Devin’s Event Launches High School Debate


Alex Devin, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Devin’s Events and Consultancy, has called on students to take the art of debating seriously in order to improve their public speaking and reasoning abilities on important issues affecting the society.

Debates don’t only help students build a vigorous personality and mental power. They also develop in students important skills (interpretation, analysis, calculation, deduction, logic) that become useful later in their lives, Mr. Devin said at the official launch of the Inter-High School Debate Competition over the weekend at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Headquarters in Monrovia,

Many of the nation’s top lawyers, business executives, engineers, teachers and other professionals participated in debate clubs during their high school days.
It is debate-related skills that help push an individual’s dream towards the top and certainly once the commitment is made, a new ambition is invented, said Devin.

“The power of critical analysis and argument is vastly needed in every field of life and one of the key ways to master this art is through student participation in debating clubs,” Mr. Devin emphasized.

He believes that if the country can build students’ intellectual capacity through debating, a civil society of intellectuals would be developed.

The debate competition will begin on July 4 in the knockout stage, and the final will be on August 26 between the two runners up.

Mr. Devin disclosed that the first place winner of the competition will walk away with US$1000 while the runner up will take home US$75O and the third place winner, US$500.

“We will not only be giving away cash prizes and trophies, but also awards and certificates in several other categories,” he added.

Afro pop artist Quincy B, along with JB of the group Soul Fresh, attended the event but only Quincy B performed.

During his performance, he underscored the importance of education, advising that “education is very important and I am therefore recommending to the students to choose education as their first goal in life.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Jamalia Duncan, executive director of JAMCOD, has pledged her institution’s support to the initiative.

“We will ensure that this competition realizes its intended purpose since all we need in return is your commitment,” she told the students.


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