Dillon Receives First Commendation

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

The leadership of the Council of Patriots (COP) over the weekend congratulated Abraham Darius Dillon shortly after he was inducted as Senator of Montserrado County.

According to the release, the COP also commends the Senator for “promptly declaring his assets and liabilities” to the secretary of the senate in keeping with laws, and also giving the permission to the secretary to publish his assets declaration paper at the same time.

“We call on all other members of the Senate and the House of Representatives to follow Senator Dillon’s footsteps by declaring their assets and liabilities and publish same. We also appreciate Senator Dillon for taking the initial steps towards the reduction of salaries for high earning government officials by indicating that he would not accept any amount above US$5,000. We therefore call on the Senator to swiftly draft a bill on the issue of salary reduction for senators and representatives for consideration by both the Senate and House of Representatives,” COP said in a release.

On another note, the COP distances itself from any talks of war or violence in any form, and further reiterates that the organization does not support any such act.

“The COP calls on citizens to resist anyone, organization or group of people luring them in the direction of war or any form of violence. We wish to call on all citizens residing in and out of Liberia to continue to preach and work to maintain the country’s peace,” the group release added.

The COP also urged media institutions to remain responsible in their reportage by propagating messages of peace as they have always done.

The COP: “We also want to appeal to the Liberian government to do everything within her powers to maintain the peace of this country.”


  1. I was amazed at the underwhelming first response of Mr. Benoni Urey on yesterday (Sunday), in the wake of extreme violence and threat to life experienced by his daughter, Ms. Telia Urey. Mr. Urey, the first protector after God of his daughter, was remarkably controlled and magnanimous as he extended forgiveness to any and all perpetrators of the violence. Obviously he wants peace, and he, arguably the most aggrieved, is sending conciliatory signals. LET US ALL, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL DIVIDE, FOLLOW SUIT!

    • Very good counsel. At the same time, we need to start pointing out and condemning the perpetrators of the current wave of violence in Liberia. 250,000 of our loved ones and friends were killed needlessly so that we could have some semblance of democracy, rule of law and peace in our country. The current wave of mayhem with the inaction of the police couple with the eerie silence of our president is too unsettling. And this is exactly how society breaks down, one person at a time, or one party at a time. The next thing you know, someone has had too much of the brutality and decides to fight back. This fightback could be tit for tat, or outright overthrow of the darn abusive government. People will say “we na wan no more war,” but these are the unwholesome behaviors that provoke those very resorts. So those who think they have monopoly over violence, or taking the others’ restraints for cowardice or for granted, better start looking for some thinking caps to buy, that is if they don’t already have some. Because these stupid behaviors can be tolerated for just so long. Thank you.


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