Did ANC Betray Sulunteh?

Amb. Sulunteh (left): "If Cummings (right) will go to Bong County and endorse me in front of my people and, a few months later, return to the same county to endorse Moye behind my back, then I wonder where the consistency is."

The former vice standard-bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, who just a couple of days ago joined the Congress for Democratic Change, said his departure from the party is due to betrayal and neglect from the party leaders.

Amb. Sulunteh, who before joining the ANC, served in the Sirleaf administration as Liberia’s ambassador to the United States of America, explained that the ANC of businessman turned politician Alexander B. Cummings betrayed and sacrificed him (Sulunteh) in the name of keeping the opposition political parties alive.

Amb. Sulunteh added that the betrayal became visible after the party endorsed the candidacy of Deputy Speaker Prince Moye, despite early support from the party and its leader Cummings towards his senatorial ambition.

“Cummings raised his hands in front of thousands of people in Bong County – my people – and told them that I was the  ANC candidate, but months later,  I was told  that it was no longer possible because the party had endorsed the candidacy of Prince Moye, of Unity Party, as the CPP’s candidate,” Amb. Sulunteh explained.  “I told them that is fine, but we have to go through a primary and, if I lose, I will be party-disciplined and accept the result.  I was told that the primary was not for selecting the CPP candidate in the county, even though the primary was held in Nimba and other counties.

The ANC is a member of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), a conglomeration of four opposition political parties, including the Unity Party (UP), the Liberty Party (LP) and the All Liberian Party (ALP).

Amb. Sulunteh added that the shocking part of the situation came when Cummings returned to Bong County to endorse Moye’s candidacy without any regard for his call for primary to settle the matter of the selection of candidate for the Bong County Senatorial seat within the CPP.

“I wrote several letters and complained about this undemocratic process but no one seemed to care.  I tried all avenues available but my concerns fell on deaf ears.  If Cummings will go to Bong County and endorse me in front of my people and, a few months later, return to the same county to endorse Moye behind my back, then I wonder where the consistency is.  I told them if we can have a primary for Nimba, let it be the same in Bong County, but they downplayed my concerns.  I thought that was a democratic mockery. Consequently, I had no alternative but to unsubscribe my membership with ANC,” he said.

Amb. Sulunteh added that the leadership of the ANC does not subscribe to well-defined and structured democratic principles and, as such, decided to handpick candidates, something he said runs contrary to democratic tenants.

According to Sulunteh, because of his support to CDC during the 2017 run-off presidential election, the ANC did not support his senatorial ambition and, at the end, betrayed him. 

“I want to believe that one of the main reasons that the ANC did not want to support is because of my support to the CDC during the runoff of the 2017 presidential election. The CPP, which the ANC is part of, does not subscribe to well-defined and structured democratic principles, even though a primary was deemed necessary in Nimba and other counties but not Bong,” he said.

It can be recalled that during the 2017 presidential runoff elections, Amb. Sulunteh supported the CDC that brought President George M. Weah to power.  

The CDC is the fifth political party to which the former ambassador has pledged his loyalty since 2004. He was a member of the Liberian Action party (LAP) in 2004, but resigned to join the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL), and later the Unity Party, before joining the ANC. At the ANC, he ran as vice standard-bearer to Alexander B. Cummings in the 2017 presidential election, but the party performed miserably.

The former ANC vice-standard bearer said that his decision to cross over to the CDC stems from the notion that, the party has proven itself as an institution of diversity of democracy that seeks the wellbeing of all citizens, regardless of age and social status.

According to him, on many occasions he has been engaged by the ruling establishment to join the party to share in its vision to transform the country.

“For too long we have been seeking for home in the Liberian body politic. Here in the CDC, we have found a political home and in CDC we shall remain,” Sulunteh declared. “This is our pledge. In our political journey over the years, we have helped to build other political institutions but, with a heavy heart, we could no longer bear some consequences of our decisions due to political imbalances and philosophical differences,” he added.

Amb. Sulunteh noted that he was more interested in joining the CDC because the party is predominantly composed of young people which, he believes, the future of the country depends.

“CDC is predominated by the youths of a generation of our country, and on whose shoulders the future of our country depends. This is why there is a dire need to work with the youthful generation of our country, empathize with them and nurture them in a way that they become responsible citizens and future leaders,” he further said.

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) is a merger of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Weah, the National Patriotic Party headed by Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and the Liberian People Democratic Party of former House Speaker J. Alex Tyler.

Meanwhile, Taa Wongbe, a former supporter of the ANC, who left the party after it sacrificed him to accept the Nimba County’s controversial primary result, has come to the defense of Sulunteh after members of the opposition came to criticize the Liberian diplomat’s decision. “To see people speak against this man for joining the CDC speaks to the fact that they don’t know him. Amb. Sulunteh is 62 and we have people that are nearly 40 who have joined over 4 political parties! The least people to speak against him should be members of the ANC. This man was an Ambassador who abandoned his job because he believed in the vision. He was sacrificed for the sake of a collaboration that may fall apart no later than May of 2021 and yet no one reached out to speak with him and counsel him. The ANC folks did not and neither did the benefactors of the arrangement. He was left alone.  I know what he went through and how hurt he felt. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Amb. Sulunteh, I applaud your move,” Wongbe said.


  1. these liberian politicians jump from party to party with no loyalty. they want power so much that they forget the reasons why they are in politics. they have no morals no loyalties just ascension to power how many times will i see politicians jump from party to party from county to county seeking money power and privilege. LOOK AT EDWIN SNOWE from one county to another. what is LOYALTY

  2. Bong Community College would have been a perfect fit for this ambassador extraordinaire, especially in their PE department given his demonstrated skills in leaping. Anyone who witnessed how recklessly this CDC outfit assumed the affairs of state from the previous government, how it is conducting itself at the helm of power and yet decides to join that cabal, must be afflicted by a disease, of the madcow type.

    Ambassador Sulonteh must love how the CDC is treating Jowo Howard Taylor, to be signing up as next victim. His one smart move thus far is swearing that this is his final political destination. But only another Sulonteh could believe that. And simply because 4 is not even half of the total number of registered political parties in Liberia. Which means this smart goat’s next move will be as an independent candidate. What other party could ever accommodate such a political “duwazed” as such? That’s what often happens when people don’t realize their own values, they banjoe themselves for “Two-for-five!”

  3. Did ANC betray Sulunteh ? Or did CDC captured a Big Fish from ANC ? What kind of smelling fish was that ? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ? Smelling big fish ? Some kind of big fish. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

    • James Davis, when the auxiliary verb “did“ is used in such context, the main verb “capture“ MUST BE USED IN THE PRESENT TENSE, AND NOT IN THE PAST TENSE AS YOU ALWAYS THINK AND WRITE.

      Now to the issue here about the political phenomenon of phagocytosis(incumbent injesting opposition politicians) pointed out by you, such is the obvious dynamic political blessing of a nation ( Liberia , a glorious land of liberty) in which ethnic cleavages are nonexistent, or ethnic political parties have no place in the national political equation!.

      Hence, politicians naturally enjoy the freedom of choice and the dynamic latitude to switch allegiance AT WILL!!

    • Gbada Flomo, if you and Alex Cummings want others to sacrifice, WHY Alex Cummings has vehemently refused to sacrifice and let Joe Boakai become the standard bearer of the CPP, since that is the overwhelming consensus of the majority of the CPP????

      Look Gbada, the betrayal and extreme wickedness of Alexander Cummings against Ambassador Sulunteh could not be XRAYED AND DEBUNKED better than what a stalwart of the ANC Taa Wongbe has lamented about Ambassador Sulunteh being betrayed by Alexander Benedict Cummings of the ANC.

      And this inter alia, goes to manifest with overwhelming evidence and proof beyond all reasonable doubts how no one needs to be told the evil and selfish intent been harbored by Alexander Cummings towards Liberia and the Liberian people. THIS IS THE TRUTH!

  4. Every good turn deserves another. When Ambassador Sulunteh put aside his personal interest by abandoning his highly influential and prestigious diplomatic and political status on the domestic political plane and the international political plane and accepted being the number 2 to a political nobody and political neophyte Alex Cummings totally unknown in Liberia and Liberian politics, he Sulunteh certainly put life into the ANC and made the ANC stronger, admired and respected at home and abroad!

    So, YES, ANC and its dictatorial proprietor Alexander Cummings betrayed Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh. If Alex Cummings could be so treacherous and traitor to betray someone like Sulunteh who sacrificed everything to put life into the ANC, no one needs to be told the evil and selfish intent been harbored by Alexander Cummings towards Liberia and the Liberian people.

    The betrayal and extreme wickedness of Alexander Cummings against Ambassador Sulunteh could not be XRAYED AND DEBUNKED better than what a stalwart of the ANC Taa Wongbe has lamented about Ambassador Sulunteh being betrayed by Alexander Benedict Cummings of the ANC.

  5. If there are even problems or thoughts of betrayal within a political institution, the solution is to work on those issues and make your party better, not run to another political party. As someone noted earlier, there is no loyalty in Liberian politics.
    Address the issues and keep your party together. By the way, a political institution is more important than an individual. A country is also more important than any political institution. All politicians whom I have read or heard about that changed political parties for one reason or another, have complained about the country not going in the right direction, but why haven’t they left the country?

  6. “All politicians whom you have read or heard about that changed political parties for one reason or another, have complained about the country not going in the right direction, but they left the country”, BECAUSE CONTRARY TO POPULAR PUBLIC PERCEPTION, in the mind of the politican, “a political institution” IS NOT “more important than an individual”, NOR IS “A country more important than any political institution.”

    IT IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND, REALISTICALLY AND FACTUALLY, in the eyes and minds of the politican, Emmanuel Agyei,!


    The individual´s selfish interest comes first. Second is the interest of the political institution. The country´s comes last.

    And even that is just blank motion or breeze and hot air when you hear politicians especially opposition politician ranting “to move our country forward, to move our country forward.” All such craps are lies!

    What is transpiring within the CPP – from Boakai and Cummings being at each other´s throat, to Urey and Cummings being at one another´s throat to what happened in the CPP´S so called violent primary in Nimba weeks ago, and the ANC BETRAYING THEIR FORMER VICE STANDARD BEARER AMBASSADOR SULUNTEH ARE THE REALITIES OF POLITICS.

    This is WHY no matter how many parties or coalitions they will change like someone changing clothes, they politicians will never leave the country. The country is their CHOPPING SPOT! Hence, the most realistic and WISE things the voters should do is they should never listen to the deceptive noise from oppositions, but give an administration chance TAKING NOTE OF THE DEVELOPMENTS IN ROADS, HOUSING, HEALTH, HOSPITALS, EDUCATION, OTHER SOCIAL CAPITALS, JOBS, INVESTMENTS AND TRADE, ETC and wait for election day to punish or reward.

    Some of the best politicfians that Liberia has ever had are Dr. George Manneh Weah, Hon. Mulbah Morlu, Nathaniel Mcgill, Archiebald Bernard, Acarious Gray the late Muna Pelham Youngblood, Samuel Tweah etc. etc. POLITICALLY, THE ONLY PARTY AND COALITION IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE FOR NOW AND THE FORSEABLE FUTURE IS THE CDC. NOT ANY CPP. AND THIS IS INTER ALIA WHAT AMBASSADOR SULUNTEH HAS ACKNOWLEDGED!

  7. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind about the fact that Amb. Sulunteh has been dangerously betrayed by none other than the known autocrat, Alexander Benedict Cummings. Perhaps, the only person who does not believe that Amb. Sulunteh was betrayed is Alexander Benedict Cummings himself. There’s no surprise here. Because he’s often perceived as a disorganized and weak individual, maybe Alexander Benedict Cummings forgot that at one particular time, he openly endorsed Amb. Sulunteh in the presence of thousands of party loyalists in the county of Bong.

    Positive Action:
    Amb. Sulunteh on the other hand, does not want to be seen as being unscrupulous or lethargic. Therefore, instead of begging Alexander Benedict Cummings for pardon, Sulunteh took the right step in the right direction by applying for membership within the CDC party. The good news is that Amb. Sulunteh was not rejected, but rather positivity received within the ranks of the CDCIANS! Sulunteh brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. In the scheme of things, the main losers are the CPP/CoP people.

    Given all that’s being said, one would think that the ANC conservative, a gentleman who sometimes poses as a defender of weak causes within the CPP establishment, will admit that Amb. Sulunteh was badly betrayed. But knowing him as much as hundreds of people do, he is poised to come up with a different defense.

    The bottom line is simple……. the CPP/CoP people are weak and disorganized.

  8. woo!!! one who wanted to be VP for Liberia lack consistency, commitment, cooperation, and cohesiveness. Can this kind person be a leader? only God knows why ANc did not win 2017.

  9. I pray for a focused and steadfast determination on your part for the sake of Liberians, Mr. Cummings!

    We predicted what you are enduring, and there are yet more of such challenges to spring up. They will try to break you up, tarnish your good image and resolves for your dear country. I pray that never faint nor let go.
    May I leave you with 1 Corinthians 15:58 “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the LORD, knowing that in the LORD your labor is not in vain.”
    Abound in the works of the Liberian people, Mr. Cummings!

    Ambassador Sulunteh taught me Economics for 1 year. He is someone I know and respect. I understand his frustration to part ways with the ANC, it is indeed regrettable to lose you on a progressive team, prof.
    What I don’t understand is your decision to join the CDC. I will NEVER judge you, but I guess the reason/s must be genuine and I pray and hope that you will bring positive changes to your new political family.
    If your presence within the CDC can bring sanity to governance and the respect for the rule of law, then thank God for you.
    If your integration is synonymous to the abandonment of ritualistic killings, overt public embezzlement and the raping of our enfants and children, oh how I will rejoice to see many people of your temperament, education and experience join that party to bring joy and laughter to our bewildered and famished populace.

    However, if your departure stemmed from the reason given in this paper for not getting Cummings’ support for a senatorial seat for Bong County against Moye, then, with great pleasure, permit me to BID YOU FAREWELL! I wish you success in your new nomination as ambassador for Liberia at the UN, I know this is the new position you are eyeing. I did not know you have become greedy for position!
    Go and never turn your back to the ANC, for our dream and ambition is beyond personal gains. Our mission is altruistic; we MUST START THE FOUNDATION of sustainable development in Liberia.

    Some people at the UN there will not wait to spew their distorted ideals and knowledge to our half-educated populace, sending on their wild goose chase and infantile misdemeanors on respectful and credible people. You at the UN there, weren’t you thought the basics of sustainable development to import such to your respective countries? In fact, you at the UN there, how did you get to where you are, through merit or friendly postings? How will the people at the UN there describe the refusal of a candidate to a position at which he will never be elected as “treacherous”?
    Quelle hostilité envers le sauveur de tout un peuple !

    Politics, a selfless and patriotic vocation, from its philosophical conception, is yet to be understood and practiced by Liberians and Africans at large. For Liberia to be counted in the comity and community of nations, the new breed of Liberian politicians should espoused stoicism.
    We urge all you epicureans, like Ambassador Sulunteh, to join the CDC and stop wasting our time. If going to a senatorial election without the backing of a political establishment can make Mr. Wongbe a star in Nimba, then I must wish him good luck.

    We look forward to the few but disciplined team to bring hope to our impoverished, half-educated and uneducated populace!

  10. Corrections:
    1. Paragraph 2 – Line 3 : I pray that you never faint nor let go
    2. Paragraph 5 – Line 3 : You at the UN there, weren’t you taught (not thought)…….

  11. Mr. ANC Conservative,
    Won’t you agree that this is without doubt a sad moment for your party and its leadership?

    Take a listen, “many are called, but few are chosen”. Of course, that’s Biblical.

    But in your particular situation, you are praying for the few in order to get things done. Right? On the contrary, Mr. ANC Conservative, you need thousands of disciplined men and women, but not a few. Alexander Benedict Cummings is facing a lot of trouble. He sweats profusely without the support he needs. Maybe, people are beginning to find out who this guy really is.

    Look, things are quickly falling apart. You need powerful educated women in the top echelons of your party. One hardly hears about women within your ranks. Until then, keep praying. Yap! The days ahead are darker than the present ones.

    Hang in there mon petite frere.

  12. Much appreciation for this articles, which provides some awareness surrounding the reason why Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunteh left the ANC for the ruling CDC. As I indicated in a Facebook post few days ago, Ambassador Sulunteh is a competent and credible individual. I bear witness that he is a good, honorable and hardworking man. For example, I recall during the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, when Sulunteh was the face of our country in Washington, D.C., lobbying the U.S. government and private sector for assistance to contain the epidemic. While Madam President was applauded for her astute leadership that brought about the unprecedented U.S. intervention in Liberia, it was Ambassador Sulunteh who walked the walk and talked the talk on behalf of our country in America. At a time when competent hands are needed in current government to move the country in the right direction, Sulunteh could be useful. So let’s give him a benefit of the doubt. While some may not approve of his move to the ruling CDC, that does not mean that he doesn’t have the right to do so.

    • Opportunist Gabriel Williams, just shut up, or at least limit your rant to “Suluntehs indisputable and fundamental right to join any party of his choice“, and the fact that Ambassador Sulentehs political philosophy tallies with that of the CDC …a political philosophy identical to that of the majority of Liberians at home and abroad!

      So, do not bore others with your extremely OPPORTUNISTICALLY deceptive, and hypocritical contradiction and disinformation about “competent hands needed in current government to move the country in the right direction“

      For you and the very Sulunteh served in the immediate past government and the country moved in the worst directions ever in the history of the country.

      Pregnant young girls and their unborn babies were used for rituals as leaked by the then Justice Minister, for which he was forced to resign. Journalists (Roodney Sieh, etc. etc.) were jailed for life. Scores of whistleblowers were slaughtered. Very minimal corruption, constructions of roads throughout the country, building of hospitals, investment and trade on the rise to provide jobs for millions of Liberians, Tuition free colleges and universities, etc. etc. NONE OF WHICH WERE EVER PART OF THE IMMEDIATE PAST GOVERNMENT IN WHICH YOU SERVED.

      Hence,Washington, Brussels, Addis Ababa, ECOWAS, MRU, the IMF, the World Bank,,, and the United Nations have asserted and demonstrated that the country is moving in the right direction, and that they have complete respect, admiration, and total confidence in Dr. Weahs Government,

      And Transparency International recently validated this reality, fact, and truism, by declaring that there are far far far less and very less corruption in the government of the Coalition of Democratic Change, as compared to the immediate past Unity Party government (on record of being the worst and most corrupt government) in which you and the very Sulunteh served moving the country in the worst of directions!

      • I wonder where some of you guys get your information from to publish. Are you referring to this government when evoking Transparency International?
        Maybe there have always been two separate reports written; one for the CDCians and one for the rest of the world. As for what we know that had been published for the rest of the world, things are crumbling under the CDC-led government. Every good governance, development and human capital parameter has highlighted the dire degradation of situations in Liberia.
        Maybe the False Nationalist can refer us to his source of information to ascertain some things he had written here. I beg you, please do!

  13. Same old same again?
    Leaders that want to control outsider’s/donors’s monies? What can these people really do for Liberia? their efforts will never lead to anything or anywhere?
    Know-Hows in our most needed areas are the keys to immediately moving forward (industries, etc). Our resources must be brought to the world market but that will need hard working professional heads; don’t you people know that?
    But again many Liberian said “Da book we le eat?”; which could mean “education is NOT needed”?
    Infact why should Sululunteh look to Maryland for directions? Have we not had enough from that region? Everybody should look elsewhere for new directions?
    God bless Liberia?

  14. The hardest thing in politics, I believe, is keeping party members together…in tact. Ambassador Sulunteh is not just an ordinary member of ANC. To endorse him and then dump him for another candidate, was disrespectful of Mr Cummings…if that is what occurred. It was a shameful undertaking! The primary would have settled the score fair and square.

  15. Mr. Suluteh is behaving like a marine who had been on sea for a long period of time and does not know what has occurred or is occurring on the land; when was he endorsed by the ANC in Bong County? and why did the ANC endorsed Prince Moye? Was Mr. Suluteh not aware of the arrangement between the four political parties and the allocation of counties to each of them or he is just being deceitful to himself, at least not anyone else, because he wants a government job?
    How could he be a vice- standard bearer of a political institution and does not know what was happening in the party, which is difficult to believe, When the ANC joined other parties, the chemistry and structures of the party changed, so it was with other members of the CPP, there were sacrifices made by each member of the CPP:
    The Unity Party suffered with Edwin Snowe,etc. That is the sacrifice that others make for the sustenance of democracy in Liberia. If every body will leave their party because they did not get to represent it as a candidate, then there is no need for an opposition in Liberia, let the blood, sweat and tears of those who had been fighting for multiparty democracy in Liberia go in vain!
    Do you think everyone in the Republican Party in America, endorsed Donald Trump? No, but they remained in there to keep the party unity and do in house soul searching and correct the mistakes, they have made, that is what we called institution building.
    Let them think what is occurring now in Liberia is a joke, they will have two options, either join the CDC or be harassed and leave Liberia! In unity, there is strength!

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