Dey Governor Seeks Collaboration with LNP


Dey Governor Joseph Jakey Brown has told Police Director Chris Massaquoi that his office wants collaboration with the Liberia National Police (LNP) in handling traditional cases to give police the chance to concentrate on other cases that are criminal in nature.

In a letter dated February 19, addressed to Director Massaquoi, Governor Brown reminded him that his office wants to work with the LNP to manage people of the Deygbo-Gbaweah Chiefdom in Lower Montserrado County.

Traditional cases involve domestic issues such as conflicts in marriages, family relationships, children and women’s issues, lack of cooperation in joint ventures like brushing land and cases where a farmer causes fire to affect other farms and sensitive issues that need the collaboration of elders, who have influence to deal with them in their respective communities.

Governor Brown said it does not mean working outside the laws of the land, but to ensure that issues that can be resolved by his office’s intervention are handled with the support of the LNP.

“Our priority is to reduce the case load on the LNP file,” Governor Brown said, adding, “We are concerned with other issues in our community, and we are sincerely hopeful that working with the LNP will provide us a chance to be able to encourage our people to recognize that our office works in their interest.”

He noted that the LNP Zone 6 Depot in Brewerville, outside Monrovia has worked to reduce the crime rate in surrounding communities and his office has recognized that. “As a resident of Brewerville, it is about time we, the Dey citizens honor one of your police officers for his outstanding leadership role in managing his officers to contribute to the reduction of crime in our community,” Governor Brown stated.

“As a Dey Governor, representing my kinsmen,” Governor Brown wrote, “it would be ungrateful not to recognize the incredible work of Police Chief Superintendent Blama B. Yancy.” Officer Yancy is the general commander of Zone 6 Depot.

Meanwhile, Governor Brown has completed offices for local representation in Deygbo-Gbaweah Chiefdom of Montserrado County. Areas with local offices are Zorquelewen (Bomi County), Kpekor, Kpor, Weafua and Cheesemanburg (all in Montserrado County).

He said each of the local offices is staffed with volunteers and each has six messengers, one chairlady, and one development chairperson.

He told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday that he is encouraging the spirit of volunteerism among his Dey people so that each can work to support the other.

Brown was confirmed governor in January this year by the chiefs, elders and citizens of Deygbo/Gbaweah Chiefdom, under Paramount Chief Memeh Dukuly, following the death of former Governor Blama Gaye.

Fifty individuals filed a petition that was granted by Paramount Chief Dukuly. They included 29 elders, three town chiefs, four clan chiefs and two youth group representatives.

Governor Brown served for five years as director of Cyber Crimes at the Ministry of National Security without a salary. He also served with U.S. forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was honored by the White House for heroic combat duties.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a BSc in Political Science from the Strayer University in Washington, DC, USA.


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