Diahn Blae Community Radio Reopened

Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue (in gown) in front of the revived community radio station.jpg

The Diahn Blae Radio Station (87.9) in District # 1 of Grand Bassa County, has reopened after about a month of closure due to transmitter damage.

The signals from the radio station are received in six counties, including Bassa, Margibi, Rivercess, Bong, Montserrado and Bomi.

District Superintendent, S.P. Karmenjah, the Chairman of the Board of Diahn Blae Community Radio, MacArthur Hill; Station Manager Moses S.B. Somah and a cross section of the citizenry expressed their thanks and appreciation to Deputy Speaker, Hans M. Barchue, for singlehandedly shouldering the financial responsibility of ensuring their only radio station reopens.

A new transmitter was purchased and ordered from the United States and successfully installed to restore the station’s capacity. Radio equipment and fuel was also purchased to mark its reopening.

The Bassonians expressed their heartfelt congratulations during a fundraising rally in District #1, targeted at raising US$150,000 to purchase additional radio equipment.

The Friends of Diahn Blae Community Radio, headed by Pastor Philip V. Bannee, in collaboration with the District Superintendent and officers and members of the radio station, organized the program.

The District Superintendent described Representative Barchue’s donation as “not surprising, due to his unyielding support of the people of District # 1.”

Mr. Karmenjah said Representative Barchue, who is the direct representative of District # 1 of Grand Bassa County, is not like other representatives who only develop their districts when they are seeking reelection.

Chairman Hill said the contribution of Rep. Barchue would not be forgotten. He disclosed that Representative Barchue, aside from the purchasing of fuel, also spent L$25,000 monthly to pay the radio station’s eight staffers.

Station Manager Somah said the revival of the station was an “inconceivably generous gesture.”  He revealed the costs of the transmitter and other equipment— including shipping— to be about US$2,000.

For his part, Pastor Philip V. Bannie said the restoration of the radio station was like “rescuing Diahn Blae Community from the dark” resulting from the lack of information and contact with the rest of the world.”

Pastor Andrew M. Bier said God would continue to bless Rep. Barchue for his support and that the people of Diahn Blae would always be grateful.

 Representative Barchue pledged his continued support to the radio station and urged every citizen of the District to contribute to its operation.

He warned the board of directors and leadership of the radio station not to receive gifts from other people on the eve of election if none of those people were around to help in times of difficulty.

The Bassa lawmaker, who is also the Deputy Speaker of the Honorable House of Representatives, promised to give 20 times any money generated by the citizens to support the radio station.

According to the planning committee, the station needed items that include: a mixer, 4 CD players, 11 studio headphones, 2 monitors, 2 air conditioners, 1 power generator, 2 motorbikes, 3 Dell computers and a 5000 watt regulator.


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