I find some things very easy to do in Liberia, but we need the right heads to implement the right policies for the country to move forward.
    Our presidents and lawmakers have either been businesspeople or have interests in major businesses and so they do not have that political will to collect taxes.
    Have you read about Weah’s Lebanese business friend? Deplorable, isn’t it?

    Visit the IMF data on Liberia. We collect 0.017% of our taxes. Where on earth have you seen that? Yemen, a poor and failed state and Syria, a war-torn country, recover their taxes at far better rates than peaceful Liberia.

    Why should we borrow money to buy food for people? Are we a communist or socialist country? Worst of all, we pay the WFP $9 million to distribute that food, “safroulaye” (abomination)!
    The guy is a lawmaker and he takes his breaks in the USA where his family are now based after being voted, completely neglecting the people and constituency that voted him, quelle inconscience!

    Look Hney, we have seen the kwee people too much, the czar or don CDC disco dancers have shown us their colors just over 3 years, give us (the country or bush boys) a chance and see. Just give us 6 years and see the difference. We have been looking for a head like Cummings’, and he has the temperament and meekness we’ve sought in a leader, we can get the job done.

    Have you seen how much Firestone (the biggest rubber plantation in the year), ArcelorMittal, and others pay in tax annually to the GOL? Do you know how much some other monopoly or semi-monopoly companies like Sethi Brothers pay to the GOL in taxes?
    Do you know how much public corporations like LEC and others generate per year? Do you know their overheads?
    People are not working in Liberia. We will put people to work and pay them decent salaries, house them in conducive conditions and provide solid retirement schemes to them.
    We will make our people to accept and be proud of our Africanity; let’s visit our people in our villages, make farms for our people who cannot come to town to watch over and pay them decent wages.

    Take a $1 bill, the way you use it determines the livelihood of at least 5 people. When you use the dollar bill to buy flour, sugar, baking powder and oil to make bread, you will probably get $1.25 in return. The person selling the oil would have earned his living of the day, like the people selling the flour, sugar and baking powder.
    Remembered the parable of the talents in the Bible? The master left 5 with one servant who worked and doubled it to 10, the other he left 2 and he produced 4, while the last he left 1 and that 1 was buried and returned just as it was given.

    Giving power to Weah and thugs is like giving those guys 1 talent. Unlike the Bible story, instead of them returning the 1 talent, they may return minus (-10) to the Liberian people. Why will you fight for 12 years to rule us and you cannot pay the meagre salaries of our people for 21 months? Its revolting!

    I am not CoP or CPP. I am a sympathizer and prospective member of the ANC. We will put people to work, provide decent jobs and improve lives.
    We will shake up some companies to live up to the new Liberia’s dream or else park up and leave. Taxes will be paid fully for government to embark on development plans.

    Liberia is not broke! The intellectualism of CDCians is broke and unproductive. Ellen was there just yesterday paying salaries regularly and she left $150 million dollars in public coffers before handing over power. What values have the CDC led government added to the Liberian economy since they took office? All economic indicators are in descending order, what then did they come to propose to the Liberian people? Suffering and hardship?

    Liberia is 50 years behind the Ivory Coast, 30 years behind Ghana and Nigeria, and 1,000 years behind the USA and so who should we target first? I am not a black coward but a black realist.
    Any county of the USA has more wealth and better living conditions then our dear big Republic of Liberia, then why should I do such comparison? How many counties are there in a given state? Do you see the gap?
    I would love to see Liberia grow and produce tomato paste, grow and produce plum juice and plum germ, harness our rivers to produce electricity, transform a part of our iron ore to metal, etc.
    We are yet to get there. There should be a beginning to all this, not with a moribund team like the CDC but with a team that will value human capital and improve it in priority.

    The ANC will win bigly, watch and see! We now represent between 15% to 20% of the electorates. We are moving slowly but surely.
    Liberia will rise again!

  26. Mr. Dolo! Why are you justifying our lawmakers salaries in Liberia considering our cost of living? Don’t you think their salaries should be a public forum base hearing since they are working for their people, the people should be deciding just how much to be paid them base on proposal and suggested figures. You can not hire someone and give them a blank check to pay themselves. You think they will under paid themselves? Oh yes, they will definitely over paid themselves, and this is exactly what occurred in Liberia under the Ellen administration and continued to drain Liberia as a country. Our neighbor Sierra Leone, they have only one house base on their parliamentary system and they are earning $2,500.00 U.S dollars a month.

    This position or Job shouldn’t be the way out of poverty in Liberia. No one is compelled to be a law maker in life, only those that desire to work for their people should have the tendency of doing so. Instead, in Liberia, the people are working for their lawmakers and not the lawmakers working for their people. Anyone who can not sustained themselves on a $5,000.00 U.S salary a month, don’t need to run as senator in Liberia. There are so many good, educated and smart Liberians out there willing to work for their people at $5,000.00 as salary in Liberia. Again, this area of working is not about you, it is about the people of Liberia. This area of work should not be the way out of poverty in Liberia. It should be the way in which someone is ready and willing to make necessary sacrifices for the very people he/she cares about. We need to make this job a bit bitter, because, it is too sweet presently and that’s why, everybody wants to be a lawmaker in Liberia.

  27. Mr. Akoi,

    I concur with your perception and definition of a representative of a people in a democracy. I have no information on how much lawmakers earn in Sierra Leone but the amount advanced seems to be reasonably acceptable, given the resources of the country.

    However, I am an optimist and firmly believe that if our natural resources are managed well, our standard of life may be comparable with that of the Swiss or Norwegians.
    Look, there is a deep and pernicious plague in Liberia you guys do not perceive. Liberians, nearly all Liberians, have one common objective when they get a job: safe or steal some money and leave for the USA. If you sample 100 Liberians, 99 will have the USA as a project, and NEVER to come back home.
    To discourage this brain drain and exodus, make life meaningful in Liberia. How? By providing decent salaries to qualified Liberians. In so doing, you may even induce Liberians in the diaspora to come home and build decent lives for themselves.
    The bottom line is that economically and development wise, the country benefits enormously from diverse foreign expertise and technologies.

    Liberia barely collects 0.5% of its taxes. If we were to collect just 5%, the annual budget would be raised to minimum $2.5 billion. What do you do, as a country with frontiers to protect and infrastructure development to undertake, with an annual budget of half a billion dollars a year? Michael Bloomberg just used that amount on publicity during 3 months on a campaign he knew he would lose in the Democratic primary recently.

    Liberians need to behave like other human beings in the world. When the opportunity is given through a democratic process, let’s dare censure our oppressors and frown on demerit and mundanity.
    While the Nazis are hunted to date in every corner of the world, Liberians stupidly say “you kill my ma you kill my pa I will vote for you”. This is abomination, don’t expect God to answer our prayers.
    While the world is looking up to the most astute to provide them with better living conditions, Liberians say “you don’t need to be a Socrates to rule Liberia”, a grave insult to intellectualism. Don’t expect intellectuals to freely or readily come to our aid.

    Let’s vote people who merit to lead the executive and legislative branches of government. When done, the national cake would somehow be distributed such that every child of Liberia benefit from 3 meals a day.
    This can be done by a good management team at the executive, and serein and temperamental brains of probity providing checks and balances at the legislature. Such people should therefore be beyond needs and wants to curtail corruption.

    We are less than 5 million people with immense natural resources. If we began massive human capital training based on intellectual vibrancy and participate at 49% in all mining companies in Liberia, impose economic and financial targets on Firestone and LAC, and refine our petroleum for domestic consumption, Liberia would import labor force from neighboring countries and eventually regain its status as the first black republic in Africa. It takes a new leadership we envisage for the new Liberia.

    Let’s pray for Liberians to take the right decision, then we will go on our knees to our Creator to ask for forgiveness before embarking on such project.
    So, help us God!

  28. Mr. Dolo,
    Your Michael Bloomberg analogy is off the charts by a few percentage points. Bloomberg’s net worth is approximately 53-56 billions. That’s his own money, it was not raised during the campaign season.

  29. You missed the point I tried to make, Comrade.
    Michael Bloomberg spent about half a billion on publicity during the primary. I was not referring to his net wealth. Its far more than the figure you have here.


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