Determined Youth Club Calls for Unity among Youths

Ms. Ellen Miller.jpg


Determined Youth Club in the Chocolate City Community Christmas Day celebrated in ‘grand style’ with friends and family members when it brought together young people from across the country.

The head of the club, Ms. Ellen Miller, said the organization is aimed at bringing youth in the community and throughout the country under an umbrella of unity.

Ms. Miller stated that over the years, youths have been plagued by disunity in many communities. “I see it as a challenge for us to come together, move ahead, and let the past be forgotten,” she added.

She called on the general public to take advantage of the opportunity as membership of the organization was open to them, adding that it is important to be a part of a unifying institution that prioritizes the interest of young people in the country.

Ms. Miller stated that challenges faced by young people were many, explaining that “peer pressure is something that most young people are working on as we speak, visiting nightclubs has become a hobby of many young people, as a result, their friends now want  them to be part of that lifestyle.”   

She further said the organization gets positively involved in its members’ relationships, birthday celebrations, graduations and other events that may occur.

Another member of the Determined Youth Club, Margaret W. Kollie, said it was time for love and unity to be shared among young in the country. 


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