Pastors, Apostles, Prophets Endorse Dr. Mills Jones


The Destiny Ministers for Excellence, a group of Christian organizations in Monrovia, has endorsed the presidential bid of former Central Bank Governor Dr. Joseph Mills Jones.

At the event held yesterday at the headquarters of the Movement for Economic Change (MOVEE) in Monrovia, spokesman Bishop Jeremiah Nimely said Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, after careful examination of all the presidential aspirants, stands out as the one with the requisite leadership credentials to deliver the people of Liberia.
Bishop Nimely said, “Dr. Jones cares for his fellow citizens, and he has always said Liberia is a land of possibilities where every Liberian child can live to his/her full potential.”

In a statement, he said, “Dr. Jones is a transformational leader whose hand prints are clearly seen from the work he did at the Central Bank of Liberia when he served as Executive Governor.”

Dr. Jones is the standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) and has vowed to change the living conditions of Liberians because “poverty is not Liberians’ destiny.”

Bishop Nimely said the group, comprising of pastors, apostles, prophets, as well as 150 congregational churches of Destiny Ministers for Excellence, ordinary Liberians, including rural residents, are living testimonies of his handiwork.

He said Liberia is at a crossroads and the political clock is ticking rapidly towards October 10 when Liberians will go to the polls to decide who their next president will be.

“It is our civil responsibility to do so, but more than that, we as pastors and religious leaders, considering our role as the moral compass of society, believe that these elections are very crucial to the sustenance of our peace and democracy. In so doing, we feel much more obliged to provide guidance for our fellow compatriots,” Bishop Nimely said.

“We painstakingly evaluated all the presidential aspirants on the basis of love for nation, patriotism, demonstrated capacity, sober-mindedness and a national vision in which every individual’s vision is reflected, and found Dr. Jones as unmatched,” he said.

Bishop Nimely noted that the above-mentioned characteristics are virtues befitting a national leader that will lead “us as a nation from the valley of despair and hopelessness to a veranda of possibilities and hopefulness,” and as such the group has resolved to support the presidential aspirations of Dr. Joseph Mills Jones.

“We are prepared, when the time comes, to galvanize more support and campaign for you, Dr. Jones, everywhere to win the October 10 presidential elections. We will leave no stone unturned; we stand by you, Dr. Jones, for you are the hope of Liberia,” Bishop Nimely said.


  1. Religious organizations in Liberia should not forget to separate the church from the state when making comments or contributing humane assistance to either creations. Whether good or bad in eyes on the face of this earth, We must do the heavenly will of the Lord our savior, Jesus Christ. We are all sinners, yet when we fail to obey the inspiration of the scriptures of God, we do not return to the holy stand to repent, but we ask god’s forgiveness with prayers if we need success. We all need prayers. I will not pray for the devil.
    Gone to the silent majority. Do not answer me.

  2. Concupiscence is not accepted in God’s scripts. Canvassing for positions in state cannot avoid rancor. Son, do not accept either, you will never pray to or for SATAN.

    Tell the voters. Do not reply.


  3. In order to understand the origin of the state and government, we must observer how the people earn their living. Although a secular state if I may say so; religion still plays an important part in the political life of the country. Liberia’s political life is demarcated more on religion than on political issues. The legacy of religion in the political life of the country is found in the religious coronation of previous presidents of the nation, which still has consciously lingering view of law and of state commands as something sacred. The tradition of the divine origin of political power dies hard…Hahahah! In my view, the religious community, as regarding their support for presidential aspirant Dr. Mills Jones, has come to realized that the basic factor in any giving society, is the way it earns it’s living all social relations are built upon provision for those primary material appetites without satisfying life cannot endure. And an analysis of society will always reveal the close connection between it’s institutions and culture and the method of satisfying material appetites. As we watch the race for the nation highest seat let us consider all Liberians, no matter their background but how sobering theirs observation and contribution will help track the nation on good footing for everyone. The question remains to be answer is whether DR. Mills has proven himself in previous position(s) to be the man who will provide and deliver the services that will satisfy the material appetite and national unity for our people with fair go….As you read this be reminder about his work and concerns for the ordinary people during his tenure at the National Bank! I have not politically persuaded anyone to vote for him but just commenting on his good effort and the views of the religious community to support him.

    • T.G; M.J should have used his own MONEY; not the Liberian People’s money to buy votes for himself. The purpose of a central is to loan money to other banking institution; that inturn make loans to businesses. The central bank also controls the flow and supplies of money; by adjusting interest rates. It is not the position of the governor of a central bank to give personal loans . That’s why there are commercial banks. M.J infact under cut the very institution he should have been supporting and regulating; the Liberian Banking Industry. By the way, have those personal loans given by M.J been paid yet? If not, let M.J pay plus interest with his own MONEY. It’s the Liberian People’s MONEY.

  4. Just like ethnic preferences, which Dr. Mill Jones rightfully condemned, this public display of Christian solidarity is also an example of identity politics. Because, obviously, the thousands of congregants these religious luminaries offer weekly spiritual guidance w’ld feel obliged to support his ticket. Doesn’t such behavior qualify for the term “double standards”?

    That’s the problem with African politics: The more things seem to change, the more they remain the same, or worse. For instance, we claim Tubman was a despot; Tolbert stalled on multiparty participation; Doe was a military usurper; Taylor was a dictator; and then installed Ellen, a Machiavellian autocrat to our own peril.

  5. What about ANGELS? Why they chose not to endorse him? Probably it is because the Angels see these so called prophets, pastors, and apostles, as DEMONS AS EVIDENCED BY THE CHURCH OF JONES OWN RUNNING MATE PASTOR SAMUEL REEVES VEHEMENTLY REFUSED TO ENDORSE HIM PASTOR REEVES! iSN´T IT?

  6. Liberia Is evedybody’s business. Where was d code of conduct all these years? Dis is a dark politic they re playing. Why should they b holding on to the code of conduct that long. The same pple we elected to represent us who dont even hv time for us re these same pple we re looking up to? Can any one tell us the better laws these so call laws maker hv made in our interest? Decent work bill , that is to b in the interest of the liberian pple, how many years they fought over it?for long my fellow liberians. Lets gv chance to who so ever that is capable of running. Oh!!! Re they afraid of Dr.Jones ? Yea u guys hv to b afraid cos he is d chosen one for d presidency. Yes!!!!!!!! Dr. Jones we love u…


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