Dillon Frowns on Weah’s ‘Immature Behavior’

Senator-elect, Abraham Darius Dillon, Vice Chair for Political Affairs of the opposition Liberty party

-Says CDC lacks vision to lead the country

The vice chairman for Political Affairs of the opposition Liberty Party, Abraham Darius Dillon, has frowned on what he says is President George Weah’s “boisterous tendency” of frequently signaling out people he has rendered assistance to in the past. Dillon indicated that such an action on the part of the President is immature and needs to end.

Speaking on a local radio in Monrovia on Monday, Dillon said Weah too was once a victim of poverty and solicited help from others in the past, and it is unfortunate now that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) political leader is bragging of helping others who may have asked him for help.

“Providing people assistance and talking about it afterwards is unfortunate. That is an immature behavior that the President must change if he is to succeed as a leader of the country,” a visibly enraged Dillon noted.

The LP vice chairman’s outburst was precipitated by comments made by President Weah’s recent outburst at the close of a meeting he convened with opposition leaders last week. The President, according to Mr. Dillon, intentionally ridiculed the head of the Unity Party’s delegation, Cole Bangalu, at the meeting.

Weah is reported as saying that Mr. Bangalu is his “pekin” (a little brother, a subordinate); he helped to pay his school fees, he helped to send him to school.

Dillon said that the President is very fond of making these disparaging comments  in an effort to defame or belittle them. “Weah, at certain point in his life, had nothing. People gave him food to eat and clothes to wear. So these kinds of comments are uncalled for,” he said.

It can be recalled during the 2017 electoral campaign President Weah made similar comments about former Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan.

His comment as being a one-time sponsor of the former student leader at the state-run University of Liberia boggled the minds of many. Mr. Ngafuan was then the campaign chairman of the ruling Unity Party during the electoral process.

But Mr. Ngafuan swiftly rebuffed the then CDC standard bearer’s jab at him and his political leader, noting on his official Facebook page: “Over the past few hours, I have been inundated with calls from journalists and other individuals seeking clarification on a statement purportedly made by the Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Senator George Manneh Weah, to the effect that he paid my school fees during my days as a student.

“Without trying in any way to diminish the contribution to country of Senator Weah and any other Liberian for that matter, the truth and plain truth is that at no time in my academic sojourn did Senator George Manneh Weah pay my tuition or fees. Any statement implying the contrary is simply false and misleading,” he said.

In another instance, it can be recalled that during the 2005 general and presidential election, President Weah blasted his longtime companion for not supporting his bid, indicating that this was someone he fed and bought clothes for when they were in Europe. Debbah, who is a cousin of the soccer legend, noted that he could not respond to such comments as it was  “child’s talk” from his colleague.

Dillon told the local station that the CDC lacks vision to lead Liberia as it lacks an agenda that would contribute to the forward march of the country. He noted that there are a lot of critical issues confronting the country and he was baffled that none of these could find a space on the agenda for discussion at the Thursday’s meeting. “The issues of our education system, security and economy are serious issues that are confronting this country. But it was unfortunate that we did not see any of these as an agenda item,” he said.

Dillon further noted that it was strange that the President called the opposition to discuss serious matters but had nothing specific to talk about. “You don’t tell us specifically what you need us to talk about, what specifically you want from us, and just say we should talk.

“We expected the President to lay the basis for the invitation. We wanted him to give us a bit of overview of his stewardship of the country, the challenges and where he seeks our support and where he wants us to support him,” he said.

Mr. Dillon took a decision to walk out of last Thursday’s meeting between the President and members of the opposition, a move that has since provoked fiery outbursts from members of the ruling establishment. Many have taunted him for what they termed as his refusal to further his education beyond high school.

Dillon said he decided to walk out because the meeting was a mere political stunt and spin game for the President.


    • This Dillon boy is very silly. So, by a leader providing assistance to one or two people and not talking about it afterwards, such will cause the leader to succeed in leading the country? Dillon. you are very stupid, and know nothing about a successful leadership. No wonder you will be so silly to come up with such childish and unrelated nonesense after such meeting.

  1. thank you those around the president are all parasites sucking our country dry. they do not know what they are doing only putting their sleeping partners in positions they are not qualified for. These sycophants will destroy our country. You see them calling everybody chief, chief and all they do is rob our country. We all have helped people and God will bless us. No need to be talking about it all over the country. What if those that help you begin talking about it too?

    We need to put qualified people in office. The mayor is an immature clown who does not know his job. Most of the people in finance and other places cannot count to ten.

  2. Okay, an issue like this can be worked out peacefully. Tempers can be calmed by having a wine or beer summit between Weah, Dillon and others who may have had some problems with the president. I really believe that an accommodation can be reached without dragging this issue through the mud. I hope that someone will assume the role of a bigger brother. So, let’s move on with an ice cold beer or wine summit and have the hatchet buried for good.

  3. President Weah is right! This inexperienced political flunkie, opportunist , political prostitute and political trollop Darius Dillon who have said “Liberia should introduce sex slaves and girls stripping themselves naked at parties in Liberia to be an open society”, should just shut-up! He is another ingrate who is wrong. Ask Edwin Snowe, Jewel Howard Taylor, and even Charles Brumskine to whom he Darius ran back to after politically prostituting and politically trolloping from party to party. He is a born ingrate, sycophant, and opportunist!

    When people who should show and or appreciate gratitude to the bridge that crossed them become ingrates to the heart that put clothes on their backs, and food on their table, or shelter over their heads, they must be reminded. Its just as simple as that.

    Tubman rightly reacted so! Tolbert reacted in similar manner, as well as Doe who reminded Sawyer that he Doe encouraged and supported his Sawyer´s marriage. Taylor said the same of Prince Johnson when Prince Johnson betrayed him Taylor, that he Taylor “put clothes on Prince Johnson´s backs”!

    Again, there is nothing wrong in saying the truth! So Dillon, you who have said “Liberia should introduce sex slaves and girls stripping themselves naked at parties in Liberia to be an open society”, should just shut-up

    • Rudeness is always what illiterate and uncivilized people use when they have no argument. Thank you for proving that true. You are an example of what happens when blind loyalty mix with rudeness

  4. K K Z, it is very immature to talk about all the good you did for people in the past especially so when you’re now a statesman/president. All those that you named who talked about the good they did for people, where are they? what benefits they got? It was so good you did not name Ma Ellen.

    • Beh Gehiinter,

      Do you expect Tubman or Tolbert to still be alive today, when the lifespan for most Africans is 50? Have you not heard what Ellen has said PUBLICLY about ” ingrates within her Unity Party” and others she personally helped? You must be living on a different planet visiting earth. Dillon is simply an ingrate. And this is why he is whining.

  5. If President Weah talks about acts of kindness as proof of being a responsive, caring, and compassionate person in a career – politics – where those attributes get votes, what makes that an example of “immature behavior”? Needless to say, many US presidential hopefuls and presidents have bragged publicly of offering favors including telling stories of acts of bravery in attempts at convincing voters, respectively, about fitness to lead or stay in office. For heaven’s sake, politics is about persuading and fulfilling promises to strangers, obviously, anecdotes of empathy with others don’t hurt. Didn’t we often hear EJS talking of employing those who were her worst critics. As for the second charge that “CDC lacks vision to lead country”, the resonating Pro-Poor Policy Agenda government is trying to fund nailed the coffin to that accusation.

    To cut long matters short, if any one is guilty of behaving immaturely it would be Opposition Parties’ members, such as Mr. Dillon, who attended without first requesting for an “agenda” of the event. Of course, they didn’t because they weren’t going to discuss government’s development plan. In short, this outburst is yet another demonstration of blatant posturing, which has, unfortunately, become a sorry publicity-seeking stunt in our political space.

  6. If he had requested it, would he have gotten one? There was no agenda, just His excellency this, his excellency that. What concrete plans did they unfold? Every time America this and America that. We tire. The people in America got their full belly and light and water. So don’t compare us. you yourself like posturing. you excuse the people in power all the time. even the market women tire of this mess we are in. do you live here?

    • Caroline, it is not a question of getting a copy of an agenda. It is the knowledge that there is an agenda to deliberate on. So a mature person would first request such an agenda when he is invited to such meeting. If he had requested an
      agenda, would he had received one, maybe or maybe not. sometimes, we get carried away in our criticism of others that we forget the simplest detail.

  7. I wonder did the Liberty Party go in this meeting with good faith or did Mr. Diillon go in to score political points? The election is over and Mr. Weah is now the president of the republic. On that note, one would assume that the opposition parties that attended this meeting went in good faith with the nation’s interest at the top of their agenda.

    President Weah’s administration has since been criticized, and rightfully so, by the oppositions and other critics on the handling of the nation’s affairs, especially the lack of transparency of the nearly one billion dollar loan for the administration’s road network.

    The president called the oppositions to a “closed-door” meeting to either share or brainstorm ideas on how to move the country forward. If I may, the purpose of a “closed-door” meeting is to keep whatever being discussed private to the attending parties. Yes, it would have been wise for the president to have an agenda if he wanted to control the discussion, but the open agenda was far more in the interest of the oppositions because everything goes; it gives the oppositions the opportunity to control the discussion. The question though did the oppositions recognize that?

    The oppositions cannot tell the public that they walked into that meeting without any plan on hand or ideas on where they envision the country ought to be heading. With all the criticism on the economy, the free fall of the Liberian dollar against the US, lack of transparency and etc., they had to have something before walking in that meeting. But to hear Mr. Dillon walking out of the meeting and claiming that they couldn’t input anything substantive to a supposedly “closed-door” meeting is mind-boggling.

    There’s time in a nation politic that the interest of the nation is placed above politics and this was not the case in my opinion. If the oppositions had in fact put the nation’s interest above politics they would have come out with a workable solution and not start criticizing the president on their way out to a meeting that was supposed to be private. This could in fact have the opposite effect by sending him in a cocoon where he could isolate himself. I am sure there some in the close cycle of the president that are not in favor of this meeting, well the opposition has just weaponized them…

    • John, I won’t say that all the oppositions didn’t recognize that the open agenda was in their favor to control the meeting. Like I said in my response to Caroline, sometimes the oppositions get carried away in their criticism of the CDC-Led government that they do not pay attention to the simplest detail of the issues. If Darius Dillon and others had paid attention to what the President had summoned the meeting for, he and others would have known that there was no need for an agenda. If it were so, the President wouldn’t have asked the Press to excuse the meeting. All those issues Darius Dillon narrated to FPA, he could have brought them up during the meeting. He walked out of the meeting with a preconceived mind of the President, and failing to be a real opposition. My advice to Brother Dillon is, next time before he walks out of a national meeting, let him think twice before taking a step out of the doors. Liberia first!

      • First order of business, list all the incompetent CDCians who are now sitting in government offices chasing women and men. Then show us their qualifications. second order of business, what is your plan, objective, stragtegy, vision for moving this country forward. Then let us go play football.

  8. Mr. Moses, don’t mind those power-seeking hypocrites as Dillon who, instead of focusing on the national inteterest, and seek information on the agenda of the meeting, deluded themselves in obtaining pleasant surprises of government jobs. And when they realized their obsession turned out to be a mirage, they started behaving as toddlers.

    In other words, the likes of Dillon, Nyonblee Karngar, etc.etc. did not request the agenda for the meeting because they are opposition politicians notoriously on record for being power-seeking hypocrites who conceal personal obsessions behind the rhetoric of public service and ideological conviction in which they have no knowledge or interest.

  9. Nyonblee, as a legislator, you should be actually focused on the national interest, and not behave as Dillon (a job seeker and opportunist) who has no sense of direction in politics… whether in the public affairs realm, politics as power, politics as compromise anf cpnsensus, or politics as the as the art of government.

  10. Caroline or whomsoever, “America” is the Empire which indirectly founded the nationstate of Liberia; practically gave the country a constitution; provides best institutional practices she falters at following; trains most professionals and leaders; and helps to feed and protect her. And I don’t have to live at home to assist in diffusing potential crises or help in preventing another civil war that might kill more family members, like the last one which killed my mother who wouldn’t leave because she was tired of running. This means you have to do better than throwing tantrums to silence me.

    • That is why Trump calls us ‘sh*thole. America this and America that and we don’t have anything. trying to stay in other people country when they laughing at you and don’t want you there. Empire they gave us a constitution? so the people who drafted it like Sawyer did not know what they wee doing? So where you living? The Americans laughing at us everyday,

    • It may be some kind of ignorance, identity crisis or self-esteem issue that makes Liberians continually identify with America, a world super power. Even someone as far as east Africa will laugh at that insinuation. It is written in Acts that the nations have their origin with god, so it is with god that Liberians should look to and nowhere else. Now is the time, given the Democratic dispensation for Liberians to come together. God bless Liberia

  11. Darius Dallon is a bend over liar who jumps around for opportunities. A one time chief of office staff to vice president JewelTaylor and close associate of Mr. Robert Sirleaf for opportunities speaks volume. It is sad to see greed eating up this brother who want to gain political fame out of lies and bad attitudes.Mr.Cole Bacalo called on Toby show and debunk Dallon’s lies. Dallon please fine something interesting to put on the political table than these childish arguments on your part. Your party lost simply because you have had a candidate who has failed over the years to Unite his tribal men and convince liberia. He simply struggle to convince the voters every time he got the opportunity. Despite my respect and admiration for Ngaf, I still fine it hard to get that humility out of him. Weah contributed immensely to SUP at the university of liberia through Zogar Wilson. Let call truth a fact when it has been established than window dressing issues for political expediency. Get lost Dillon because liberia history will not absorbed you on the potent page where gallant men and women have been placed. You are deflated loser who bend his knees for survival ..be a man and stand up to the truth. You came in with lies and walked out with lies.

  12. All Mr. Dillon is saying, the president should get his priorities in order/straight. Nobody really cares who he helped or didn’t help let it be between him,and the individual/s. The president had an opportunity with all parties present to explain or tell them the concerns of the country and see how best they all can tackle them. Liberia has serious problems, and we are standing on the sidelines and doing nothing. When someone sees the wrong and critique the situation everyone goes berserk/crazed. I imagine this is what concerned Mr. Dillon.All those who said previous presidents have made similar remarks before doesn’t make it right. I know when you help people, they are the ones who tell it,not you, because as the saying goes in Liberia ” self praises make no recommendations.”

    I’m not saying the president did or didn’t help people, but in that forum,I don’t think it was necessary or appropriate. In an election, someone has to win ,and someone loses. In life people fall, but as long as you can get up it’s okay.The president himself lost a lot of times,did that make him a loser? He kept trying, and trying until he got the job.It’s not nice to bully people for their opinion/s.

    I’m not saying the president did or didn’t help people,but in that forum, I don’t think it was appropriate

    • Mildred, a president of a state, nation, or country, is THE LEADER!! It is within his or her rights to point out wrong, inhuman, or ungodly behavior, ANYWHERE AND AT ANYTIME. Dillon is an opportunist who has nothing to offer. He jumps from party to party. Such behavior is a proof that Dillon is simply a hustler looking out for a gravy train.

    • Hey Mildred – I do agree the country has enormous problems that require all hands on deck in solving it, but I beg to differ the notion that everyone in this medium gone berserk because Mr. Dillon criticized the president. On the contrary, criticism is healthy for democracy as long as it is constructive. Not just Mr. Dillon but the oppositions have been critical of the president and the administration and rightfully so. But what good is your criticism if you have nothing to offer; that’s where the oppositions falter.

      Like the president, the oppositions had the opportunity as well to help shape the direction of the country but squandered it. The oppositions would have ceased the opportunity to define the narratives of the discussion, but rather chose to walk out simply because the president had no agenda. Certainly the opposition had to have gone in that meeting with some idea as to the direction they would like the country to take. But walking out without ceasing the opportunity to expound those ideas was a disservice to themselves and the nation, I think…

    • There is no law in the universe that prohibits a president from talking about his humanitarian gesture in public or private. There is also no moral guardline against that. The president didn’t err in any manner or form to have make mention of his humanitarian action in the lives of his fellow liberia in a public assembly. Even Charles Brumskin did publicly boast about paying Cllr.Issac Jackson school fees. That’s not a new or unacceptable phenomenon in Liberia. Dillon chose to politicize a nothing to something. He is a loser and political squard.

  13. The invitation to such a meeting should have had an attached Agenda. Why was one not requested if one was not attached. Representatives to this meeting should have arrived with concrete advice to the government. These are some of the responsibilities of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs or the Minister of State Without Portfolio. We as Liberians need to stop “fueling the flame.” Stop insulting our President and those who provide constructive criticism. The world is not flat, neither is it completely round. We are here to help to develop our Country and give our President the cooperation and support to get there. We are Liberians First. May God give us wisdom to say and do what is right for Liberia.

  14. President or not , it is inappropriate and wrong to brag about one’s achievements/assistance to others. And , yes, it is an immature behavior! If it is true that the President is fond of doing that, he will have to desist! Let the beneficiaries themselves acknowledge whatever assistance rendered!

  15. Not all meetings have agendas. Some initial meetings are just for breaking the ice and a listening forums. Follow up meetings are When you may bring forth agenda(s)..The President out smarted some of you guys that are crying for agendas as the meeting was that of a listening forum and an opportunity to simply meet. That is why the three mins. were allotted. Your next meeting should be the one of substances. So, use the process to engage in a national dialogue constructively. We are all Liberians and no one person is more Liberian then the other. Patience and dialogue has to be the center of these meetings as it is all about Liberia and Liberians, for future references, these meetings should laced with self control and professionalisms..

  16. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    A case like this has no end in sight. The argument drags on and on. It is highly unlikely that Weah will ever promise not to remind his friends and relatives that he helped them financially when they needed his help. None of us can make such a vow. By the way, let’s not forget that Weah used his own money to finance the Liberian soccer team on a few occasions. Should he not say that also? George Weah is magnanimous. Weah’s generosity is one of the reasons he got elected.

    So, what’s about our man Dillon? Did Dillon frown long enough or does he have a case? In tandem with democracy, we know that his free speech is protected. That’s a touchdown for him right there by expressing his disgust. But in reality, Dillon’s case is unwinnable. Liberians need concrete proposals from the opposition. An economic proposal, for instance! Finally, like Dillon, Weah’s free speech as it relates to reminding friends and relatives about his generosity will not stop.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s sip some beer or wine. Or, lets agree to disagree. Let’s not use polemics to express ourselves.


  17. Why is agenda so important than first sitting at the meeting to listen? Maybe the president had the talking point and not a well written agenda. The meeting was not a secret, so why cry for agenda. All you needed was to sit and listen to what President was going to present. If agenda was the main focus, why nobody except Dillion? I believe Dillion is just an attention seeking person. Dillion or no Dillion, the meeting still went on.

  18. Wonoky,
    A president’s critics, any president for that matter will find all kinds of flimsy reasons in order to criticize. Agenda or no agenda is not a very good reason to bicker.

    The opposition parties in Liberia, including Dillon’s party do not have a viable contrast to what Weah has laid out. For instance, can Dillon’s party win a local election in Bong or Nimba counties by stating that “he frowned on Weah’s generosity efforts”? Liberians are not interested in frowns! I could be wrong. It’s been a while since I left Liberia. That’s why I can’t wait to go.

    Weah’s policy agenda of “pro-poor” is a winner. I am passionately touched by that concept. So, by God’s grace, I will do all that I can to suggest ideas to Weah that will enhance the advancement of pro-poor when I get there. If the concept of pro-poor gains momentum and nationwide acceptance, Liberia wins. Liberia must win. We must crawl out of the third world! The second world is where we should be headed.

    For too long, the poor people of Liberia have been either forgotten or ignored or both. It’s about time that someone had done something.
    The bottom line is that I am reluctant to disclose my ideas in the media. I am not an opposition politician. Secondly, by disclosing my pro-poor suggestions, there will be “frowns”. God knows I have no respect for frowns. Finally, since my suggestions are meant for national development, it makes all the sense in the world to face-talk to the gentleman (Weah) who initiated the concept.

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